The Reason Why Calgary is a Business-friendly City

In Calgary, the world’s most innovative and rapidly advancing technology is used to solve global challenges. The city is growing rapidly, as do the mountains in the background. Calgary is a city of opportunities. It has a signature entrepreneurial spirit, a supportive business climate, some of the most affordable Class A office space, and an enviable lifestyle with easy access to the Rocky Mountains.

With the Calgary economy in the first half of 2021 experiencing a wave of momentum as we emerge from the COVID-19 recession, we are changing the perception of our city. Despite a changing economy, Calgary remains one of the most livable cities globally, a destination for homegrown talent and global leaders. The business environment includes both ease of conducting business and the activity level in Calgary.

Increasingly, business activities are becoming more complex and connected across the globe. Calgary is working to create a business-friendly environment for startups and mature enterprises alike. A culture of innovation, access to talent, and incredible quality of life will complement our business-friendly environment, making Calgary a truly unique location. Business success will be assured by supporting business growth and maintaining strong communication lines. There is an advantage to us all in having a business environment that is both competitive and supportive. The future of Calgary looks very bright, and there is a lot of reason to be optimistic about it.

1- Tech-diversified:

A wide range of established and emerging industries are taking off in the city. What makes them different? Modern technology. Many billion-dollar unicorn companies in Calgary’s technology sector, such as Solium Capital, Enverus Intelligence Research, Parvus Therapeutics, and Benevity, among others. In the tech industry, Calgary’s reputation for being Canada’s most adventurous tech city – where industry-disrupting work is combined with an excellent quality of life – is taking hold as it grows.

2- Exceptional talent pool:

Since Calgary has a strong educational history, it is no surprise that the city has a wide range of tech talent. Calgary is rated fifth in Canada for having a high labour pool and high job growth among tech-talent markets. Since the majority of Helcim’s team is located in Calgary, we have been able to develop our workforce from there. Graduates from these universities make excellent candidates for tech companies looking to fill open positions.

3- Major City with Low Cost of Living:

Calgary has a meagre cost of living compared to many large North American cities. Calgary’s provincial and personal income taxes are among the lowest in the country. It is free to obtain provincial health insurance in Alberta, and sales taxes are not applicable in Alberta. Comparatively, Calgary has a lower cost of buying or renting a home than other Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

4- Downtown revitalization:

Vibrant downtowns are vital to a city’s livability and quality of life as they grow economies, provide jobs and fund civic services. Within the Greater Downtown Plan, Calgary’s vision of a vibrant economic and cultural heart is being realized, and a balanced mix of residential, office, retail, entertainment and cultural uses is being created. There are already investments to create a 24/7 center for commerce, creativity and innovation.

5- Economy In-Depth:

More than 700 startups create jobs in Calgary, including many in the tech sector. It has more than 100 corporate head offices per capita, the most of any Canadian city. This comprehensive report provides insight into Calgary’s economy, employment market, demographics, real estate and industries. Throughout Calgary’s industries, technology is changing everything. Calgary’s businesses are expected to spend $7.5 billion on digital transformation from 2021 to 2024, representing a growth of 13%. Calgary is building a sustainable, inclusive, resilient innovation ecosystem for the future. Calgary has a rich innovation ecosystem that attracts international investment in everything from fueling to feeding.

6- Great local businesses:

Calgary is full of passionate entrepreneurs running great small businesses. BDC estimates that 98.2% of companies in Canada have less than 100 employees, making small businesses an essential driver of the economy. Being in a country where the people we are looking to support reside is an excellent fit for Helcim, which aims to empower small-business owners through its merchant services and business software.

7- Convenient commutes:

According to Calgary Economic Development, Calgary has one of the most effortless commutes in Canada. There are integrated networks of roads, LRTs, and buses for employees to take them where they need to go. Additionally, the city provides additional transportation options through car-sharing services and Uber.

8- An ecosystem supporting innovation:

Calgary is a city with many opportunities where entrepreneurs to turn their big ideas into billion-dollar companies. Startups and global scale-ups are supported by business accelerators and incubators and the Calgary Opportunity Investment Fund, which helps launch new businesses and fosters success.

9- Excellent technical schools and universities for STEM programs:

Calgary is home to seven world-class universities and colleges. Calgary has the highest proportion of STEM graduates. According to Calgary Economic Development, the city has awarded 4,110 bachelor’s degrees or higher to graduates. That is 27% of the city’s total number of degrees.

10- Hollywood-style spotlight:

With a rise in high-budget productions in 2021, Calgary will likely create thousands of jobs over the next decade – not to mention its Hollywood cool factor. New safety protocols and tax incentives were introduced to entice significant projects and an outstanding reputation as an A-level global film location, which resulted in the city reopening as a film production location.

11- The southern neighbour of great importance:

Among the world’s closest and most extensive relationships are Canada’s with the United States. According to various sources, these two nations are known to have a good and positive economic relationship. The Helcim Group started offering its services to businesses in the United States shortly after establishing itself in Canada. With over five years of experience working with business owners in both Canada and the US, we provide a simplified system, transparent pricing, and dependable customer service.

12- Unplug and play in the greenspace:

The state’s municipal green spaces – including the most significant urban path and bikeway network in North America – have provided many a respite from daily life’s uncertainty and rapid digitalization during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pedestrian-friendly streets will connect this green network of parks, natural spaces, and riverfronts. The Rocky Mountains, just an hour’s drive west, attract innovators worldwide who are looking for adventure and adventure.

With the community and Calgary Economic Development, the city created a vision known as Calgary in the New Economy, which outlines how Calgary will become a destination of choice for innovators who embrace technology and aim to solve global challenges.

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