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Rated Viral, as the name presents, is a website circulating authentic reviews and analyses about the firms that the concerned authorities have personally experienced or have come across through an abundance of customer reviews. It is a rating and reviewing website based in Canada. It thoroughly examines the firm it shortlists to review and after deliberate knowledge of the subject under consideration, it pens down all that it feels about the firm. Before posting anything the team of Rated Viral passes the content regarding any firm through a series of scanning and researching because it is not a legal practice to post anything about anyone that does not relate with them. And since Rated Viral has built a relationship of trust with the customers; this makes the research part indispensable.

Rated Viral selects a firm to review based on its public likings. It then does proper research on the subject matter and searches all of its pros and cons that are to be highlighted in the review. After that, a review is written, and even after writing it, it is re-examined for eliminating all the prejudices and personal choices of the writer. This makes the review free from any biases or favouritisms and makes it a masterpiece that you can rely upon without any second thought.

How does Rated Viral collect information for rating?

So, three factors play a vital role in collecting the facts–based content. First of all, Rated Viral collects information from our personal confrontation with the firm to be reviewed or any other personal experience with the firm where the team was personally exposed to that firm. Secondly, it keeps on checking the trends and the inclination of the public and extracts the information from the experiences of the genuine customers. Thirdly, it thoroughly researches the firm it wants to review and then takes out the required material from it.

Rated Viral is not started with the objective to earn money out of posting promotional content by charging the firm’s money. But the main purpose of this startup is to provide the customers with honest reviews to save their time, energy, and money. The only way to get rated on this site is to be in the positive books of your customers.

How did the idea come?

Rated Viral came into being with a few personal experiences like the most commonly researched thing is ‘The Best thing in town’ where the thing can be any food, drink, car services, hair salon, or anything related to the basic use. Since everybody is not a specialist in everything, it helps to have a place to go, to find the best quality and the most suitable prices for things. But most of these reviews were biased and promotional that cause people to lose a lot of money. Therefore, Rated Viral come up with the idea of providing people with a platform where they could get the honest and right reviews about almost all things of daily use. That idea and now this website as a practical implementation of that idea reflects the determination of Rated Viral for helping everyone.

What does the Rated Viral rate?

In the domain of services, the company deals with the brands associated with food and drink in Calgary, then it also reviews lifestyle products and firms that provide the best treatments. It also rates the entertainment stuff and the various services that you can get in Calgary like auto repair shops, etc.

Rules of Rated Viral

Although Rated Viral does not have hard and fast rules, they are honest by tongue and they do what they say rather than being biased in their actions and sayings. Read some of the rules of Rated Viral below:

  1. It does not rate any company as a form of promotional or marketing campaign
  2. It works independently and is not associated with any business
  3. It does not tolerate any business or company to copy its content without seeking prior permission
  4. It does not allow anyone to republish its contents
  5. It does not permit any sort of interruption with the content that will convert it into manipulative affecting user experience

Our mission:

Rated Viral is established with the mission to make its customers able to have informed choices by gaining knowledge about the firm first handedly by reading its truthful reviews.

Core Values of Rated Viral:

Highlighting a few core values below that Rated Viral prefers the most in its business:

  1. Rated Viral just posts authentic reviews
  2. Rated viral does not post any fake or promoted content
  3. Rated viral values the satisfaction of customers
  4. Rated viral believes in saving the time of our precious customers
  5. Rated viral does not accept any cash for positive reviews or for removing any negative reviews

Benefits for the Customers:

Our customers will be benefit by:

  1. Getting directly observed reviews about the firms they are considering
  2. Saving their time and spending it on something more useful and productive

Rated Viral values its customers…

Where Rated Viral reviews different companies, their customers’ reviews matter for them as well because they are an indicator that tells the company if they are going in the right direction or not. They love to read your comments below their posts and would like to get more of your support to go smoothly in the longer run. Customer suggestions are more than welcome as the company improves based on these suggestions.


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