Today’s Top Car Enthusiast: Christine Pitman

What got Christine into cars?
Christine had a boyfriend in high school who owned a Volkswagen. She used to watch him work on cars and drive them afterwards. Christine’s first car was a 1963 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, followed by a 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco and a 1990 Volkswagen GTI. Christine has owned multiple different Volkswagens since they are one of her favourite makes. Christine also loved to modify her vehicles, take them drag racing, auto-crossing, road racing and spirited drives through the canyons.

What makes Christine’s car special?
Pretty much everything! Not only is it a 2019 TT RS, but it’s pink!
Previously, Christine had a brand new 2020 Audi SQ5, which was beautiful and an excellent car in general, but she felt it was too bulky for her. Christine wanted a smaller, two-door car. A friend of hers had purchased a TTRS and after riding in it, it piqued her curiosity. During the test drive, Christine reached 138MPH in her car. That was the moment she fell in love with it. Since she knew she would wrap it, she specifically chose a black one. It had sat on the lot for a year before Christine purchased her car from Audi of Bakersfield, California. Despite the original listing price of $80k USD, Christine managed to get a great deal for $72k USD. It is not Christine’s dream car, but it is the most suitable car. Christine’s dream car would be either an Audi R8 or a Lamborghini.

Christine plans on keeping her car forever, despite the fact Audi has stopped production on the Audi TT RS.

The exterior modifications aren’t what Christine is interested in but what’s under the hood. Christine’s pink Audi TT RS features:
Unitronic ECU/TCU Tune Stage 1 + E85
Unitronic Mid Pipe
Unitronic intercooler
Melen_TCU Titanium Exhaust
H&R Sport Springs
Neuspeed 2 Pc Front Rotors
Neuspeed 25mm Front Sway Bar
K&N drop in air filter
Neuspeed RSE11R 18×9.5 +45
Michelin PS4S 265/40/18 Tires
Stern Performance Parts – Rear seat delete

A unique turbocharged five-cylinder engine powers the TT RS, unlike its competitors, who use turbocharged four-cylinders or big-block V-8s. It pumps out 394 horsepower and creates a unique sound signature that makes the car stand out from the crowd.

With the modifications Christine has done, she has managed to get her car to go 160MPH on a speed run. However, with the proper tires, this beast can reach well over 200MPH. With that being said, Christine’s special baby gets near 600 horsepower.

Christine’s style is clean; she doesn’t like a lot of stuff on her car, and she doesn’t care for stickers or decals. However, she does recall going through a sticker phase when she first started getting into cars. Christine’s one thing is that she never leaves a car stock, so it gets tuned, lowered, and has wheels and tinted windows. Christine then modifies it according to her preferences. Performance “go-fast parts” are more significant to Christine than cosmetic modifications. Christine competed in both categories at previous car shows and won many trophies back in the day, but today she is passionate about speed. Christine lives and breathes German cars. She has never considered anything else. And since she lives in Tennessee, there are no regulations that restrict Christine to create the cars of her dreams.

Breanne Forest

A part-time writer for Rated Viral, Breanne currently attends university in Calgary and is planning to become a social worker. In her spare time, she participates in charity events and Indigenous activism.

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