5 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Edmonton 2023

Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Edmonton: Dim sum delights your taste buds like nothing else! Regardless, if you’re craving some dim sum, check out Edmonton’s best dim sum restaurants. There are many options available at these restaurants, from potstickers to har gau or char siu bau – well, you’ll find the most sumptuous menus there.

Our list includes only restaurants that Edmonton dim sum enthusiasts have highly recommended! It’s food; after all, no one regrets spending money on food that’s good, right? So we even ensured these places would fit most people’s dining-out budgets (or not). Here are some best dim sum restaurants near me in Edmonton known for their incredible food and service… so stop dawdling and head over there right now!

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1- Yang Ming Buffet :

Website: yangmingbuffet.com/

Phone: +17807527888

Address: 3414 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5W 0Z4, Canada

Menu: yangmingbuffet.com/

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Yang Ming Buffet is Edmonton’s best and biggest buffet restaurant, with 14,000 square feet, and over 100 items. They are committed to providing Edmonton with the best buffet at the best price. In order to make their products as fresh as possible, they only use natural ingredients. It takes their dim sum masters hundreds of hours to prepare the dim sum for their customers each day. It is with great pride that they can claim to serve the best dim sum in Edmonton!!

They offer a wide variety of dim sum daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; all served in their steamer to keep them warm throughout the day. A healthy diet is something they believe in, which is why they offer many healthy options every day. As a vegetarian restaurant, they serve dozens of vegetarian items to their customers one of them is sure to find what they want.

Among their menu items are a variety of international cuisines. The dessert menu is always filled with dozens of options, while the ice cream menu has eight different kinds. You won’t find any of their desserts anywhere else, and many are made with secret recipes! Despite keeping their prices low, they maintain high standards for the quality of their buffet.

There is no doubt that every chef at their restaurant is experienced and highly trained. Each of them is passionate about cooking and eager to satisfy customers’ appetites with their culinary skills. Their menu is thoughtfully designed to offer their customers the best all-you-can-eat experience in Edmonton. You will be impressed with the quality and variety of their food!!!

What do clients think?

This is one of the better Chinese buffets. Lots of variety and the pans of food was full. The ginger beef was a little low but they were closing in a hour. Fruit, salad, soup seafood, sushi. Lots of different ice cream . Rum and raisin ice cream. That was a surprise and lots of people filling there bowls with it. Salt and pepper chicken and squid. Peach honey shrimp. Roast beef, peel and eat shrimp. Shrimp skewers. Very tasty. Glad I stopped to try. Lots of room also. Clean and robot food carts.(Google reviews)

The best buffet in Edmonton in my opinion. Lots of varieties of food choices. Dishes are always monitored by their staff to inform their kitchen to refill. Food is always hot and freshly cooked to refill. We love to go when there’s Peking duck. Dim sum is one of my favorites in this restaurant. If u love seafood, you will love this restaurant – fried shrimps, crabs and squids are delicious. Friendly staff, clean and spacious restaurant. Highly recommended. My family decided to come back for buffet again today. It’s cheaper price on weekdays.(Google reviews)

2- Jumbo Dim Sum :

Website: jumbodimsum.ca/

Phone: +17804813838

Address: 10451 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 4T2, Canada

Menu: jumbodimsum.ca/

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Jumbo Dim Sum is usually the first place that Edmontonians refer to when they want to know where to get good dim sum downtown. This restaurant has large portions of siu mai, wo tips, char siu bau, and more. Even though they specialize in dim sum, they also prepare good, traditional, non-dim sum food, which they pride themselves on. This restaurant serves curries, roasts, noodles, soups, chao fan, and much more that are well worth the price of the meal!

But if you’re looking for something that you’ll remember, try their deep-fried shrimp dumplings. They guarantee you’ll love that dish. This restaurant is one of Edmonton’s top picks for dim sum because of its excellent meals, reasonable prices, and good combos.

What do clients think?

Caving for DimSum while visiting Edmonton from Toronto. Jumbo 萬豪 DimSum is as great as most places in Toronto.(Google reviews)

Excellent experience. Flavors were on point and the cook was perfect. Curry squid is often tough and overcooked but this was tender and flavourful.(Google reviews)

3- Beijing Beijing Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant :

Website: beijingbeijing.ca/

Phone: +17804358833

Address: 3803 Calgary Trail NW #700, Edmonton, AB T6J 5M8, Canada

Menu: beijingbeijing.ca/index.php?page=menu

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The Beijing Beijing Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant (SOUTH) is the perfect Chinese dining experience if you enjoy good Chinese food and service. They offer a variety of Chinese seafood dishes and traditional dim sum in their spacious restaurant adorned with classic decor. Whether you’re a first-timer to Chinese cuisine or have had it several times, this restaurant is the perfect place to book a table and try the menu. Among the dishes served at Beijing Beijing are freshly cooked Dim sum, Peking duck, and shrimp dumplings. They aim to provide you with the best Dim Sum and Chinese food and keep the prices affordable.


You are invited to come in and experience their Chinese dishes and Dim Sum in order to enhance your sense of taste. When you are done tasting all their mouth-watering food, indulge yourself in one of their delightful desserts. Take-out and delivery options are available, along with catering services, and buses are always welcome. It’s the friendly, hard-working staff that makes this place great. These restaurateurs take care of their customers with satisfactory service. Your visit will be memorable, and they look forward to making it so.

What do clients think?

All of the dishes tasted were very authentic and delicious. The two guys who must be the owners and the other waiting staff are all super friendly. They offer all day dimsum which is very convenient! I would have to say that the quantity of each dish could be a bit more, this does not take away from my 5 star rating though. will be back(Google reviews)

My husband took me to this place for lunch on my Birthday and we had a Great time there. The Dim Sums were Deliciously Yummy ! And The salty fish rice was really good too(No Picture Of The Dish). My lil son enjoyed the food too. And nice friendly Staff !(Google reviews)

4- Tang Bistro 醉:

Website: tangbistro.ca/

Phone: +15874999999

Address: 8715 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2L5, Canada

Menu: tangbistro.ca/order

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Tang Bistro serves hand-pulled noodles, skewered barbecued meats (and tofu skin), clay bowls of stews and soups, pork dumplings, rice dishes, and refreshing salads with bean curd and cucumber. It was a simple idea to combine northwest Chinese cuisine with tapas to make the perfect blend. Among the menu, you will find a broad selection of starters, tapas noodles, and signature dishes. They have developed most of their dishes following original recipes of Xi’an street food, but they are delicately westernized in taste and presented in a contemporary way.

Various types of house-special cocktails, wines, beers, rice wine, sake, soju, and Chinese Baijiu are available. By dining at the bistro, the customer is transported to another country during a time when science, religion, and philosophy were all being introduced to the world.

What do clients think?

We’ve been here quite a few times over the years and the food is always delicious. Got the hand pulled noodles with pork meat sauce and the chili one. Both are great we also got a cold beef appetizer this time which is quite spicy and was pretty good too.(Google reviews)

This place is perfect if you’re craving noodles! One of the few northern Chinese restaurants in Edmonton. Love the flavours here! The hot and sour noodle soup was good! Good price for good food.(Google reviews)

5- Dim Sum Delight Chinese Cuisine :

Website: dimsumdelightedmonton.com/

Phone: +17809301881

Address: 10812 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 2H7, Canada

Menu: dimsumdelightedmonton.com/

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Dim Sum Delight is the place to go whenever you need good Chinese food without any frills. There are delicious dim sum choices, such as shrimp dumplings and lo mai gai, or a variety of spring rolls available at the small eatery. Located in a basic mall space with picture menus on the walls, small Chinese plates are served here for lunch and dinner. You must try the pan-fried pork dumplings – they are to die for!

It is a great place to stop if you are in the mood for hearty and homemade Chinese food. You can satisfy your cravings here, whether you’re looking for dim sum or a stir fry with some good chow mein. In Edmonton, these straightforward, tasty, and heartwarming dim sum places have earned their way into this top dim sum list.

What do clients think?

I was craving Dim Sum so much and wanted to go Jumbo Dim Sum since we used to go there. Unfortunatly they were closed, so we came to this place. And we were pleasantly surprised! We ordered 6 Dim Sum and it was very tasty. I loved each and everything. Also, portion was very good. My husband can eat a lot, and he was leaving with full belly!(Google reviews)

Great food and very friendly staff , wow it was very good experience Keep it up Thank you(Google reviews)

To Conclude:

Whether you want dim sum dine-in near me or when want it delivered, these Edmonton dim sum options will satisfy your craving. Takeaway and delivery of Dim Sum are easy with Uber Eats near you in Edmonton. Search for Edmonton restaurants that offer ” Best Dim Sum near me “, place an order, and have fun! You can track the ETA of your order while you wait as soon as your order is delivered.

Can you suggest any other great options for a dim sum near me in Edmonton that we missed? Please send us a message, and we will be happy to update the article.

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