Today’s Top Instagram Model: Amandha Amarasekara

Amandha Amarasekara is a 30-year-old Sri Lankan model who is making an impact on all social platforms. He is currently working on furthering his career, such as sampling the music industry, while also growing his social media presence. Amandha has been modelling for nearly six years, and he is planning to continue doing so.

Amandha has competed in two modelling contests inside and outside of Sri Lanka. Amandha continued to do Mister International 2018. Amandha won this competition, moving him to compete in the next round of Mister International in Manila, Philippines.

Despite his outstanding performance, Amandha did not place top 15. Nonetheless, he is delighted with the experience, friendships he made, and travel he had during his time participating in Mr International 2018.

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Although Amandha has made many positive contributions to his community, he believes this is one of his most notable accomplishments. Amandha organized a fundraiser. While promoting the cause, he broadcasted live videos on his social media platforms daily. This specific cause that Amandha holds near to his heart was to raise enough money to send a 13-year-old child back to school, covering the cost of tuition throughout the entire school year.

Amandha’s social media accounts are growing at the moment. With nearly 105.2k followers on TikTok (@amandh.a) and 27k followers on Instagram. As a result, Amandha was thrilled to have reached influencer status by the end of 2020. Amandha’s content on Tiktok consists of fashion, work and travel ventures, mental health, lip-syncing, dancing, current trends, and more.

Amandha plans to continue growing all platforms while starting new experiences. Amandha’s modelling career and a newfound love for being an influencer/content creator have led Amandha to collaborate with many brands and businesses such as Crest, Axe, Lovi, Odel, Fashion Bug, Diliganz, Carlo and many more. Amandha loves what he does for a living and couldn’t be more thrilled with what life has in store for him in the future.

Breanne Forest

A part-time writer for Rated Viral, Breanne currently attends university in Calgary and is planning to become a social worker. In her spare time, she participates in charity events and Indigenous activism.

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