Top 10 Best Gym Memberships in Edmonton [2023 ]

Staying fit and healthy is a goal that many Edmontonians share. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting, joining a gym can be an excellent way to get in shape, improve your health, and meet new people. However, with so many options available, finding the best gym memberships in Edmonton can be overwhelming. This article will guide you through the top fitness centers in the city so that you can find the right fit for you.

However, selecting the right gym can make all the difference in achieving your fitness goals. In this article, we will provide you with the top gyms in Edmonton near me that offer the best facilities, services, and prices to help you get fit and healthy.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Gym Membership in Edmonton:

When choosing the best gym in Edmonton, there are several factors that you should consider, including:

Location: Look for a gym that is conveniently located near your home or workplace. This will make it easier for you to stick to your fitness routine.

Facilities: Consider the facilities offered by the gym, such as cardio equipment, weight training equipment, and classes. Choose a gym that offers facilities that suit your fitness goals.

Services: Check if the gym offers additional services such as personal training, nutrition coaching, and group fitness classes. These services can help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Membership Options: Look for a gym that offers flexible membership options that suit your budget and fitness goals.

1-GoodLife Fitness Edmonton Clareview Town Centre:


Phone: +15874599360

Address: 4211 139 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 2W8

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GoodLife Fitness’s mission is to allow everyone in Canada to live a healthy and fit life. Everything they do is based on their core values, which have existed since 1979. Employees at their organization motivate, coach, and celebrate Members along their journey to finding their version of the good life. GoodLife Fitness offers a biweekly Essential Membership for $33.99, including full strength and cardio equipment access. Perfection isn’t important. Living your healthiest and happiest life is what it’s all about. They are committed to providing more children and youth with physical activity and fitness benefits through their cornerstone programs and partnerships. 

Sharing GoodLife health and fitness expertise and donating equipment to youth in northern, remote, and Indigenous communities helps reduce barriers to physical activity. Health for their communities and the people they serve goes hand-in-hand with health for their planet. There are over 100 women’s-only clubs at GoodLife Fitness supervised by female coaches, which is what they like about it. Support group members participate in yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and BODYPUMP sessions to make them feel comfortable working out with others. They recognize their responsibility in mitigating climate change while continuing to assess and improve their environmental performance even as they are early in their environmental sustainability journey.

What do clients think?

4 months here Its my favourite gym in Edmonton. Clean, good equipment, great culture customers and staff. day reception Kimberly I believe is always on the ball. Manager Edgar is accommodating and nice. Location is very clean combination of staff and the folks that also use the location. Best part is most other gym goers at this location are beyond nice and helpful to new members tips spots and sharing equipment between sets. Equipment is in good shape and when equipment has been down they have gotten it fixed asap. Does get busy at peak times but for good reason as it’s a good location, with lots of people ☺️. Generally very clean but with any place that’s busy it can change quick with a few irresponsible patrons. Team here is quick to get it clean.(Google reviews)

Brooke helped me get started … and wow! I was always a little nervous to step foot in the gym because I wouldn’t know how to use any of the machines .. Brooke welcomed me and made me feel comfortable, she gave me a great tour of the facility but she also made me feel like I was checking out this new gym with a friend! I’m excited to start my journey and don’t worry Brooke you won’t have to call lol I’ll be there! Thanks again 🙂 The Facility was nice and clean and so were the locker rooms! (Google reviews)

2- LA Fitness :


Phone: +17806664155

Address: 12410 167 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 1B1

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In 1984, LA Fitness was founded in Southern California to enhance its increasingly diverse membership’s physical and emotional health. They now have state-of-the-art clubs on every continent, and they’re still growing. Through their commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs of every community they serve, they have seen their business grow steadily and successfully. All family members of all ages and interests will find fun and effective workout options with a wide range of amenities at their facility.

LA Fitness is one of Edmonton’s top gyms, offering a variety of equipment and personal trainers. Aside from an indoor pool, sauna and whirlpool spa, the gym offers a kids club, group fitness classes, indoor cycling, Wi-Fi, racquetball, basketball, and a whirlpool spa. As a result of their commitment to understanding and meeting each community’s distinctive needs, they have grown over the years. They do not charge an initiation fee. A great value can be found in the gym, as it offers many amenities.

What do clients think?

I joined LA fitness mainly because of the excellent service I received from Sidney. She took the time to sit down and get to know me and my fitness goals, showed me around the facility and was able to answer all of my questions. She is a joy to be around and great to chat with! The facility is fantastic and has everything I could want from a gym and with the deal they were offering when I got started, how could I say no?(Google reviews)

I would like to say “thank you to Sidney. She guided me through the whole process of signing up at LA fitness. Great with words, colourful voice on the phone, amazing attitude and great spirit. I’ve never experienced such quick, and effective responses from someone before. I’m happy and grateful for her help. Even after signing up, she extended her help with anything further in the future. Thank u again Sidney!!!(Google reviews)



Phone: +17804751400

Address: 12660 137 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4Y5

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If you reside in Alberta and looking for a top-notch fitness club, Gymvmt should be your go-to option. The gym originated in the province and continues to operate from there to this day. Gymvmt has revolutionized the fitness experience with its modern approach. One of their unique membership plans is Tru Ride, which allows you to exercise in a group while grooving to the beats of music and neon lights. If you’re an indoor cyclist residing in Edmonton, you’re in luck! Gymvmt has a gym specifically designed for you. With 13 locations across Calgary and Edmonton, Gymvmt offers a full range of cardio and weight equipment, Rogue rigs, Olympic lifting platforms, full turf, group classes, and their own PWR X LAB and Tru Ride studios, delivering the ultimate gym experience. Whether you pump, lift, train or cycle with them, they inspire you to push harder, dig deeper, leap farther, and feel your best from the inside out.

You can have a hands-on tour of Gymvmt’s modern facilities during single sessions, allowing you to make an informed decision before making a commitment. Upon opt-in, Gymvmt offers a variety of membership plans, starting at $19.95 bi-weekly for a single gym and running up to $55.95 every two weeks for an open-ended Executive MTM. Gymvmt’s team of trainers is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether total body transformation, injury rehabilitation, or levelling up your fitness game. They inspire you to reach your potential, one plank, burpee, and push-up at a time, regardless of gender. 

What do clients think?

There is no other gym I would ever go to after getting a membership at this gym. So much equipment, never have to worry about having to wait for something during the after work rush, gym hours are great, membership pricing is very reasonable and best of all the atmosphere is second to none. This gym has created multiple friendships for me and the staff is also unbelievably kind. Every time you walk in they have a smile on their face and are always up for a good conversation. The personal trainers are no different they are all extremely knowledgeable, positive and make your training experience enjoyable and effective. I would also like to mention Cass as she is an amazing staff member, and my fitness consultant who helped me figure out my membership details and always helped me out with any questions I may have had regarding the gym. All in all I would highly recommend this gym to any person I talk to, they will not let you down.(Google reviews)

I love this gym! Been going here for 2 years. Friendly staff and always very clean. My personal trainer, Stephanie has great strength builing workouts and nutrition support. Lots of equipment, machines and weights to choose from with a wide selection. They have the best play list of music to listen to if you forget your headphones. They also have group fitness classes upstairs and my favorite is the sauna in the change rozms which are always available for use and never crowded. Location is great too as it is close enough to my house that I can bike and lock up the bike racks outside. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to workout with good vibes.(Google reviews)

4- Fit4Less :


Phone: +17804727995

Address: 6606 137 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5C 2L3

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Fit4Less is a program that aims to make high-quality fitness accessible to all Canadians, regardless of their financial background. It provides an affordable option for people to stay fit and healthy, promoting the notion that every individual in Canada should have an opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. In April 2011, Fit4Less opened its first franchise location in Mississauga, with the primary goal of helping Canadians get in shape at a low cost. Since then, Fit4Less has expanded rapidly and now boasts over 100 locations across Canada, enabling more Canadians to access affordable fitness. Whether you are in Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia or skiing the majestic mountains of British Columbia, you will be able to find a gym near you.


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Fit4Less provides a wide range of options to suit everyone’s needs, whether you are looking for fitness, friendship, or a relaxed atmosphere. Although it may not offer all the bells and whistles of a boutique gym, the program’s affordability is a significant plus point. If you are unsure where to start, Fit4Less hosts are always on hand to guide you through the gym and show you the numerous benefits it has to offer. The 30-Minute Express Circuit TM, along with a variety of machines and weight options, makes it easy to feel comfortable and at home.

What do clients think?

The manager, Lana, is so wonderful. Lana is so friendly and welcoming to everyone who enters the building. Lana makes personal connections with all of the guests and you can tell how hard of a worker she is. This gym is always spotless due to Lanas high work ethic and positive direction for her employees. Lana is personally the best manager i have ever seen, she goes above and beyond for her job and you can tell shes takes a lot of pride in her work, making this place so wonderful to be at and workout at. This lady deserves a raise!!!(Google reviews)

I am incredibly thrilled with this gym. Every single one of the staff is so friendly and I love coming here. I am still pretty new but I don’t feel like I don’t belong or shouldn’t be there.(Google reviews)

5- Anytime Fitness Old Strathcona:


Phone: +17807573481

Address: 10469 80 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1V1

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Located at Old Strathcona, Anytime Fitness Old Strathcona is the only Coaching Club in Edmonton. A different level of coaching is provided to each member. Their goal is to ensure that all members reach their fitness goals and full potential. Anytime Fitness Edmonton provides real support from the moment you walk through the door. Coaches don’t have a standard fitness plan that fits everyone; they develop a customized one based on your abilities, body, and goals. In addition to covering important areas other gyms cannot, your plan will take a 360-degree approach to your health. If you’re ready, they’ll meet you where you are, build a perfect plan, and keep you motivated, strong, and confident along the way. 

A familiar name among gym enthusiasts, Anytime fitness offers 24/7 gym services. This club was created to cater to people’s busy work-life schedules but has expanded its services and amenities to meet just about every exercise need. In their 24/7 gyms, they have treadmills and weight racks, but what sets them apart is the people inside their walls. Their partnership aims to work together to eliminate anything in the way of a healthier you. Coaches at Edmonton Old Strathcona specialize in personal training, but they aren’t your typical personal trainers. You are instructed by a trainer. Throughout your workout, a coach pays attention to your progress, works with you, and keeps in touch.

What do clients think?

I love this gym. Open 24 hours a day! And the space is colourful and very clean. The equipment is top notch and they even have a stretching room with lovely wooden floors. Im very happy to have a place this special.(Google reviews)

The club is clean and well kept. Trainers are very enthusiastic and the front end staff are friendly. Efficient layout of equipment and the location is well placed within the community. There are numerous reasons people join a gym. For some of us, it’s about packing on muscle to improve strength. Other members may be looking for a more natural energy boost than caffeine. And some simply want to treat their body with respect. This gym will help you fulfill all of these reasons.(Google reviews)

6- Snap Fitness Edmonton-South :


Phone: +17804977700

Address: 2927 Ellwood Dr SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0B1

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One of Canada’s largest SNAP Fitness facilities is in Edmonton South. The gym has two floors with cardio equipment on one and weight and functional fitness equipment on the other. Having access to the gym at any time is one of the benefits of membership, although staffed hours are available if you need a trainer. You’ll find everything you need at SNAP Fitness, whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain strength, or build muscle. As a globally recognized brand with 20 years of experience, they provide franchisees with an extensive support structure, from finding the right location to operating profit-making gyms. As part of their mission, they aim to help their members develop positive lifestyle habits that make them feel great. It’s all about how you feel! 

MYZONE heart rate monitoring is one of their unique fitness-based approaches, which involves watching your heart rate through a piece of technology. To all their members, they provide a welcoming, inclusive, empathetic, supportive fitness environment. Whether you’re a beginner or work out regularly, their gyms are comfortable spaces for everyone. With Snap Fitness, everyone can find something they love to do, regardless of who they are or what exercise they enjoy most. In their clubs, they strive to make fitness inclusive to everyone and believe that fitness knows no boundaries. They’ll take care of you the moment you join! Your personal, attainable goals will be set, your progress will be tracked, and every success will be celebrated.

What do clients think?

Very nice gym! They use their space well. Instead of having a ton of each piece of equipment, they have a wide variety. Generally not very busy, and in a nice area of town where there is a large range in terms of client demographics.(Google reviews)

Amazing well taken care of gym. Open 24 hours, has great staff and well trained trainers and constantly has new equipment coming in to upgrade(Google reviews)

7- Evolve Strength South:


Phone: +15877543632

Address: 4825 89 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5K1

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Evolve strength is a fitness center that is entirely dedicated to building strength and enhancing physical fitness. It is common to find powerlifters and Olympic weightlifting coaching at the gym, owing to their focus on strength development. However, the gym is unique because it offers a wide range of services that cater to the overall well-being of its members. This includes access to nutritionists, dietitians, therapists, highly skilled trainers, and coaches. Although the specific professionals available may vary from branch to branch, members are granted access to all Evolve Strength’s locations upon signing up for a membership.

Among its various locations, the Edmonton South club has the most extensive range of medical professionals available, with the added benefit of having a kinesiologist on board. It is important to note that while the gym leases spaces to physicians and health professionals, they are independent tenants and not employees of Evolve Strength. The fitness center aims to provide a highly inclusive space where anyone can feel comfortable working towards their fitness goals, free from judgment. With a wide variety of healthcare providers under one roof, Evolve Strength ensures its members can access the best possible care. The gym’s premier tenants offer top-tier services to help members feel their best in one convenient location. With the top 1% of personal trainers in the area, Evolve Strength is dedicated to helping its members reach their fitness goals.

What do clients think?

Great gym. Nice and open definitely a place you can train your craft. The staff was helpful and the facility itself . Was very clean and tidy.(Google reviews)

Of all the commercial gyms I’ve had an opportunity to visit, I’ve never been to one with such an inclusive and wholesome community as Evolve South. That, combined with the excellent equipment available makes it an obvious choice for any serious fitness pursuits.(Google reviews)

8- Orangetheory Fitness:


Phone: +17803287702

Address: 5061 Ellerslie Rd SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 1X2

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Using science, coaching, and technology, Orangetheory offers a total-body group workout that ensures maximum results. The work you do in their studio will make a difference in your life because it will boost your metabolism for MORE caloric afterburn, MORE results, and MORE confidence. No matter your fitness level, their elite coaches will inspire and provide you with options to push beyond your limits. It is your success that makes them successful. Treadmills have been replaced with striders and bikes at the gym. Your elite coaches will inspire you to push beyond your limits regardless of whether you are challenging workouts. No matter your limitations or injuries, a trainer can provide options for any movement. 

Certified and accredited personal trainers provide high-quality training. There are showers, lockers, and restrooms at Orangetheory Fitness so that you can refresh after your workout. A total of ten classes, twenty classes, and thirty classes are offered. It is possible to get a free trial workout. After exercising, their interval training design increases your metabolism by 200-400 calories for 24 to 36 hours. There are also 85 Orangetheory Fitness locations in Canada. You can focus on different muscles by changing your weight and doing floor exercises daily. Your coach can suggest alternatives if you suffer from an injury or have limitations. Boosting your metabolism and burning fat requires a few minutes in the “Orange Zone” with an elevated heart rate.

What do clients think?

Great studio with lovely staff. They always make me feel welcome and make sure to remember everyone’s name. Workouts are tough, but worth it. I love that the workouts are never the same.(Google reviews)

Orange theory is great! I am taking a small break from powerlifting and needed to keep moving. Although my liking for cardio comes in waves, I have grown to really like it. Every class is different and they have many challenges throughout the year, which I absolutely love(Google reviews)

9- Planet Fitness:


Phone: +17808097848

Address: 9738 19 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1K6

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If you’re looking for a gym that meets your needs, Planet Fitness has a membership option. They offer all Planet Fitness members unlimited access to their home club and friendly, knowledgeable support whenever needed. As a member of the PF Black Card®, you’ll receive additional benefits, including the ability to bring a guest for free and access to any of their 2,400+ PF locations. You’ll find their prices to be the most competitive on the planet! Take advantage of their open house from October 17th through October 31st for free workouts! They aim to create an environment where everyone feels accepted and respected during workouts. 

With a clean and welcoming club and friendly staff, Planet Fitness Edmonton (White Oaks), AB, makes sure everyone feels welcome. Their Judgement Free ZoneTM welcomes everyone, whether you’ve never been to a gym before or have been there before. They look forward to seeing you so that you can experience fitacular fitness. Their goal is to provide a high-quality fitness experience at an affordable price. Decide which membership option is best for you by reading about their membership options. One of their top priorities is a relaxed environment where you can do your own thing without feeling judged. Every time they serve their members, they aim to provide legendary customer service. 

What do clients think?

Very friendly and so helpful when you ask. Glad to have this as a home gym. Gym is clean lockerrooms as well. Overall wonderful gym to attend I keep going back.. 5 stars no problem(Google reviews)

The gym is kept clean and the equipment is kept in good working order for the most part. The staff is friendly and helpful. I’ve been weight training for more than 50 years and at my age it really is perfect for me. Not a bodybuilder’s or powerlifter’s gym, but perfect for a large portion of the weight training public. No reason to feel apologetic about that, not everyone wants to do incline presses with 110lb dumbbells. Those days are gone for me at least, I’m just trying to be in reasonably good shape. And I like that mutual respect is actively promoted by the facility.(Google reviews)

10- SVPT Fitness & Athletics:


Phone: +17809890017

Address: 4456 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5R9

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If you are searching for the best gym near me  , SVPT Fitness + Athletics is a welcoming and inclusive gym in Edmonton that promotes body positivity and encourages individuals of all ages and fitness levels to improve their quality of life through science-based functional fitness. Their facility offers private personal training tailored to your specific needs while providing a clean and spacious environment that ensures your comfort and privacy. Their team of highly educated and professionally certified personal trainers and Kinesiologists have over 60+ years of combined experience, giving them a vast array of knowledge on fitness and exercise. They focus on teaching clients how to improve their mental and physical health through personalized functional program design that targets specific goals and needs.

Whether you’re looking to improve movement patterns, manage injuries, increase strength, enhance mobility, boost flexibility, increase cardio, improve mental health, reduce stress, or achieve specific fitness or sports goals, their certified personal trainers can help. They motivate and challenge you by engaging you in goal-oriented and needs-based private personal training sessions. At SVPT Fitness + Athletics, they take pride in providing a comprehensive approach to fitness that starts with a thorough movement assessment and consultation. From there, they customize your training based on your biomechanics, history, and lifestyle, ensuring you can achieve your goals safely and effectively. Additionally, clients will achieve independence and confidence, allowing them to live an active, full life. They take great care of their facility as they do with each of their clients when they walk through their doors. All ages and fitness levels can find inspiration in their body-positive, all-inclusive environment.

What do clients think?

I’ve been with SVPT for a few months now. I had family recommend SVPT to me who had been there for a long time. Joel Brissard is my trainer and has been able to help me get stronger and feel more confident. Trainers aside (which are all friendly and fabulous), it’s very clear Shara takes great pride in owning SVPT. It’s always clean, things are tidy, there is a water station, towels if you need, showers and in the bathrooms they have toiletries. There is a clear level of difference from this gym to the larger corporation ones, and mainly that is the vibe. There is a respect, on both sides of trainer and trainees. It’s become a comfortable second home here at SVPT.(Google reviews)

I found SVPT looking for a personal trainer that wasn’t out of a big chain gym. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming, with trainers that are very professional and truly appear to love what they do. I can confidently recommend this gym to anyone who has been searching for a positive and comfortable work out environment. (Google reviews)


Choosing the best gym membership Edmonton can make all the difference in achieving your fitness goals. By considering factors such as location, facilities, services, and membership options, you can find a gym that suits your needs and helps you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, an Edmonton gym membership is perfect for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a gym membership in Edmonton cost? 

The gym membership cost in Edmonton varies depending on the gym and membership options. However, most gyms offer affordable membership options that suit your budget.

Can I cancel my gym membership in Edmonton? 

Yes, most gyms in Edmonton offer flexible membership options allowing you to cancel your membership anytime. However, some gyms may require you to give notice or pay a cancellation fee.

Do I need to sign a contract for a gym membership in Edmonton?  

Most gyms in Edmonton offer both contract and non-contract membership options. Choose a membership option that suits your fitness goals and budget.

Are there any hidden fees for gym memberships in Edmonton? 

Some gyms may charge additional fees for services such as personal training, classes, or locker rentals. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of your membership agreement carefully to avoid surprises.

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