The Toronto Airport has surprisingly hired a famous 101-year-old woman for a long term

The Toronto Airport has surprisingly hired a famous 101-year-old woman for a long term

People living with all sorts of modern facilities available at the doorstep in Canada wonder if they will ever be able to retire, one legendary with the treasures of lifelong earned skills, wisdom, and talent has changed the trend by proving that one can do surprisingly unique things at any stage of life. Age does not hamper one from success.

Hazel McCallion who is a businesswoman and former Mississauga mayor at the age of 101 has been appointed to a new position, Canada’s transportation minister announced.

What is more interesting than this is that her role has a set timeline: this expectation is more than enough to expect from the person at this stage.

McCallion has been assigned the responsibility to carry out the role of director as well as the representative on the Board of Directors of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, which is to be in charge of Toronto Pearson International Airport.

This is the duty she is likely to again perform to fulfill the expectations of the authorities after first taking it over in 2017, while her another incredible achievement is that she is the only longest-serving (and surviving) mayor in the history of nations.

This woman of passion and vision not only continued to successfully lead the city of Mississauga for a whopping 36 years but she is also currently a member of the Order of Canada, a chancellor at Sheridan Collage, the Ontario special advisor on Municipal affairs, and a special advisor for U of T. Apart from these professional credentials, she also holds an honorary law degree and is the namesake for public transit lines, libraries, and more, among other acclaims.

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Because of her relentless pursuit of seeking perfection in everything, she is known as her nickname ‘hurricane’. This title has been given to her not only because of her outspoken manner during her political tenure but also for her passionate attitude toward the world and her consistent level of civic activity despite being at this old age.

Minister of transport Omar Alghabra said in a statement, “McCallion is largely committed to doing the good to the world community and she has dedicated more than forty years to providing social and other relevant services to her community and still plays an important role in overseeing and guiding Canada ‘s largest airport.”

As she continues to serve the Canadian transportation sector, my wishes will always be for her excellent success.

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