Today’s Calgary Top Model: Burke Simpson

Born on a ranch near Calgary, Alberta, she grew up in the city. Since her mother is a horseback riding instructor, they had 70 or more horses when she was growing up. Therefore at a very early age she started competing in competitive equestrian events in Alberta and the United States. When she attended university, her majors were psychology and political science at Queens University. After she graduates, she hopes to apply to law school and become an international lawyer. In particular, she is interested in international human rights law. Eventually, she dreams of starting a non-profit horse rescue organization. As a teenager, she was signed by NUMA Models in Calgary and started modelling. Even though her focus has shifted to academics, she still enjoys modelling and books shoots as often as she can.


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Her passion for creativity has always been expressed through acting, as well as through painting. Although she has traveled extensively because of her passion for travel, she remains ambitious to see even more of the world. During high school, she participated in several volunteer initiatives, such as We Scare Hunger, an annual food drive. She works as a bartender in Kingston, Ontario, as a means of supporting herself while attending school. A busy schedule keeps her occupied. Interacting with people is her favorite part of her job. After graduating next fall, she plans to take a gap year before applying to law school in Los Angeles. As soon as she moves there, she plans to volunteer at a dog shelter and pursue her modeling career.

Saan Venz

In 2019, Saan Venz was appointed the role of Vice President at Rated Viral, bringing valuable expertise and leadership to the company. As the Vice President of Rated Viral, Saan is Canada’s go-to source for recommendations on lifestyle, restaurants, and activities.

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