Today’s Top TikTok Model: Meelayna Moran

Meelayna Moran, 24, is a triple threat: a comedian, brains, and beauty. She was born and raised in Alberta. Currently, she has a background in Business Management and is now pursuing a degree in Public Relations. Layna is well known for her freelance modeling and TikTok videos (@Meelayna) where she has currently gained 57.2k followers. She is well-known for producing wildly hilarious content on Tiktok.

Various videos by Layna have gained a great deal of attention. Most notably, her series entitled “Selling Stupid Sh*t on Facebook Marketplace”, her experience of having her bag stolen by strippers, her thrifting adventures, and more.

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As part of her past projects Layna has worked with MeganKyle Jewelry, Antiquaire Boutique (Vintage clothing from the 50s, 60s, and 70s), the Salvation Army, Value Village, and Neo Financial.

Layna is currently developing content for a new dating app called Nudge Dates. She is also creating videos about sustainability in fashion. Keep an eye on her Instagram account (@Meelaynaa) for her creative content and latest projects!

Breanne Forest

A part-time writer for Rated Viral, Breanne currently attends university in Calgary and is planning to become a social worker. In her spare time, she participates in charity events and Indigenous activism.

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