Today’s Top 7 Equestrians From Calgary

Equestrians are people who ride horses or participate in other equestrian activities, such as horse shows, eventing, polo, dressage, and racing. Various competitive and recreational activities are carried out using horses in equestrian sports. Equestrians are individuals who have learned the necessary skills and knowledge to handle and compete with horses. In order to succeed in equestrian sports, one must be physically fit, mentally focused, and dedicated. In addition, one must have a great deal of knowledge of horses’ behavior and the way they communicate. The benefits of horseback riding include improved physical fitness, mental well-being, and a sense of connection with these majestic animals for people of all ages and abilities.

Our top female equestrians today have achieved success in a wide range of disciplines in equestrian sports, such as show jumping and dressage. In addition, they have represented Canada in international competitions. Their pursuit of excellence in their respective fields has shown tremendous skill, dedication, and commitment to work.

1. Jill Henselwood

Calgary-based show jumper who won an Olympic silver medal. Besides winning national and international competitions, she has also won many other awards.

2. Tiffany Foster 

Her international competitions include the Olympics, where she represented Canada as a show jumper.

3. Erynn Ballard

Her achievements in North America and Europe include numerous Grand Prix titles.

4. Kendra Martenfeld

This Calgary-based show jumper has won many grand prix titles in America and Canada.

5. Rachel Cornacchia 

Several grand prix titles have been won in North America and Europe by this show jumper from Calgary.


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6. Nicole Walker 

Her international competition experience includes the Pan American Games and international competitions in Calgary, Alberta.


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7. Julia Madigan 

A winner of several national and international titles, including the Canadian Dressage Championship, she is a dressage rider from Calgary.


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