What Did Maggie Gyllenhaal Say About Her Upcoming Film – The Lost Daughter?

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson
(R-L) Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson at Saturday’s “The Lost Daughter” panel

Image Source: DEADLINE

Director and producer Maggie Gyllenhaal and the leading star, Dakota Johnson, were glimpsed together in an interview. Both the ladies left the audience and the interviewer astonished by disclosing hard truths behind their upcoming movie – The Lost Daughter.

Gyllenhaal reflected that the movie is enlightening the hard truths related to the gestational period and motherhood – undeniable truths women have to deal with.

She proclaimed that she acknowledged that she had brought forward the truths people were afraid to talk about as a woman and mother. Furthermore, she said she feels gutted for not speaking about such issues before.

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Her upcoming film, The Lost Daughter, is a psychological thriller centered around the middle-aged divorcee who accidentally meets a daughter-mother duo that takes her to the past she has been trying to forget for years.

Actress Johnson who is starred as a young mother in the movie, asserted, ‘the initial feeling was,

‘Oh, I’m a little bit scared to play this young woman who’s having a really difficult time as a mother,’ because that is typically a very unlikeable person, but it’s so normal, and it’s so honest, and it was some someone that I recognized more than, you know, a young mother who’s who gets everything perfect and is feeling great about it and super happy and all the time doesn’t waver from that.’

The director of the film Maggie said,

‘Nothing was easy, but because I’m a beginner in some aspects of this’

She further said,

“In some aspects, no — I’ve made a lot of movies — but in other aspects, I am. I think one of the things I relied on was just my unconscious mind. It’s my first time, so what do I have to go on except me and my mind? … It’s just myself kind of leading me.”

The film premiere received a standing ovation when it was released on November 30 at Venice Film Festival. Dakota Johnson – the leading star in this movie – had previously been featured in the most controversial movie of all time – Fifty Shades of Grey.

It would be fun seeing the same actress in the role of a mother.

Netflix arranged a party for the crew after their successful premiere. Pictures from the party went viral on social media in which Johnson was wearing red attire, and she was looking gorgeous.

The audience is eagerly waiting for the movie. Reports have mentioned that the movie will be released on December 24 this year. Maybe the crew wants to give this movie a gift to the audience and all the mothers out there!

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