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Sono Bello, a renowned cosmetic surgery center, offers a variety of body contouring procedures. When considering Sono Bello, many individuals wonder about the associated costs. This article delves into the pricing structure at Sono Bello, examines the center’s reputation, and compares it to other cosmetic surgery centers, aiding you in making an informed decision.

Sono Bello Pricing by Area:

SONO BELLO TRISCULPT™ BODY CONTOURING Advanced Micro-Laser Lipo Procedure For Fat Removal

Per Area (starting price) :

  • Sono bello Stomach | $1,395.00
  • Waist | $1,395.00
  • Hips | $1,395.00
  • Legs & thighs | $1,395.00
  • Arms | $1,395.00
  • Back and bra roll | $1,395.00
  • Chest | $1,395.00
  • Chin | $1,395.00

SONO BELLO LIFT™ FACIAL REJUVENATION | Microlaser Treatment For Removal Of Wrinkles And Tightening Of Facial Skin

Per Area:

  • Brows (sagging brows) | $2,995.00
  • Eyes (crows feet) | $2,995.00
  • Mouth (laugh lines) | $2,995.00
  • Neck & jawline (double chin) | $2,995.00

SONO BELLO VENUSFREEZE™ AND VENUS LEGACY™ | Advanced Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Per Area:

  • Face | $2,995.00
  • Body | $2,995.00

SONO BELLO TRISCULPT E/X™ | Lower Abdominal Excess Skin Removal

  • Stomach (Sono Bello TriSculpt) | $1,395.00
  • Pricing applies to each area when a minimum of three areas are treated starting at $1,395 each.

Sono Bello Pricing: How Much Does It Cost per Area?

The Sono Bello cost varies depending on the specific body area treated. Popular areas for body contouring include the abdomen, thighs, arms, and neck. According to Sono Bello’s website, prices per area range from $1,395 to $4,995, with an average cost of approximately $2,500 per area. Please note that these figures are estimates, as actual costs may depend on factors such as the treatment area’s size, procedure complexity, and Sono Bello center location.

Sono Bello offers financing options in partnership with companies like CareCredit and United Medical Credit, allowing patients to spread the cost over several months or years, making treatment more manageable.

Sono Bello Reputation: What Do Customers Say?

Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, it’s essential to research and choose a reputable center with experienced surgeons. Check for the Sono Bello reviews from customers. Some have praised the professional staff and quality results, as well as the available financing options. Conversely, others have reported negative experiences, including communication issues, unsatisfactory results, and unexpected additional costs. Negative reviews do not represent all customers, so conducting thorough research and consulting a qualified healthcare professional is crucial before deciding on cosmetic surgery.

Sono Bello Popularity: How Does It Compare to Other Cosmetic Surgery Centers?

Sono Bello is among several centers offering body contouring procedures. In terms of popularity, a recent report from RealSelf, a platform for cosmetic surgery reviews and research, ranks Sono Bello as one of the most popular cosmetic surgery centers in the United States, second only to CoolSculpting, based on data from millions of users.


In conclusion, Sono Bello provides a range of body contouring procedures with varying costs depending on the treated area. The center has received both positive and negative customer feedback, but it remains a popular choice for body contouring procedures in the United States. When considering and searching the best center for Sono Bello near me , it’s essential to conduct thorough research and consult with qualified healthcare professionals to determine if it’s the right choice for your needs. For specific information about Sono Bello , visit their official website.

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