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Ever wondered why Subaru WRX has a cult-like following?
The Subaru WRX is an incredible car for its price and is one of the most entertaining and fun cars you can drive at its relatively low price point of under $50,000.
Subaru WRX is especially famous among young people. The WRX STI is an icon. Originally introduced in the mid-90s, the WRX STI has never failed to captivate. Its most renowned rivalry is with Mitsubishi’s Evo, and it has also made appearances in popular culture (particularly the Gran Turismo series). From its various incarnations, it is a car many enthusiasts dream of owning and it does everything in one package.

It is not only that this car is capable of modification; fans of the vehicle love how they can make changes to it. The variety of aftermarket parts available for this car is one of the many appeals it has and is an excellent feature for those looking to tweak and personalize their vehicle. Whether for its performance or just to improve its appearance, WRX is one of the most modifiable cars one can buy.

For these reasons, WRX is known to hold its resale value, regardless of its year. Every year has its own charms released. That is why people treat them as antiques and take care of their appearance with care.

To provide an example: Amir Tabibi is a 20 years old student and a social media star from Calgary, AB. He has been building his audience on TikTok and YouTube with car humour videos. Amir has been a WRX fan from a young age. He started saving money to buy Subaru WRX when he was 15 years old.

After five years of saving money, Amir finally bought his dream car, the rare 2018 Subaru WRX STI. Amir could not be happier since he landed a good deal and the car was in exceptional, almost brand-new, condition. Amir wanted to protect the look and shine of his beloved car so he decided to protect its exterior by getting Ceramic coating on it.

Why did Amir decide to get Ceramic coating and what does it do, you may ask?
For decades people have relied on traditional waxes to protect the surface of their cars. Waxes had to be applied once every couple of months. With Ceramic coating, this is no longer the case. This modern technology is a revolutionary and permanent solution. The sealant is extremely tough and durable.

Ceramic Pro is an additional clear coat with multiple layers that will provide your vehicle with improved surface protection. It will create a nanoceramic shield which is around 3 times harder than a normal clear coat. The shield can be described as durable, flexible glass with improved clarity. The hydrophobic covalent bond forms a quantum-level ceramic barrier above the clearcoat, shielding it against minor scuffs, micro scratches, water, oil, dirt, and UV (Ultra Violet) radiation. It also adds a noticeable gloss and shine to the surface of the car.

There are now several brands appearing on the market that use a similar formula. But Ceramic Pro coating is one of the first brands to introduce this technology and it is also one of the most popular brand coatings, largely because of its superior quality.

Unlike traditional wax, applying Ceramic coating is a meticulous process and requires multiple procedures and steps to ensure a proper application. It should only be done by industry-trained and certified individuals.

Where do you go when you decide to get Ceramic Coating for your vehicle?
The market is saturated with many brands and installers. The easy answer is finding a reputable detailing shop like Amir did when he decided to take his Subaru WRX STI for this modern technology sealant. Without a second thought, Amir took his car to one of the highest-rated car detailing shops in Calgary. “Calgary Car Detailing,” which is located on 4634 16 Ave N.W. and is one of the busiest and most trusted shops in the city for a good reason.

Calgary Car Detailing has been in business for 15 years and offers all types of Interior and Exterior auto detailing packages to suit your needs.

Calgary Car Detailing stands out as its facility is modern and specially designed from the ground up for auto detailing. The shop bays are exceptionally clean and bright. They have the most advanced and industry-leading tools to ensure exceptional auto detailing service.

Applying Ceramic coating in a temperature-controlled environment is particularly important for proper installation and durability, as the chemicals react in varied ways when applied at different temperatures. A contamination-free environment is important because you do not want any dust particles or lint to fall on the paint surface while you are installing a permanent sealant. At Calgary Car Detailing they got this covered, as their newly built facility is temperature-controlled and contamination-free.

Also at Calgary Car Detailing, installers are certified and trained by the best in the industry. They complete a paint correction, with buffing and polishing, to ensure that vehicle’s paint is in its best condition before applying the Ceramic coating. This step is one of the most important because once Ceramic coating is settled, it is a permanent sealant. Calgary Car Detailing only uses original Ceramic Pro coating products on vehicles. Be aware as there are several knock-off coatings in the market that do not perform as well. Calgary Car Detailing also offers a warranty for their work. It is great peace of mind for anyone looking to invest in Ceramic Coating for their beloved vehicle.

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