Return of movie theatres but what about moviegoers?

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Return of theatrical entertainments but what about moviegoers?

It was surprisingly delightful to see such a large audience at Cinema Cineplex Forum on Monday for the first screening.

Quebec authorities permitted to reopen movie theatres to 50 per cent capacity.

But what many questioned was: would moviegoers make come back?

But the arrival of a large number of audiences on the first screening pleasantly surprised everyone. Jeffery Chambers was largely excited to see such a large audience returns to the theatre. A waiter, he had been impatiently waiting for this day since the last two years of lockdown. During that time, he was living alone.

“Over the last two years, I could not watch movies at home,” said Chamber, “it gives a highly different experience to watch a movie together with the audience, laughing collectively gives a unique pleasure, screen and sound are far better superior regardless of the high standard systems you have at home, this is the way that adds a taste of watching the movie.”

Celine Primeau concurred: “watching movies on the home screen does not attract me. Sharing experiences with the audience at the theatre is quite a different experience.”

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Robber Mccrenk said, while curiously anticipating for this day, said, “Over the last two years, it is the first time I have been to the theatre. I usually, i  don’t like to watch movies at home. the theatre is the only place I like to watch movies here.”

It is almost beyond expectations to see big attendances at the theatre despite theatres having been shut down for such a long period.

Seguin firmly believes the theatres full of audiences will bring the people back. He also puts into context another element of social contact which was badly eroded during the pandemic.

“The past months have been challenging and troublesome but now we are sure, our future is bright.” Seguin Said.

Some studios tried to find alternative means of streaming their videos but I think they fully give acceptance to theatrical superiority. They have been a great base of support for us, and they are highly optimistic to see their products on the big screen. Still, our safety and security of the people are among our top priorities”.

To attract the audience, theatre owners are introducing new initiatives which include converting theatres into high-end VIP auditoriums; all UltraVAX-equipped with wall-to-wall screens and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Guzzo who is Cinemas boss received a huge loss because of the closure of the theatres throughout the pandemic, but he remains confident of good days and success.

“During prolonged closings of the theatres, I think people would have missed us,” Guzzo said, “when you’re suggested to quarantine for three months, it is like a vacation but when it is up to six months it is like a jail sentence, but now I think people want change in their lives and want normalcy.”

He is highly confident that spectacles like Now Way Home, The Matrix Resurrections, Spider-Man and The Bat-Man will largely attract the enthusiast youngsters in March.

“It is recommendable to argue about the kinds of movies but the fact of the matter is that those are the kind of movies that immediately bring the crowd to the theatres.” Guzzo said.

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