World’s Wealthiest Billionaire Elon Musk Does Not Own A House

World’s Wealthiest Billionaire Elon Musk Does Not Own A House

The CEO of SpaceX said, his ‘personal financial expenses’ are relatively low, not very complicated and problematic because he stays during his free time in the spare rooms of his friends and never takes holidays.

The billionaire CEO of SpaceX is ranked as the wealthiest person in the world with a worth of $119 billion.

While talking to TED head Chris Anderson, he said, “surely, it would be problematic if my financial expenditure annually was billions of dollars.

“But thankfully, that’s not the case. I don’t own a home right now; I stay at the places of my friends.”

“If I travel to the Bay Area for personal or commercial purposes which is the centre of Tesla’s Engineering, I prefer to live there in the spare bedroom of my friends.”

“I don’t own a yacht. I am not interested to take holidays. This is the reason why my consumption is so low. The only exception in my consumption is a plane, this is also because of saving a considerable amount of my time, by using the plane for my business activities, I save a great deal of my time, on the other hand, it did not have a plane, I would have less time to work which would have exerted massive difference on my projects.”

Elan vowed to own no home in May 2020 and decide to sell all his last four California houses.

“Just one condition for sale, I own the old house of Gene Wilder, it is what has to remain the same and will not be torn down and it will never lose its soul.”

It was recently revealed by the boss of Tesla that had welcomed her daughter into the new world with his former partner Grimes in December 2021 via surrogate.

The singe ‘genesis’ who has a 23-month son with Elan Musk said that the pair got separated from each other in September but her views about him as a “boyfriend” have never changed.

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Another pop star whose real name is Clair Boucher said, “there is no word real enough for it, but I probably prefer to call him my boyfriend, we are very fluid to each other.”

“I can not expect the world to understand our relationship as we live in separate houses, we see each other all the time, we just have our way of living different from the rest of the world and we are the best friends.”

“It is the best what has been as we always to life to the be so, we just want to be entirely free.”

Grimes also hinted that she and Elon desire to have more children in future.

She said, “it has always been our desire to have at least three or four children.”

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