Vaccines and Other Restrictions in Omicron

The nighttime curfew that was put in place because of detaining the increasing cases in Quebec has been lifted today.

Now people are resuming life from a new start and sending their children back to school to attend in-person classes. The province-wide curfew required people to stay at home from 10 pm to 5 am since Dec 31.

Premier Francois Legault said that strict measures were put in place to counter the increasing number of Covid cases and these measures have worked a lot in curbing the virus. There are certain restrictions related to containing the virus which are still intact in places like dining, gyms, bars, and indoor dining in restaurants.

Province announced that with a decrease in the cases some measures would be lifted soon. Non-essentials stores will be allowed to be opened by Jan 23. However they will have to vigorously ensure the policy set by the province for stores like enforcing vaccine passports, with more than 15,00 square meters of the business circle, vaccine passport will be mandatory as of Jan 24.

He said that about ten days ago there was a worryingly surprising increase in infections which led to questioning the way the government handled the pandemic. And ten days ago we put in place strict measures to control the situation, and now we are in much better condition in terms of curtailing the crisis.

Since we set up these measures, there has been a considerable reduction in the cases of COVID. However, hospitalization is growing rapidly because of the explosive omicron wave and the worse seems yet to have come. He said “it is essential to be cautious and careful as the number of hospitalized is still very high and in this weekend, hospitals are likely to see the highest numbers of admissions.

Officials in Quebec continue to encourage the citizens to urgently vaccinate themselves. Although Omicron spreads among the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Those vaccinated are less likely to suffer from its severe effects and vaccine protect against serious infections. He said, “the process of vaccination should be kept continue as it is the only key in order to be able to continue to live with the virus”.

According to Thursday’s health report, those people who got infected with COVID-19 have 6-9 times more chances of ending up in hospital if they are not vaccinated.

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Legault admitted that the initial policy initiated by the Ontario’s third-dose vaccination which allowed adults all at once to be vaccinated rather than one age group at a time was better than the one suggested by Quebec which is lagging behind in booster rates.

“There is time to win, there is time to lose,” he said.

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