Top 3 Best Pet Photographers in Calgary

As a member of the family, pets deserve the best care possible. They are loved by many, and they need to have a photographer who will capture those special moments. A pet photographer in Calgary needs to work with any animal, from cats and dogs to birds, horses, or even reptiles. This means that they need to have a lot of patience with animals who might not always cooperate on the shoot.

Pet photography is a profession that has been around for decades. It’s among the most widely practiced types of photography. Many pet photographers in Calgary, but not all are created equal.
We all know that pets are an essential part of our lives. They are not just our companions but also our friends. Pets bring us joy and are affectionate.

Pet photographers are happy to assist! These professionals take amazing photos of your pet. A good pet photographer will know how to capture your animal’s personality how best to interact with them so that they don’t get scared or nervous during photos sessions. We have compiled a list of the best pet photographers in Calgary, so you can find the one that suits your needs the most.

1- The Village Studio:


Phone: 403  281 0444

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One of Calgary’s longest-serving portrait studios is Village Studio. Randal has been creating portraits from traditional studio portraits to more contemporary ones since 1986. The Village Studio produces outstanding images by combining cutting-edge technology and a team of talented design professionals.

Having pets in the home makes them feel like members of the family, something they’re accustomed to since they’ve had them for years. From the day their studio opened, they were featured alone or with family members. With their images and files from their customers, they can create unique wall decor with multi-image panels. Providing custom restoration has always been a priority for them. Any damaged photograph can be restored to its original appearance. Their in-house printing is done using the finest archival inks and paper available.

Customer Feedback:

“Great studio for infant passport photos! We got one done for our 2 month old and it was easy. The woman at the passport office even commented how it was a perfect picture for a newborn.” (Google reviews)

“The staff are amazing. Super friendly and personable. We were in and out quickly with beautiful pictures. Heads up on the cost though. Passport photos were quite pricey.” (Google reviews)

2- Glenn Krahulic Photography:


Phone:  403 471 8294

In every case, the photographers aim to capture the emotions, character, and beauty of the pet they are photographing, no matter the type. As a special way to celebrate your pet, create a lasting memory with custom pet photography. Glenn Krahulic Photography’s goal is to capture the true character of your pet’s personality through our photography.

Photos are an excellent way to document your family’s and friends’ memories for a lifetime and pass them down to future generations. The key is creating a comfortable environment for you and your pet so the best picture of your pet can be captured, whether it’s in your home, your dog’s favourite park, or a special place they suggest. For the highest quality print, they work with Photohop, a local fine art printing company that has gained certification from the prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild.

Customer Feedback:

“It was such a wonderful experience when Glenn came to my house to photograph my pets. I have a dog and three cats and each one with its own personality. He was able to capture their personality beautifully. It was so special for him to come to our home and photograph them in their own environment. After they became relaxed with all of the equipment, it seems as though they enjoyed the process!” (Google reviews)

3- Cameras and Canines:


Phone:  403 700 7387

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Since more than a decade ago, the owner of Cameras and Canines, Sandy L Smith, has had experience working with dogs and other animals. His knowledge of canine communication signals and behaviour allows him to connect with even the most fearful of dogs. In addition, he strives to capture the essence of what your pets are about in each collection, and each one reflects your pets’ personalities. To capture the fun, happy, and natural images, he spends a great deal of time getting to know the subjects and interacting with them during their session.

No matter the occasion, he always has his cameras and his pet with him. His passion for dogs and his love for photography has inspired him to share his tips and tricks for working with dogs and taking photos. Check out his social media for photography tips, dog stories, and pictures! Check out the hashtag #camerasandcanines for information on his private classes and workshops.

Customer Feedback:

“Sandy is an amazing photographer! She has a gift for capturing the specialness of the moment and the subject. And she is a perfectionist, hence the quality of her work is exceptional.” (Google reviews)

“Sandy at Cameras and Canines has a special way with animals. She takes her time building a rapport and allows the animals to be themselves. She can capture the personality of your pet for you to remember forever. I loved working with her – she has an eye for detail and definitely keeps the photoshoot fun!” (Google reviews)

Final Verdict:

One of the best ways to find the perfect pet photographer in Calgary is to go through reviews. See if you like their work by checking out their website. A good pet photographer will be able to capture your pet’s essence and bring out its personality in every photograph. They should also be able to take a variety of different shots so that you can find one that best suits your needs.

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