The 10 Best Personal Trainers in Calgary

Working out can be intimidating if there is a natural lack of motivation. We know you want to get an incredible edge on your health & fitness goals. In that respect, working alongside the best personal trainer in Calgary is your top-notch bet. They do so much more than just making you lift weights. The encouraging environment they offer pays back far more than you expect. With these personal trainers, no excuses can halt you from getting into your best shape!

The benefits of having a personal trainer in your fitness routine outnumber working out alone. The trained professionals help you to build your progress the right way. No matter if you want to run, lift or row, you’ll get the right exercise regimens right away. Most people try to do exercises that are opposite to what they want to look. You need the best personal trainers that inculcate you with their experience and education. We make this hassle-free for you by compiling a list of the 10 best personal trainers in Calgary for your fitness needs.

1-Jensen Fitness


Phone: +1 403 200 0199


  • Personalized training
  • Injury / Post-injury rehabilitation
  • Weight loss program training
  • Online training & nutrition coaching
  • Fit3D body scanning
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Jenson Fitness is one of the most sought-after training centers & exclusively focuses on the client experience since 2014. From making personalized nutrition coaching to weight loss programs, they are dedicated to bringing incredible results. You cannot neglect the comfort and friendly environment offered by Jensen Fitness. They offer you the best workout regimens you need to maximize your body performance. This is the best ranked personal trainer center in Calgary that allows you to set your goals & provide luxury fitness training.

Jensen Fitness only entertains personal training clients, and they don’t have an open gym. This is beneficial in ensuring a clean, non-judgmental, and private space for the clients. They offer customized nutrition plans, regular check-ins, and professional levels of coaching throughout your programs. But wait! There is more to it. They use a state-of-the-art Fit3D Body Scanner to get the most precise readings of body fat percentage & lean mass. These perks allow them to compile the best fitness schedule according to the desired set of goals.

Customer Feedback:

Jensen fitness takes a professional approach to all your health and fitness needs. Included in the package is state of the art body scan technology, nutrition planning, assessment and of course one on one with a single trainer or various if you want variety. Myself used 3 different trainers. The variety week to week really kept it interesting. I really appreciated the focus on injury avoidance and attention to details. It was interesting to use much lower weight then my historical technique and have exceptional results.  Whether you’re looking for weight loss, muscle gain, endurance., functional, or flexibility, Jensen will design a program for you. (Google Review)

I signed up for personal training with a goal to lose fat and tone up. I was nervous about finding motivation but Christine, Claire and Tati have been wonderful! I look forward to my workouts and have stuck to my nutrition plan. The progress I’ve made in the past 2 months has really encouraged me to stay on track. I highly recommend Jensen fitness! (Google Reviews)

2- Evolved Strength Training Studios


Phone: +1 403 244 1377


  • Resistance training program
  • 15 minutes 1-on-1 strength training
  • Affordable membership
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If you want to get surprised at how hard you can push with the best personal trainers, Evolved Strength Training Studios is for you. This training center is founded by fitness and martial arts expert ‘Kirie’. They offer brief, challenging, & infrequent exercise formulas to help you build core strength. You can immensely enjoy the one-on-one workout sessions with the best possible nutrition regimens. They also have an additional complimentary consultation that includes a 30-minute introductory session & a 60-minute in-person workout session.

Evolved Strength Training Studios has the best personal trainers in Calgary that not only shape your body strength but also your confidence. What’s better than gaining motivation to get out of your comfort zone and stay focused on your goals? They have the best anti-aging regimen combined with strength training to improve your appearance, functionality, & performance.

Client Feedback:

This is the place where you want to work out if you want to get stronger and maintain your strength. Just one short weekly workout will do it for you, with the help if professional personal trainer and specially designed equipment. Safe, efficient and effective! It has really helped my hiking, scrambling and skiing in the mountains, and just everyday functioning as well. (Google Review)

I have worked with Evolved Health for almost two years. Since starting this program I have more energy, sleep better, lost 15 lbs. and I no longer have chronic neck and shoulder pain. My work out coach Clara is amazing and inspiring. She is very supportive and extremely flexible with schedule changes. I highly recommend Clara and Evolved Health. (Google Reviews)


3- Torch Fitness


Phone: +1 403 383 2829


  • Blast core training
  • Olympic lifting classes
  • Four weeks challenge
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Founded by Aron, Jill, and Kayla, Torch Fitness truly cares about its clients as no one can. They are always ready to support you according to your fitness needs and restrictions. This fitness center has the best skilled personal trainers that offer effective and rewarding workouts. Their most fun and challenging program is ‘Blasts’, which will be incredibly beneficial to push your body limits to the maximum. Torch Fitness makes your body comfortable enough to try snatches via its Olympic lifting classes.


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Apart from taking you back into your desired shape, Torch Fitness allows you to gain tons of knowledge and techniques. This not only enables you to try new workouts but also enhances the overall look and definitions of your muscles. Their trainers develop world-class programs to make you competitive both physically and mentally. We recommend you to try Torch Fitness. Be a member and shape yourself with their killer blasts!

Customer Feedback:

I’ve been going to Torch Fitness for almost 2 years and I love it! The trainers are great, the workouts are challenging and I always leave the gym feeling fantastic. When I first started working out with Aaron, I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had, but I also discovered I was capable of so much more than what I was doing at any other gym on my own. There have been a lot of improvements made to my fitness level and I feel great. The trainers are very motivating and, in the time, I’ve been there, I haven’t done the same workout twice. The best part is that I get a great workout and it’s done in 30 minutes.(Google Reviews)

If you are bored of the usual gym routine, Torch Fitness is the place for you. The training offered at this gym is unique, constantly evolving, and the coaching is personalized, and second to none.  Not only have I reached my goals with just 3 classes per week, I am also seeing vast changes in my body, including strength, flexibility, tone, balance, posture, and overall health. I recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to make positive changes to their health and wellness routine.(Google Reviews)

4- DreamBody Training


Phone: +1 403 612 3538


  • Online training
  • In-gym personal training
  • Weight loss programs
  • Competition & stage preparation
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DreamBody Training is under the supervision of Paul Anthony, who holds the achievement of the top trainer in Canada. The outstanding male & female fitness trainers have their unparalleled commitment to enhance and improve your well-being. With an excellent number of happy clients, the DreamBody programs are all you need to get in shape. The environment of this cutting-edge platform is enriched with world-class trainers. You can get dedicated support and fitness advice that will be specifically created by experts based on your needs.

Want to level up your fitness game? DreamBody Training is a proponent of bodybuilding & healthy living. The weight loss program is sustainable and personalized to get you dramatic results in a short amount of time. The personal trainers have impressive communication skills and an empathetic demeanor in Calgary. You’ll feel the positive energy and incitement when you start coming into the best shape of your life.

Customer Feedback:

Paul has been the most motivating and inspiring trainer I have ever worked with! You get so much more than a trainer with Paul. He really cares about his clients. He believes in each one! He wants them to be successful in all areas of their lives. I see this and feel it every time I work with Paul. I know I will achieve my goals because Paul is by far the best of the best!!!!(Google Reviews)

Paul Anthony is the best trainer I have ever had. I personally would not go anywhere else. He is professional, fun and takes an individual approach with his clients. I feel Paul truly knows his clients and educates along the way so that it’s not just a fitness goal or destination but a challenging and enjoyable journey. You can maintain your new learnings as a healthy lifestyle. (Google Reviews)

5- Dream Fitness


Phone: +1 403 470 5253


  • Online coaching
  • Personal training
  • Inviting facility
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Located in Farrell Rd SE, Calgary, Dream Fitness is your dream place to sweat and achieve. They have a marvelous 100 years of training with over 100+ reviews and 500+ transformations. The owner and founder Jordan is ISSA Nutrition & Transformation Specialist. Dream Fitness has the best and most certified personal trainers you can find in Calgary. The team connects to the clients on a personal level and understands what it takes to execute your fitness aims. The energetic atmosphere at this fitness center will push you past your limits, a little closer to your fitness goals.

Online coaching lets you embrace healthy habits and positive motivation. In terms of online training, they offer a very unique and interactive desktop and mobile platform. It’ll enable you to get direct access to all of your personalized training anywhere you want. This place is also ideal if you want to prepare yourself for fitness competitions. We recommend Dream Fitness as it has one of the finest team-building environments and inspirational coaches.

Customer Feedback:

I have enjoyed my experience with Dream Fitness right from day one. Jordan and the team are very good at what they do and I look forward to heading to the gym every week! They’re working with me to reach my fitness goals and I feel that they care as much as I do about reach them. My husband and I started together and have made significant changes in our house hold in regards to nutrition and fitness because of dream fitness. Thanks!! You guys are the best!(Google Reviews)

I have been using Dream Fitness for 8 weeks total and just wanted to give a shout out to Jordan and his team!! Nothing but amazing professionalism and customized plans for you based on what works for you. I have lost 22lbs in 6 weeks and couldn’t be more excited and thrilled to tackle the rest of my goals!! Thanks for everything the crew does over at Dream, best value for personal coaching in the Calgary market place. (Google Reviews)

6- Urban Athlete Fitness Studio


Phone: +1 403 244 1445


  • Personal training
  • Functional strength training
  • Seven days cycle
  • Pro Pilates
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If you are looking to get in a better athletic shape, no place is better than Urban Athlete Fitness Studio. This clean, and motivating place is at 14th street NW, Calgary. With modern state-of-the-art equipment, this fitness studio inspires many clients who seek a boost in energy. You can choose to work out with kettlebells, TRX, RIP trainers, and all kinds of functional training equipment. Besides, they have a separate facility for cardio with an immensely satisfying Kensington scenery in front.

In terms of Personal trainers, Urban Athlete Fitness Studio is an exquisite choice. They have the most engaging and refreshing personal trainers, which let you stay motivated and on track. They are certified specialists in fitness & nutrition and have pleasing personalities. Cory Maystrowich is one of the elite fitness trainers and is solely focused on getting you in your best looks. If you want a personalized workout based on your strength & weaknesses, Urban Athletic Fitness is your go-to place.

Customer Feedback:

This is a fantastic place!! The staff is incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! The workouts are fun and I really like doing them. I highly recommend checking Urban Athlete out. (Google Reviews)

The staff here are incredibly helpful, I was totally lost yesterday and they were extremely accommodating and kind! If I lived in the area I would 100% join this gym! (Google Reviews)

7- Square1 Fitness


Phone: +1 587 707 8608


  • High-intensity interval training
  • 12-week Limitless personal training
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Square1 Fitness is owned by Tasneem, a professional athlete, and certified personal trainer. The designed programs such as ‘Limitless’ are a 12-week intensive training regimen for your purposeful fitness aim. This training hits your core muscles and helps you transcend your limitations to become more energetic. This personal trainer fitness center is your top-notch choice if you want a flexible and suitable workout schedule.

Even though Square1 Fitness has now expanded into an astounding personal trainer center, the team is always to create a supportive environment. This will encourage the clients to join the training programs and feel like a member of the Square1 family. Get ready to feel the difference created by the limitless workouts to maximize your potential. They have a distinctive free 30 minutes full-body mobility video to get started right away and feel the change.

Customer Feedback:

I absolutely love this gym!! I’ve never had the same class twice, I can always count on a unique challenging workout, no matter which class I try. All the trainers are so knowledgeable and patient in adjusting your form and encouraging your success. Everyone is so nice and remembers your name right off the bat – so much more than a gym, Square 1 is a community! (Google Reviews)

If you’re looking for an amazing workout look no further. I have been taking the Pad classes and Kick and Lift and absolutely Love these classes! You burn a ton of calories and learn so much.  The Trainers are great and work with you to ensure you use proper technique.  The space is great and you will meet lots of wonderful people! (Google Reviews)

8- 12 Fitness


Phone: +1 403 612 5645


  • Online training & nutrition
  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum Olympic weightlifting programs
  • Pro personal trainer & group fitness
  • 1on1 personal training sessions
  • Life coach
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12 Fitness is another highly recommended personal trainer fitness center with some impressive training recommendations. Located on 215 9th Ave SW, Calgary & owned by Mitchell, this specialized personal trainer is a BSc in Kinesiology. Apart from Olympic lifting, 12 Fitness offers TRX Coaching and Precision Nutrition guidelines. By taking your goals, exercise experience, and your body experience, they designed customized programs. These programs are ideal for any body type and fitness level with continuous expansion within safe limits.


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12 Fitness has a motto of ‘Stop thinking about it and start doing it. Within the domain of pro personal trainer, the workout is based on 5 main lifting principles. The push, pull, hinge, squat, & core is all you need to bring out the fire of muscle building. This training by the best personal trainer in Calgary is always different and up to the mark. If you are bored by the same workout schedules, join this surprising personal fitness trainer with new exciting challenges.

Customer Feedback:

I have been training with Mitch for a couple weeks now. Due to COVID I haven’t been very active, but he has been very patient! His encouragement and wealth of knowledge makes working out fun and empowering. Highly recommend! (Google Reviews)

I’ve been really enjoying working out with Mitch. He is an awesome personal trainer and a great motivator. He surely plans each session to be fun yet challenging. Along with my diet and training I’ve seen great results. Excited what the new year will bring! (Google Reviews)

9-Ambition Fitness


Phone: +1 403 507 3099


  • Individualized fitness plans
  • Private training facility
  • Online workout consultations
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You’ll fall in love with the aesthetically pleasing and clean environment of Ambition Fitness. Besides, the personal trainers have years of experience and success stories to set your pace towards your fitness goals. They have mastered the art of analyzing your body needs and deficits to create a worth-trying plan. Ambition Fitness ensures the best results for its clients by creating a balance between nutrition and workouts.

Ambition Fitness is your go-to option if you are not adaptive to sudden exercise changes and fitness habits. We all know that by practicing what’s best for our body needs, we can obtain a much better and healthy lifestyle. This is what the best personal trainers of Ambition trainers believe and recommend. The individual fitness plans are compiled by taking a quick review of your BMI, body type, and metabolism on your first appointment.

Customer Feedback:

Did I die and go to gym heaven??? This is hands down the nicest facility in Calgary. Very clean, quality equipment, great layout and fantastic owners. Guil is awesome. He’s very helpful and accommodating, makes you really feel welcome. Knows how to run a facility and is very professional.(Google Reviews)

Guil is great to train with. I’m very happy with my results, the training is tough but Guil makes it worth it with his classy humor and willingness to work in my schedule!(Google Reviews)

10-Unbounded U Fitness


Phone: +1 403 826 3861


  • Virtual personal training
  • Online fitness coaching
  • Hybrid fitness training
  • Nutrition Coaching
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The beauty of Unbounded U Fitness is defined by its astonishing environment that is available for all age groups. If you want to take your life back on a fitness track at any stage of life, this place is your utmost choice. The signature programs offered by the trained and professional personal trainers need no introduction. From getting aerobic fitness and mobility exercises to building strength, every program is backed up by experts.

Say goodbye to bad nutritional & exercising habits with virtual personal and hybrid fitness training. Unbounded U Fitness is for those who need one in one support from the most qualified and certified personal trainers. Online coaching is convenient and affordable for individuals of all age groups, including young and old. Besides, they have functional aging experts and kinesiologists for rehabilitation and curing chronic pains. This place is all in one outstanding option for your wellness goals.

Customer Feedback:

I love working with Kristina! She understands my former injuries and has adapted my workout to compensate; the goal is to feel healthy, be strong and feel good. Her background and experience provide for an excellent experience. The company is well run and they adjust for my crazy work schedule. Excellent value! (Google Reviews)

Kristina is hosting a Beginner Tai Chi class in Acadia for seniors and we are having a BLAST. She is encouraging, patient, and is constantly reminding us to not get frustrated and just have fun. We are having fun, connecting with each other, getting in shape, increasing balance, learning something new, and increasing overall wellness. She is always a joy to work with!! (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

There you have it! Our remark of the top 10 best personal trainers in Calgary to improve your fitness and well-being. These personal trainers are making a real difference in the lives of their beloved clients. Apart from this, they are making a change in the fitness industry by providing improved workout programs. In writing this list, we have tried to include some of the well-known and qualified personal trainers that are best suited for your fitness needs.

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