Six Tips For Healthy Habits Of Kids

Six Tips For Healthy Habits Of Kids

Parents are usually concerned about the habits of their kids. Jackie Roe is a wife, teacher, and mother of three children aged four, six, and nine. She wanted to know about the healthy tips she can influence her kids to develop lifelong healthy practices.

Six things are a little out of the box but still can prove to be highly beneficial for kids to develop healthy habits.

Prefer cooking from scratch. Dinner should not always come from a box or freezer and its time should not be gourmet.  Our generation has been completely removed from the days when something was put on the stove for cooking all day long to eat together but it is still imperative for us to try to maintain to some extent that practice. We should develop in our children the sense of the importance of spending considerable precious time cooking the food and the nutrition we get from that food we prepared after through a process has largely healthy and positive impacts on our health. If there is a shortage of time and it seems difficult to spend time on cooking regular meals, one should involve a little labor in arranging side dishes like salad, etc.

Don’t make them familiar with doing things most easily. It might be human nature to prefer doing things requiring a little effort as compared to the ones requiring more effort. Many of our physical as well psychological problems come from the relentless pursuit of automating our lives. The efforts like washing dishes with hands, running errands, cooking from scratch, or standing in a line with other fellows to pay a bill instead of being online add ups over a lifetime. Rather than thinking about the things as outdated and out of the way, consider that these things ARE life. By doing these things, it has a greater possibility of seeing the sun, chatting with neighbors, and burning some calories.

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Kids learn what you do, not what you say: you cannot expect your kids to get up early in the morning and go to the park to take exercise when you continue to sleep till the afternoon. In the same way, you cannot expect your kids to take balanced food when you live on a coffee. Rather than asking them to do or not to do something, you should yourself become a living example by going for a walk and to the store to pick up everything that is needed for dinner.

Enjoy everything in moderation. It is a social truth that the use of anything in excess is not good. Even the excessive use of good things becomes dangerous. Life is too short to do one thing again and again. Show your children the consistent practice of moderation in your life with practical examples.

Show self-esteem and self-care.  You need to show your feelings of love for yourself before your kids. Once you lost your credibility before your children and compromise on your parental role, the whole family will suffer. At the time of organizing their sport, classes, music, other similar activities sneak in one at least for yourself that is a non-negotiable commitment with you.

Make them accept failure without guilt. Failure is a blessing in disguise and enables us to develop more creative and positive qualities to live life to the fullest extent. Physical, as well as emotional pain, is essential to learn from the bad experience that once happened to you.

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