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Traveller of Vancouver deserves an incredible tribute for its contribution to the healing power of music Author/musician Barry Truter’s new book is an inspiringly welcome reminder to those who grew up with folk music and delightfully enjoy it will please to find that genre in a new version and style.

Barry Truter has massively worked in folk music in Vancouver for years and has profound skills of both performing and recording as a solo artist and as a prominent member of the iconic Fraser Union Group.

Remember the time when folk music was at its climax? It is in the living memories when folk music in its urban and politicized form used to be a dominant trend of music with its delightfully sweet effects. In the past, it was heard as a soundtrack of many lives ringing in coffee houses, song circles, picket lines, and at the annual festivals, social gatherings, and functions.

Sadly speaking, the pandemic has badly disturbed almost all walks of life, especially social gatherings, events, and festivals.

If COVID continued to exist longer, it would cost huge damage to folk music along with many other events of joyful solidarity and social recreations. It will also have serious implications for other experiences of joyful human solidarity.

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A new book of Barry Truter, Traveler: Stories, and Songs in the Key of Connections, will offer a pleasing reminder to the lover of folk music.

The book also revives the long-loved treasure of songbook format, changing music and words for the author’s compositions with friendly, informal prose chapters about the beautiful travels and heroic adventures of life that lie behind these songs.

It gives new colours to many of the pleasures of live performances and offers highly inspiring folk musicians with new songs to play and learn. This is the script that reminds us, in the shape of a famous quote of Jim Boyes that serves as one of its epigraphs, “what we sing is in fact the reflection of our personality.”

Barry Truter’s stories are collections of multiply diverse cultures of different countries. He was born in India; he spent a few years of his life in Hong Kong, Pakistan, Fiji, England, Canada, and the U.S.A. He has widely traveled to many beautiful places and countries whose cultures and tastes could be reflected in this brilliant publication. He also served at many places, prominent of which include as a trainee officer on Hain Nourse freighters and a computer operator in Thunder Bay.

Truter’s genius creation starts from a tender range to treasured guitar.  Based on his rich previous achievements as a cofounder of Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop and a life-long lover of music with diverse tastes, he has a lot of delighting musical tastes to offer to the younger music aspirants.

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