The Hollywood producer Jon Peters , shared what he left in his will for ex wife Pamela

Producer Jon Peters has announced that he has left his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, $10 million in his will. The couple, who were married for a brief 12 days in 2020, may have ended their union, but Peters asserts that his love for Anderson will always remain. In an interview with Variety, Peters stated, “I will always love Pamela, always in my heart.

As a matter of fact, I left her $10 million in my will. And she doesn’t even know that. Nobody knows that. I’m just saying it for the first time with you. I probably shouldn’t be saying it. So that’s for her, whether she needs it or not.” Despite the short-lived marriage, Anderson remains positive about Peters and their lifelong friendship, stating, “He’s great and has been a huge influence on my life. I love him to death.” As for her own story, Anderson is set to release her memoir Love, Pamela and a Netflix documentary, Pamela, a love story, on January 31st.


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