Top 6 Health Centres with Best Midwife in Calgary

Best Midwife in Calgary: Midwives are health care providers who provide expert care to pregnant women, mothers during labor, and new mothers for up to six weeks following birth.

The services they provide are determined by their certification and licensing credentials and the practice restrictions in each state. Nursing licensure enables a nurse-midwife to provide women with the broadest health care services. As part of these services, you will be provided with gynecological exams, family planning, preconception care, prenatal care, labor and delivery support, newborn care, and menopausal care.

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Midwives in Canada provide care based on four fundamental principles: continuity of care, informed choice, evidence-based practice, and choice of birth setting. Birthing plans come in a wide variety of forms. The best midwife in Calgary will guide you throughout your pregnancy if you are leaning towards natural birthing.

Listed here are the most reliable midwives in the city, as well as their prices. We listed only centers with registered midwives to ensure your child’s safety. You are, therefore, free to seek help from any clinic you choose.

1- Birth Partnership:


Phone: +1 403 246 8968

Address: 6628 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB T3E 5R8, Canada

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Providing family-centered and compassionate care to Calgarians since 1996, Birth Partnership is dedicated to serving the needs of the community. With locations in Calgary, Airdrie, Medicine Hat, and Taber, this practice can cater to more Albertans seeking a natural birth. A team of Registered Midwives is dedicated to providing midwifery care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to all women and their families.

They aim to empower their clients as they undergo unique childbearing experiences by supporting the natural physiology of pregnancy and birth. In addition to providing care at the Arbour Birth Centre, their team can serve Calgary and the surrounding communities. Clinics are located in Calgary’s Lakeview, Southeast, and Airdrie.

Birth Partnership is open to all pregnant women. You can contact these midwives by phone or e-mail at any time during your pregnancy. The appointment duration for Birth Partnership is also flexible, ranging from 20 to 60 minutes. Midwives at their practice work in teams of primary midwives to provide families with personalized care, continuity, and options, as well as support and backup from the entire team.

Birth Partnership’s over 13 teams enable it to cater to numerous clients simultaneously despite this wide service area. Each patient’s care is completely personalized and collaborative, with 2-3 registered midwives on each team. Birth Partnership promotes low-intervention birthing practices like many other midwifery practices. It also offers water births, which makes it different from other centers.

At Aurora Midwifery, we offer exceptional pregnancy and childbirth care to our patients in Calgary. In the course of the childbearing year, we offer women and their families a safe, unhurried, compassionate setting.

What do clients think?

Absolutely amazing experience. We are so grateful for everyone we encountered the trust we built with our team. We wish postpartum care was longer than 6 weeks we understand this is the norm. We liked the home visits especially after our birth experience it was nice not to be travelling everywhere for appointments. The clinic follow ups were fabulous as well. We are so thankful for midwifery care in our city.(Google Review)

I had such a positive experience with my Midwifery care at this clinic. I was matched up with Susan (with SM Sadie supporting) and I’m so grateful for that! My care from prenatal, labour, delivery and postpartum felt informative and supportive. I had a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful home birth where I felt safe, strong and completely empowered! I’m incredibly thankful and would recommend Midwifery care to everyone that is able. Thank you(Google Review)

2- Aurora Midwifery:


Phone: +1 403 203 5105

Address: 6622 20a St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 0R3, Canada

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Midwifery at Aurora is committed to providing individualized, personalized care to patients that respect their physical, emotional, and cultural differences. In their opinion, childbirth is both a rite of passage and an opportunity for personal growth and transformation for women. As a prenatal health care center, Aurora Midwifery values the relationship between the mother and the midwife and collaborates with doctors, lactation consultants, and other professionals.

Each midwifery team has 2-3 professionals so that Aurora Midwifery can cater simultaneously to more families. You can trust them to respect your family’s uniqueness and provide you with personalized care so that you can learn, trust yourself, and give birth in the way that feels right for you. There are admitting privileges at all Calgary hospitals for Aurora Midwives.

Home births are also welcomed at our center, as well as births at the Arbour birth center. Aurora Midwifery schedules 10-13 visits, each lasting 30-45 minutes, for each customer. As an added convenience, Aurora’s midwives are accessible 24/7 for seamless communication. There are also services available at the clinic, including lab work, ultrasounds, labor, and birth care, and postnatal care. Aurora provides free and no-obligation consultations to all new clients.

What do clients think?

What a fabulous team! The midwifes at Aurora are such a blessing. They helped bring all 4 of our children home safely. They even assisted us with 3 home births that were both peaceful and comforting. My kids went to sleep and woke up the next morning to meet there new siblings. Great job Midwife’s!(Google Review)

My wife, new son and I had such a positive experience with Aurora Midwifery. Our midwifes: Charlotte, Hayley and our on-call guest Hope were all spectacular! With every appointment, we left feeling valued and listened to while being offered tons of helpful advice and information. Having Charlotte and Hayley come to our house days after having our son was so helpful and allowed us all to rest and recover. We will be advocating for Midwifery care to all of our pregnant friends and family. We are so thankful for Aurora for making our first birthing experience such a safe and positive experience!(Google Review)

3- Briar Hill Midwives:


Phone: +1 403 474 8260

Address: 3604 52 Ave NW #201, Calgary, AB T2L 1V9, Canada

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As the longest-established practice of midwives in Calgary, Briar Hill Midwives provides comprehensive, personalized care to families. A diverse group of midwives works at this center, from Canada and other countries like the UK. Registered Midwives work in teams to provide care to women throughout their childbearing years in Calgary and surrounding areas.

To ensure a continuous level of care for women, their newborns, and their families, they hold a common holistic midwifery philosophy and work closely together. A total of 12 midwives work at Briar Hill, serving Calgary, Airdrie, and surrounding areas. For every birth, two midwives provide alternative pain management practices and support.

Parental choices about the manner of giving birth are their responsibility and right, and they firmly believe that parents have the right to make informed, intelligent, and sensitive decisions. These decisions can be made with the assistance of the resources they provide. Having treated hundreds of women, they are very proud of the care they have provided to them and are happy to provide references from past or current clients.

There are even some midwives who are nurses, as well as some who have received naturopathic medical training. Briar Hill is able to cater to just about any low-risk pregnancy with its wide range of backgrounds. The backgrounds of Briar Hill Midwives allow them to provide preconception and family planning counseling. Unlike other health centers, no prerequisites are required for Briar Hill Midwives’ request forms.

What do clients think?

I decided to get a midwife for my second pregnancy and it was the best decision ever . I got Kim Little, she was super amazing and accommodating towards me every step of the way , when I thought something was wrong or needed clarification Kim was always a phone call away, she made Me feel comfortable and was a breath of fresh air in the delivery room , she truly was my cheerleader ! Kim also had Dani and Nichole by her side when it came to labour and they were amazing as well. After having baby things were wrong and Kim noticed right away. I truly loved every step of the way with Briar Hill midwives . Thankyou Kim, Dani , Nichole .(Google Review)

My husband and I had the most positive pregnancy and labour experience through my midwives Tamara and Maura. After moving from the care of my family doctor to midwifery, the contrast in level of care was significant. Tamara explained every test and scan in detail, providing me and my husband empowerment to understand and make the best decisions for our family during both pregnancy and labour. During our home birth, Tamara’s coaching, focus and confidence created a safe environment that led to an incredibly positive birth and postpartum experience. With regard to other reviews questioning her level of care or medical knowledge – I would greatly challenge this as we only received an incredibly high level of responsible and knowledgable care during pregnancy, labour and postpartum and Tamara holds the safety, care and comfort of her clients to the highest regard. I hope we are able to remain with Briarhill for future pregnancies!(Google Review)

4- Honeycomb Midwives:


Phone: +1 403 286 9945

Address: 1616 20a St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2L5, Canada

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In northwest Calgary, Honeycomb Midwives can be found on 16th Avenue just east of Crowchild Trail. Also, Foothills Hospital is not far away (approximately 2.5 km), so if a transfer is required, it would be easily accessible. If you are looking for a midwife who can guide you through the natural physiological process of pregnancy, Honeycomb Midwives is a great place to visit.

Despite being small, the company’s team is diverse in skills and knowledge. Honeycomb’s midwives have a variety of experiences, including neonatal nurses and doulas. Through a unique combination of timeless wisdom, the art of midwifery, and the most recent evidence-based maternity care practices, their midwives provide safe, compassionate childbirth care for clients.

Honeycomb’s midwives meet with their customers for 30 minutes each every 9-12 weeks to understand their needs and wants. The midwives are available by phone 24 hours a day, even though the clinic is only open five days a week. Before booking an appointment online, Honeycomb Midwives requires customers to create an account. You will have to pay privately if you do not have coverage for some practices. Additionally, you will need to register for AHS coverage to leave a deposit in the event that you suddenly need or desire to have a hospital birth.

What do clients think?

We had a great experience with Cassie and Christy. I was looking for a different experience from my first birth which was induced in the hospital and so I chose to go with a midwife for my second birth. They were incredibly supportive and when I went into precipitous labour at home Cassie walked my husband through delivering our baby over speaker phone. She kept us both calm while racing (safely) to our house. The after care she provided for our surprise home birth was exceptional. I would highly recommend honey comb midwifery.(Google Review)

I love the ladies at honeycomb midwives! I have had 5 home births with Cassie and Christy as my caregivers. I have always felt cared for and listened to. Any time I have had a question or concern they are always there to listen and give advice. I love after having my babies they come to me for the first week they come to your home to care for you and baby. If your looking for excellent care from midwives who go above and beyond to make sure that the babies and mothers are healthy and safe these ladies will be right for you.(Google Review)

5- Phoenix Midwives:


Phone: +1 587 352 5977

Address: 5401 Temple Dr NE #216, Calgary, AB T1Y 3R7, Canada

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As a midwifery practice, Phoenix Midwives is dedicated to providing its clients with exemplary prenatal, postnatal, and postpartum care. Women with low-risk pregnancies can consult with seven registered midwives at this center. Aside from giving the best midwife in Calgary, Phoenix Midwives also offers acupuncture, Reiki, and herbal medicine services. There have even been cases where midwives have served as nurses and health professionals abroad.

Phoenix Midwives speak over five different languages, so it’s no wonder that the team is so diverse. Calgarians looking for pregnancy guidance and support can go to Phoenix Midwives for a warm and cozy location open four days a week. There is still a guarantee that midwives are on call 24/7, which is great.

What do clients think?

I had an amazing experience with my midwives, the staff is friendly and they know what they are doing. My midwives respected my wishes through out delivery and kept me on track. I felt very safe in their care. I highly recommend Red. They helped me deliver my baby boy naturally when I didn’t have faith in myself to do so. I will be coming back to their care when I have my next babies.(Google Review)

We had a wonderful first baby birth at home with our amazing, and skilled midwife Selene. As well as her lovely partner Erin who joined us the day of. Selene has been so informative and helpful with us being first time parents. We felt so comfortable and at ease throughout the whole journey. She had all the answers to any of our questions and was very thorough in explaining anything in great detail. We appreciate all of her suggestions and recommendations which helped us make informed decisions. Selene and Erin made our home birth seamless and kept reminding me I was safe, strong and their encouraging words were reassuring to keep me going. Who knew first time birthing stories could be so positive. Nothing to fear when you have Selene & Erin by your side. Thank you for everything and all that you do, Selene & Erin!!(Google Review)

6- BirthWorx Calgary:


Phone: +1 403 669 9764

Address: 6622 20a St SE #203, Calgary, AB T2C 0R3, Canada

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As midwives and mothers, BirthWorx Calgary strive to empower families by sharing knowledge and promoting informed choices. They acknowledge and respect each family’s uniqueness to ensure family-centered maternity care. Their experience as Registered Midwives shows that a strong educational foundation has a positive effect on pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Their mission at BirthWorx is to provide a foundation for all families by combining their midwifery expertise and love of teaching. In addition to their live virtual workshops, their individualized private home sessions offer a fresh take on the traditional prenatal class format. They are tailored to meet the diverse needs of all families. They offer comprehensive postpartum medical care at home with Registered Midwives at BirthWorx.

No matter your prenatal care provider, all women should have access to postpartum support and care! You won’t have to worry about going out for additional visits in the community while you should be resting since all your care will be provided at home.

New parents often are surprised to learn that if you or your baby need extra support with jaundice or breastfeeding, many additional trips outside the house may be required. Most of these situations are typically covered by their homecare services. They are happy to speak with you about how they can support your postpartum journey if you are under an obstetrician or family physician’s care for your pregnancy.

What do clients think?

Laura and Robyn are amazing and their class helped us sooo much! As first time parents, we didn’t know what to expect but we felt very prepared for the big day! Even though classes were done online, the material was presented in a clear format and at a good pace. We eased into the realities of giving birth, what to expect and just how partners could support the mom. We are so thankful because all the cheat sheets and tips helped us so much and we felt much more confident and empowered going into it all. We would recommend them to everyone we know!(Google Review)

My husband and I are so happy that we took the birth class (due to time restrictions we took the intensive) with BirthWorx as well as the breastfeeding class. Robyn and Laura are both great midwives and their knowledge about everything pregnancy, birth and baby related is endless. On top of that they are also just great people that we felt very comfortable with. They were patiently answering all of our thousands of questions. We felt so much more prepared after taking their courses and highly recommend taking their classes no matter if you are with midwives or not.(Google Review)

Final Words:

Your baby and yourself will be well taken care of by these midwives. We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about choosing the right midwife in Calgary. Feel free to let us know of any other midwives you believe should be included on this list! Ultimately, our goal is to provide our fellow Calgarians with the best. Even though your midwife will help you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy, you will still gain some muscle because of hormonal and bodily changes.

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