Top 8 Best Cafe and Coffee shops in Edmonton

Are you looking for a small café where you can meet up with friends and drink Coffee? You can do that within a relaxing, friendly, and inviting environment at these places that serve Edmonton’s best Coffee. There are so many choices throughout the city that you won’t have to travel far to find great Coffee and treats. In Edmonton, you’ll find plenty of quiet spaces to work and enjoy free wifi and places to eat every last morsel of cheesecake without disturbing others.

Besides having low coffee prices, you don’t want that chosen places highly recommended by those who like relaxing there and find them to be a cut above the rest. Without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of Edmonton’s best coffee shops.

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List of Top 8 Best Cafe and Coffee shops in Edmonton

1- Block 1912 Café:


Phone: +17804336575

Address: 10361 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9, Canada

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Enjoy espresso drinks, sandwiches, gelato & baked treats at this easygoing coffee shop, which also features live music. The Block 1912 coffee shop and restaurant has served the Old Strathcona community since 1992 and has been featured on the Food Network, won numerous Golden Fork Awards, and had countless other mentions and awards. You can enjoy some of Edmonton’s best Coffee and gelato at Block 1912, located in a historic building in Old Strathcona. It will be hard not to want to spend the whole afternoon here with the comfy seating and fresh fruit pies (baked on-site).


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Whether you’re catching up with friends, reading a good book, or going on your first date, Block 1912 is the perfect place. This spacious, well-designed cafe offers a hefty selection of drinks and treats. In addition to showcasing local art on its walls, Block 1912 supports the local music, and art scene with Monday jazz and Thursday live music. Artists and musicians are welcome to pitch their portfolios to the manager for consideration.

What do clients think?

Veer gave us exceptional experience and service. Was patient with us and our lactose gluten free diets. They have all the options you can ask for. Thank you Veer! The caramel latte was delicious and the chocolate salted caramel cake Mmm so good.(Google reviews)

Love the atmosphere + a take-a-book-leave-a-book wall (awesome)! We ordered cake with edible gold flakes … best place for coffee and desert. (Yelp)

2- Square 1 Coffee:


Phone: +17809890102

Address: 15 Fairway Dr NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 2S6, Canada

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Square 1 Craft Coffee has chosen every item on its menu to give you a unique taste experience. You’ll feel right at home at Square 1 Craft Coffee. You are welcome at their home. Whether you’re looking for specialty coffee or craft beer, they’re here to help. Their specialty is providing great-tasting Coffee, craft beer, and exceptional wines. Their delicious brews and freshly baked treats are prepared by us in-house – to serve you fresh eats and tasty brews. Every step of the process aims to get the most out of it. Your Coffee is sourced responsibly, and the baristas are highly trained, guaranteeing a high-quality experience.

While enjoying a warm coffee or a new specialty wine with friends, talented musicians entertain you. As this event is regular but not scheduled, you never know when you’ll discover a new musician you’ll like. They started each day by drinking a freshly brewed cup of Coffee around their kitchen table. An exciting moment in time filled with rest, family, dreams, laughter, and tears. Their cafe was born out of their love for Coffee and desire to share these moments with you.

What do clients think?

Such a cute little cafe! Nice place to spend some time catching up with an old friend or reading. They were able to make my chai extra spicy and less sweet, which I requested! The staff seems genuinely nice (as opposed to staff at the #1 coffee chain who seem to have awkward forced conversation).(Google reviews)

Neat little coffee shop that’s tucked in a kind of strip mall. I discovered this gem about a year ago.
The staff is also very sweet and helpful. So far I have enjoyed all of the drinks and treats I’ve consumed here. I’ve always just grabbed and gone however, it can get pretty packed if you plan to sit down. I also love how they have a points/rewards system. I wish every coffee shop offered one!
Price point is pretty standard with what you would see at most local coffee shops these days.
I would totally recommended! (yelp)

3- Little Brick:


Phone: +17807051230

Address: 10004 90 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 4P4, Canada

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Edmonton’s Little Brick is an eclectic backyard setting usually seen during outdoor picnics, making it an unexpected find in the city’s heart. People appreciate the warm, homey feel when they want a place to eat that reminds them of summer and happiness. You’ll find great Coffee and high-quality meals here. Throughout the years, they have sourced some of the best Coffee available. Their rotating selection of coffee beans comes from roasters on the west coast that they believe are doing fantastic work. To make sure you get the best each day, they strive to brew the best.

The best thing is that they support local farms, and their food is always fresh. This small bistro also accepts reservations if you’re interested in eating here but want to get a table quickly. This place has excellent service and food, making it one of the best cafes in Edmonton for Coffee. Featuring healthy, locally sourced, homemade brunch food has been at the forefront of their brunch menu.

Their fresh baked goods are available alongside soups, salads, and sandwiches. Their store is a café, general store, and event space located in Edmonton’s heart. In addition to offering high-quality products, they believe in good Coffee, simple living, and a simple way of life.

What do clients think?

This is a local gem hidden in the river valley and a must visit for a hot coffee drink or a cold brew. Also a delightful brunch during thise relaxing weekend when you want a walk the river valley and stop for a delicious locally made food. There is patio and Indoor seating. Staff are friendly and quick to help get your order. There is a washroom as well. This is a historical building and should be worth of your visit when visiting downtown. Take a look at their menu for weekend as I am sure you will find something for anyone with dietary requirements and restrictions. Totally local and absolutely enjoyable.(Google reviews)

What a cool little spot in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley. Great outdoor space with lots of picnic tables and smaller 2 seat bistro tables. Food was excellent…we had the turkey with Brie sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, and grilled pineapple salad…everything was fresh, original and creative, and delicious!
Definitely worth checking out. (yelp)

4- Crum Coffee Bar:


Phone: +17804304582

Address: 4640 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 6A1, Canada

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Coffee, fresh pastries, and tumblers are available at Crum Coffee Bar, an online shop that sells drink mixes, coffee products, and coffee-related items. By creating this website, they made it easier for their products to be sold. Before they sell out, make sure you place your order! They decided to establish their own coffee company after each managing a different Second Cup franchise for ten years. They wanted to realize their mutual vision and passion for Coffee and espresso.

Making this dream reality took over two years of planning and research. Besides serving Coffee and supporting other local businesses, they are passionate about making people happy through their cafes. Since they were small children, Christine’s family and friends have nicknamed her Crum, the name their company carries today.

What do clients think?

Crum Coffee was superb! The Caffè Freddo was sweet but still deliciously caffeinated! The Crum Cookie was soft and pleasant! But the ube donut… This was one of the best donuts I have ever had! It was sweet, creamy and tasted as if it was made with love! Additionally the service at Crum Coffee… Unparalleled! The workers today were so kind and nice! And I will now be frequenting Crum Coffee more often!(Google reviews)

For my first time here I wasn’t disappointed at all, we tried the drinks that the girl recommended and it was pretty good, the lavender late was pretty good definitely a different drink but well balance, I order the chocolate croissant because that’s my favorite pastry and it was delicious I could eat probably 4 of them lol. The place is small but lots of space to sit, they have really cool art hanging I just love the vibe of the place!!!! Will make it one of my to go places!!!! (yelp)

5- The Woodrack Café:


Phone: +17809773787

Address: 10324 82 Ave NW #102, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z8, Canada

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Whether it’s their Coffee or customer service, The Woodrack Cafe celebrates simplicity, consistency, and quality. As your home away from home, they strive to make you feel at home. To succeed, they must be able to foster a sense of community. They serve the best Coffee, wonderful teas, and delicious snacks in a relaxed boho atmosphere with ethical and authentic practices. In order to keep their costs down, they thrift and repurpose their finds. They feature an ever-changing collection of dishware, mugs, and throws at both locations. Both of which showcase a variety of finds.

Whenever you see vintage, you feel at home, a memory pops into your head, or a place of comfort fills you. You will find a moment in time when you shop their vintage items. Woodrack Café was conceived on a girls’ kayak weekend in the foothills of Alberta. They have watched it bloom and come to life right before their eyes. As a result of collecting driftwood and putting it on their kayak rack, the name evolved. Several of their handcrafted decor pieces have been collected from mother earth in Alberta, places they cherish.

What do clients think?

I went to the Premium Outlet location because I was waiting for my flight back to Toronto and I was able to try this place out. I asked if they had croissants but they didn’t have them for the time I was there. The lady suggested this pastry and I cannot tell you enough how obsessed I was! I don’t exactly remember what it was but it was so good! I couldn’t stop telling my family about it after. Definitely a nice place to chill at if you have some time before your flight.(Google reviews)

Their new location. Located in same space as LYON, where old Cafe Besso used to be. Nice patio space for summer time, and live music on opening day!(Yelp)

6- The Colombian Coffee Bar & Roastery:


Phone:  +17807579195

Address: 10340 134 St NW #1, Edmonton, AB T5N 2B1, Canada

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The Colombian Coffee Bar’s passion for Coffee, its commitment to people, and its use of Coffee as a catalyst for creating community are all at the heart of what they do. There’s nothing better than a cup of Coffee that’s sustainable, traceable, and delicious! Their relationships and connections with each of their suppliers are precious to them.

Whenever possible, they work with small producers who can produce exceptional Coffee. Their commitment to paying consistent and reliable prices directly impacts the quality of life for farmers and their families. Providing these high-quality coffees to their customers is something they take pride in because they know you can taste the difference.

They are a value-driven company that strives to source, roast, and serve Coffee you can feel good about. They pay farmers consistently reasonable prices, so it is delicious and profitable for farmers. Buying and roasting their Coffee in a way that makes it approachable is part of their mission to create community. To make great Coffee, they believe it’s essential to source extremely high-quality beans. They can assist you in opening a new cafe or change things up if you have any questions. They can help you run a successful coffee business by sharing our experience.

What do clients think?

Great coffee , and you can get the beans to go too! Yummy donuts too. Bonus you get to buy local and help the owner support his family back home ( farm that the beans come from!)(Google reviews)

Great place, atmosphere, nice avocado toast!!
Coffee is really awesome!!
Very conveniently close to my place. Highly recommend to hang out here.(yelp)

7- Credo Coffee:


Phone: N/A

Address:  10134 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7, Canada

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All the people who work to produce the finest Coffee in the world deserve tremendous respect from Credo Coffee – from the growers at origin to the sources who source the best, importers who make sure the beans arrive “on time,” roasters who make sure the beans are roasted to bring out their inherent flavors and those who prepare Coffee and enhance the customer experience in their café. Every cup of Coffee they serve adheres to the highest quality and taste philosophy. Their commitment to giving their customers Coffee made with skill, and craft makes them stand out.


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Apart from espresso-based drinks, a kid’s beverage menu also features hot chocolate, milk, and honey. Additionally, you can choose between soy or almond milk and an extra espresso shot. In addition, they bake their goods in-house. There is a choice of yogurt or steamed milk with each of their muffins, scones, granola bars, brownies, chia pudding, and granola.

Credo is much more than a place where you go for a cup of Coffee: it’s where you meet people, relax, talk, and feel at home. The Coffee served here represents everything the farmers hoped to achieve when harvesting and analyzing the crops. Credo believes in maintaining the same quality of Coffee that began at seed, and they strive to deliver this quality in every cup.

What do clients think?

My three favourite things are coffee, muffins, and chocolate, and this coffee shop has the best versions of all three! You’ll be amazed if you try the mocha with jalapenos muffin! The staff gives it a score of 100/10 BEST ONES EVER! (Google reviews)

Excellent. Clean. Strong. Defined. That’s just the latte. You walk out with what you pay for. Very good. A+.(yelp)

8- Transcend Coffee:


Phone: +17804309198

Address: 8708 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1E9, Canada

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Transcend Coffee is a local favorite in Edmonton, so if you want to hang out, you’re definitely at the right place. Freshly brewed Coffee is available daily, and you’ll enjoy their comforting offerings on rainy days. The process has always been simple. A key goal of theirs from day one has been to make excellent Coffee easy to access, sustainable, and affordable. They are dedicated to making great Coffee easily, from their beans to the machines and equipment they use. There can be a challenge sometimes to find the flavors you enjoy most.

As a convenience, they have simplified their labels and color-coded them according to the most dominant flavors their experts taste when evaluating their coffees. Known for their tasty comfort food and excellent customer service, they’re a top pick for the best Coffee in Edmonton. Their goal is to make and drink great-tasting Coffee as efficiently as possible.

They hope these color codes will help you decide which coffees you will enjoy or which direction you should explore. The flavor and quality of their Coffee are significant to them at transcend. As one of their core values, they’ve even declared taste to be one of them. It’s something about a consistently excellent cup of Coffee that makes them smile.

What do clients think?

Great customer service explaining all the beans and roasting methods. Fantastic baked goods extremely fresh and delicious. Finally the cappuccino and coffee was great with minimal acidic aftertaste and the flavour profiles were easily showcased. Easily one of the best coffee shops in Edmonton.(Google reviews)

I have been going to transcend for about ten years. It’s the best coffee in the city. Staff are nice and helpful when you have coffee questions. I can’t express how good their coffee is, you just need to try it! They also offer fun coffee classes that are informative and fun (Yelp)

To sum up:

Visiting Edmonton cafes is just one of the ways you can enjoy the province’s capital city! …And now we have a complete list of the best cafe and coffee shops in Edmonton! These places will always be there if you’re searching for the best coffee shops near me because you are in the mood for a cup of joe and want to sit by a window or chat with old friends.

Did we miss anything else that would be great? Feel free to send us a message, and we’ll update the article as soon as possible.

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