Top 10 Best High Schools in Calgary [2023]

As a teenager, high school plays a crucial role in your personal development. It is only through the best Calgary high schools that you can obtain quality education and skills training. Education and training is the objective of even nations today and is providing an interactive forum to students and professionals. Besides offering excellent weather and top-quality schools, Calgary has a wealth of extracurricular activities available. Every high school in the city offers a unique curriculum and focuses, and each also comes with its own set of added benefits that make each unique.

High school can be more than just learning; it can also be a place to make loyal friends and find kind mentors. For a memorable and complete high school experience, make sure the school has appropriate facilities and extracurricular activities. To find the best high schools in Calgary, you must consider those that offer excellent facilities, teach a proper curriculum, and have a low student-to-teacher ratio.

High schools in Calgary with high enrollments are generally well-served with great attention to students, which is suitable for the students. You won’t have to wait long if you’re eager to take the next step toward your dream career. If you’re looking for a positive and holistic experience, consider attending these high schools in Calgary.

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Our Methodology: 

To determine the top 7 best high schools in Calgary, we analyzed Google’s search results for “best high schools in Calgary”. We considered various factors such as academic performance, student-to-teacher ratio, extracurricular activities, and more.

1- Western Canada High School | Calgary Board of Education:


Phone: +1 403 228 5363

Address: 641 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B5, Canada

Founded: 1903

Number of students: 2150

Grades:  Kindergarten – Grade 12

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Western Canada High School focuses on senior high school education, making it one of Calgary’s best high schools. Western provides the highest level of education in academics, fine arts, and athletics. Their school’s legacy is based on three values: Intellectsia, Vires, and Virtus – Knowledge, Strength, and Courage. A school like this is one of the best in the world because of these values, and students intend to carry on these values and Western traditions. Besides academic pursuits, there are many extracurricular activities to choose from. These opportunities will help you succeed in all areas of your new year, build on your experiences, and create unique strengths and memories for the future. Additionally, students can take courses in social sciences and journalism and various international certifications.

If you are interested in extracurricular activities, you can join one of their 54 clubs or try seasonal sports. You will graduate from Western with knowledge, confidence, and the ability to enhance your life and the world around you. Excellence has been integral to Western Canada High School since its beginnings. Educators worldwide have developed and nurtured a culture of excellence in Western Canada so every student can excel. The school provides a safe learning environment that offers a variety of opportunities for students to build a bright future. Every aspect of their educator role is dedicated to celebrating learning, whether academics, arts, or athletics. Western Canada High School students will produce leaders for a shared future through the education and experiences they create this year.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Strong academic program with high exam results
  • Extensive extracurricular activities and clubs, including music and drama
  • Notable alumni include Olympic gold medalist Mark Tewksbury and author W. P. Kinsella

What do clients think?

One of the best high school in Calgary with 115 years history of high standards of education as well as all round kids performance. Very talented management team and overall teachers are excellent. This school is ranked among best schools in Alberta as well as nationally.(Google reviews)

Excellent school. Phenomenal teachers better than private schools. Broad range of programs for all learning styles. Strong support for those with learning needs. Outstanding extracurricular offerings for all interests. Exceptionally caring administration. The school has worked very hard to manage their numbers and it shows (Google reviews)

2- Westmount Charter Mid-High School:


Phone: +1 403 217 9427

Address: 2215 Uxbridge Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4Y3, Canada

Founded: 1996

Number of students: 1294

Grades:    Grade 10 to 12

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As one of Calgary’s best high schools, Westmount Charter Mid-High School understands gifted students, in addition to its free admissions. Asynchronous learning and pacing are the best approaches for teaching talented students, according to Westmont’s 25 years of experience. As well as joining clubs and sports like wrestling, golf, and rugby, students can participate in various other activities. As a charter-funded school, Westmont Charter provides research-based teaching methods. Westmount is Alberta’s only K-12 congregated setting for gifted children. Approximately 1200 students attend the school, representing a diverse range of racial, ethnic, gender, and educational backgrounds, including underachievers and high achievers and students with special education needs. They look at giftedness “from the inside out” at Westmount. What does this mean to them? Before helping their students become the best they can be, they strive to know and honour who they are.

Westmount’s staff is trained to work with gifted students to achieve their full potential. With the help of their support staff, certificated teachers, and specialists, they can provide personalized support and guidance to each student. As one of 13 charter schools in Alberta, Westmount engages in research-based innovative practices and has a separate programming mandate. Their mission is to enhance student learning and engage students in a safe, secure environment where opportunities for enhanced development are acknowledged, time is provided for research and professional development, and risk-taking, failure and success play an integral role in learning.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Focus on advanced academics, including accelerated math and science programs
  • Emphasis on STEM education
  • Strong community involvement and volunteer opportunities

What do clients think?

This has got to be the best school in Alberta. The teachers are highly trained and perfect for the students. Not only that but you can take almost any class imaginable and have freedom for creativity. Great school and would not give it up for anything(Google reviews)]

Fantastic educational facility. The teachers and support staff are some of the finest in the city. (Google reviews)

3- Crescent Heights High School | Calgary Board of Education:


Phone: +1 403 276 5521

Address: 1019 1 St NW, Calgary, AB T2M 2S2, Canada

Founded: 1915

Number of students: approximately 1,550

Grades:  Grade 10 to 12

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As part of a diverse student-centred community, Crescent Heights High School provides many opportunities. They are committed to nurturing a long tradition of excellence within their school by emphasizing academic rigour, character, citizenship, and lifelong learning to develop our students. Besides academics, there is also a wide variety of extracurricular activities that students can participate in as an extension of their learning experiences, such as athletics, clubs, and other activities. They encourage their students to be actively involved in the school’s community by participating in a wide variety of activities and activities offered by the school. At Crescent Heights, they provide a wide range of programs that address their students’ diverse learning needs. Students can choose from Advanced Placement, Knowledge and Employability, Fine Arts, Career and Technology, and English Language Learners programs.

As part of the CBE, their school is one of the most affluent schools in Western Canada. They provide various programs and support to meet a growing population’s diverse needs and interests. By tailoring the learning experience for each student, they ensure that they are engaged, inspired, and able to learn to their full potential. In their view, public education serves the common good by putting students; first, learning is their guiding principle, and learning is their central purpose. As learners and citizens, Crescent Heights High School is dedicated to providing a supportive, inclusive environment that encourages students to strive for excellence and experience success. As educators, they acknowledge the importance of preparing students for the world they live in now and for the world, they will encounter in the future. Students can pursue passions and interests beyond the normal curriculum through extracurricular activities. Various activities can be offered, including special interest clubs, arts and music, and athletics. They are proud of the extracurricular opportunities they provide to enhance their students’ learning.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Diverse student population
  • Strong visual and performing arts programs, including theatre and dance
  • Notable alumni include former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark and musician Chad Kroeger of Nickelback

What do clients think?

The school was actually a really delightful experience. The teachers here really nice and cared for students. In addition I felt at the education was above average and the students here are really nice and are very welcoming to anyone new. I moved here from FFCA Hs school and I can See a monumental difference between the two schools.

The school is pretty much better in every single aspect than FFCa. The stuff is significantly better and the overall education is much better as well. I give the school five star rating because of a combination of above average education amazing stuff and mediocre students. I can easily say that the school is overall much better than other schools in Calgary such as Nelson and especially FFCA. If you are considering to come to the school please keep in mind how much better it is over other schools(Google reviews)

I love this school!!!!! Met my best friends here and the most interesting people. Teachers were excellent! Has a great variety of options. Wish I could (Google reviews)

4- Central Memorial High School | Calgary Board of Education:


Phone: +1 403 243 8880

Address: 5111 21 St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 1R9, Canada

Founded: 1912

Number of students: approximately 1500

Grade: Grade 10 to 12

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Unlike any other learning community in Calgary, Central offers various learning opportunities. As much as a dedication to performance fills the stage with emotion, passion for learning inspires students in the classroom. Central believes that a well-rounded education goes a long way; some schools specialize in a particular niche. To make their students’ high school experience memorable, they offer a wide variety of courses, clubs, teams, and activities so they can form lasting friendships. The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts offers students an arts-focused curriculum at Central Memorial. Various classes and training are provided to their students, including band, dance, fashion, media arts, theatre, and orchestra.

The central purpose of their school is to ensure that all students reach high levels of learning. They are a family-oriented community that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, and safety. They place a high priority on superior academics at Central. Providing emotional and intellectual support to students will enable them to excel. It is their commitment to learning that makes them believe in their students.

A wide variety of programs and opportunities are offered at Central Memorial High School for approximately 1500 students in Grades 10 through 12. They provide a wide variety of options from Dual Credit with SAIT to Ram athletics, from Advanced Placement to Knowledge and Employability, from Computer Networking and Pre-Engineering to Cosmetology in partnership with the Career and Technology Centre, from Performing and Visual Arts to International Languages—Central offers a diverse array of programs and courses.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Strong academic program with a focus on interdisciplinary learning
  • Extensive athletics program, including rugby and hockey
  • Notable alumni include Olympic gold medalist Kyle Shewfelt and actor Eric McCormack

What do clients think?

Great place. Great teachers. I love this school. Great food too. Awesome band.(Google reviews)

Wonderful school with great educators, experts in their fields. Our daughter is in the PVA program and loves every moment of it. Such a blessing to have such a school in our city. (Google reviews)

5- Bishop Carroll High School:


Phone: +1 403 500 2056

Address: 4624 Richard Rd SW, Calgary, AB T3E 6L1, Canada

Founded: 1963

Number of students: approximately 1,000

Grade:  Grade 10 to 12

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Bishop Carroll High School is a Catholic educational community that promotes continuous progress in a personalized, individualized learning environment that challenges, supports, and empowers students to take themselves seriously as learners. Their commitment to the Catholic Community at Bishop Carroll High School is to provide a student-centered education that fosters genuine personal growth.

Each member of their global community is encouraged to become lifelong learners, embrace a passion for life, and share their gifts. Bishop Carroll, Self-Directed Learning Program of Choice, attracts students from all across the city, and their families are active in nearly every parish in the town. Learning and living their faith together empowers and educates their students.

Every aspect of their lives is based on faith as Catholics. Every school has an established Catholic Community of Caring based on faith, care, respect, responsibility, trust, and family values. As a team, they work to develop students who reflect the image of God and become contributing members of society at large. As a faith-based school, they provide students with a well-rounded education in a caring, welcoming, and nurturing environment.

Through their collaboration with their many community partners, they are delighted to offer their students a wide variety of supplementary courses, options, and services in addition to Alberta Education’s core curriculum programming. All programming options at Calgary Catholic schools reflect the values of the Catholic faith. All eligible students will access safe, efficient, and economical transportation to and from school.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Catholic faith-based education with a focus on social justice and community service
  • Strong athletics program, including basketball and volleyball
  • Notable alumni include NHL player Matt Dumba and author Will Ferguson

What do clients think?

It’s an amazing school that’s help shape who I am as a young adult. I think it’s value is held in its willingness to allow students to explore on their own. The ability to make decisions on your own without feeling like you need to get permission for everything. It gives you a sense of independence and helps students understand how to take responsibility and that every action or lack thereof has a consequence. Also known as procrastination. Shout out to Miracle May!(Google reviews)

Awesome high school experience! My time management skills as well as my work ethic improved dramatically. University is going so smooth and I attribute much of my success to this unique school and opportunities it gave me. Lots of work but definitely rewarding!(Google reviews)

6- Bearspaw Christian School:


Phone: +1 403 295 2566

Address: 15001 69 St NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1C5, Canada

Founded: 1998

Number of students: Above 700

Grade: Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12

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Located northwest of Calgary, BCS is a private Christian school that offers junior kindergarten through grade 12. The Calgary branch of BCS is one of the area’s most affordable private Christian schools. Their school is committed to serving the needs of Christian families in the Calgary region. With a passion for Christian education, BCS was founded in 1998 by a group of men and women with great vision, faith, and prayer.

Their students benefit from their rich history of teaching academic excellence and Christ-like character. They at Bearspaw Christian School are committed to following Christ, enriching their relationships with others, and learning as a lifelong process. Their school is a fully accredited, multi-denominational school adhering to the Alberta Education curriculum while integrating Christian principles into all aspects of schooling.

BCS is a vibrant school community that serves over 700 students in kindergarten through grade 12 across a range of disciplines. They strive to foster students’ relationship with Jesus through discipleship-based education, setting them apart from their competitors. Through their partnership with families, they nurture students who will one day transform the world for the glory of God. They have fully qualified and certified teachers committed to providing a caring, respectful, and safe learning environment.

BCS strives to place Christ at the center of all they do. As a school, they view every aspect as an opportunity to disciple students. It is their goal to inspire students to excel academically at BCS. The school performs far above provincial standards on Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams. They remain financially accessible thanks to careful stewardship, prudent fiscal planning, and government grants. Their mission at BCS is to foster open and honest communication as they work with families to assist students in achieving academic, spiritual, and personal success.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Christian faith-based education with a focus on academic excellence and character development
  • Small class sizes and personalized attention
  • Strong fine arts program, including choir and drama

What do clients think?

So thankful for our school! Thankful they continue to endeavour to point our kids to Christ and encourage them to glorify God in all they do. The teachers love and pray and lead our kids with such kindness and courage. Our family has been blessed to be here. We are a community!(Google reviews)

Teachers at elementary school truly love and care about my children. Never heard any bullying at elementary school. They always have fun time at school. There are great music, French and gym teachers. My kids want to go to school even weekend. BCS is also academically excellent. Teachers seem to know how to motivate my daughters to study hard and do their best to do well academically. (Google reviews)

7- Master’s Academy & College:


Phone: +1 403 242 7034

Address: 4414 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2T 5J4, Canada

Founded: 1996

Number of students: Above 900 

Grade:  Grade K to 12

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Master’s is located in one of the city’s premier communities. With their vision of going beyond academic excellence, they prepare students to be visionaries, designers, and creators for the 21st century. International attention has been given to their efforts to bring education into the 21st century from the Industrial Age. As an accredited school in the province of Alberta, Master’s students regularly exceed provincial standards for excellence on standardized tests.

They are proud to say that the vast majority of their graduates (90+%) are accepted into the universities of their choice. Designed to prepare students for the future, a Master’s prepares them to succeed in it. With Profound Learning, they want to transform education locally and globally. They strive for academic excellence through Profound Learning and help students become Master Learners and Imaginative Leaders. The power of profound learning unleashes academic excellence in many, not just a few.

If students are empowered, they are more likely to be motivated to learn and learn better. Students are prepared for the future by providing a solid foundation of academic excellence and innovative and creative skills. Their mission at Master’s Academy and College is to provide a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment for their students and staff, fostering a sense of belonging and respecting diversity.

As part of the Master’s College program, students are provided with high academic programming in preparation for university and life after graduation. Students learn to think, write, and use information in complex ways, and their pathways through school can be personalized according to their talents, interests, and goals through engaging teaching methods. Their students are known, appreciated, and welcomed into a dynamic, collaborative community at Master’s College.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Christian faith-based education with a focus on academic excellence and character development
  • Emphasis on service learning and community involvement
  • Notable alumni include Olympic silver medalist Helen Upperton and NHL player Colton Parayko.

What do clients think?

This school is AWSOME! Everything is clean, the teachers are caring, and everyone is kind in the school.(Google reviews)

We love this school! My wife and I have 3 kids that will be attending this school next year and we’re excited to see them grow as learners. Masters has a great teaching and office staff and they really have a great vision for the direction they’re taking the school. (Google reviews)

8- St. Francis High School


Phone: +14035002026

Address: 877 Northmount Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2L 0A7

Number of students: 2,006

Founded: September 1, 1962

Grades:  Grade 10 – 12


Saint Francis High School is a Catholic learning organization that focuses on its students’ spiritual, academic, social, creative, and physical development in collaboration with parents and the community. The school is inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, and its staff models Catholic values rooted in the Gospels. The Catholic faith is integrated into the school’s culture and climate, and this year’s faith theme is “Faith.”


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The school promotes the importance of building partnerships with parents, the district, and the community to provide staff, students, and parents opportunities to support and enhance educational programs. The staff and students are committed to pursuing excellence through personal mastery and sharing best practices among team to ensure the success of all students. The school offers a variety of programming options, including Diploma Preparation Courses, Evening Credit Courses, Self-Directed Learning, and Summer School, to empower students to reach their full potential and engage in quality learning.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Catholic values are integrated into the school’s culture and climate
  • Collaborative partnerships with parents, district, and community
  • Commitment to pursuing excellence and personal mastery
  • Offers a variety of programming options to support student learning

What do clients think?

i graduated in 1980. Have had a great life with advanced education. none of which would be possible without this school’s input. God Bless. Best location with tons of green spaces very nearby. I’m a B&B Calgarian. and i can’t imagine a early life outside of Tri-wood area. My time is done now. Hopefully there is a picture of me on the wall there (Google reviews)

Met my best friends at this calgary high school. It was a blast, some of the best memories from school come from Francis. Go Browns! (Google reviews)

9- Notre Dame High School :


Phone:  +14035002109

Address: 11900 Country Village Link NE, Calgary, AB T3K 6E4

Founded:  2005

Number of students: up to 1700

Grades: Grades 10-12

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Notre Dame High School is a Catholic institution located in Calgary, Alberta. The school has experienced significant growth in recent years, with over 1700 students enrolled. The School Council provides vital support to the community through volunteering, and the Ministry Program enhances the education and personal growth of the students.

Notre Dame High School offers a well-rounded, faith-based education in a caring, inclusive, and nurturing community. In addition to core curriculum programming mandated by Alberta Education, the school provides a variety of supplementary courses, options, and services in collaboration with many community partners. The values of the Catholic faith permeate all programming options within Calgary Catholic schools. The school also offers Advanced Placement, Athletics, Career and Technology Studies, Clubs, English Language Learners (ELL), Hockey Canada Skills Academy, International Languages, Music, and Off-Campus Education programs. Notre Dame High School participates in the Calgary Senior High School Athletics Association, and the Alberta Schools Athletic Association governs interscholastic sports at the provincial level.


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The school is proud of the tradition it has built since its opening in 2005, and it aims to continue to “Build-A-Tradition” of excellence both on and off the field, court, track, pitch, and pool. The school has over 400 registered ELL students from different parts of the world, such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Colombia, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Korea, India, Ecuador, Romania, Kuwait, Cameroon, Vietnam, Kenya, Sudan, Singapore, Jordan, Lithuania, Germany, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, the U.S.A., Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Uganda, and more. Notre Dame High School values the contributions of its ELL students to making education at the school a rich and stimulating experience for all students.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Offers a well-rounded, faith-based education
  • Provides supplementary courses, options, and services in collaboration with community partners
  • Successful history in Athletics, Fine Arts, and curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

What do clients think?

I like the layout of the school, I love this school because it’s close to NorthPointe Terminal, the Shopping Centre, and Vivo(Google reviews)

My last year here and its gone great so far. Lots of programs for kids to enjoy and the mood is spirited and uplifting. Staffs are super nice and easy to talk to. Highly recommend.(Google reviews)

10- Lord Beaverbrook High School | Calgary Board of Education :


Phone: +14032595585

Address: 9019 Fairmount Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0Z4

Founded: 1967

Number of students: Higher than 1550

Grades: Grade 10 – 12

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Lord Beaverbrook High School is a public high school located in Calgary, Alberta. The school is part of the Calgary Board of Education and serves students in grades 10 through 12.

Lord Beaverbrook High School has a strong focus on academic excellence, offering a wide range of courses to meet its students’ unique needs and interests. The school also has a strong reputation for athletics, with various teams and programs available for students to participate in. In addition to its academic and athletic offerings, Lord Beaverbrook High School is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Strengths and Highlights:

  • Wide range of academic programs and courses
  • Strong reputation for athletics
  • Commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students

What do clients think?

I love this school, I’m going to miss it so much when i graduate as class of 2022, so many good memories and so many caring people and the staff were amazing, i love this place so much. GO LORDS GO! BE PROUD AS A LION! (Goolgle reviews)

5 stars for davis, fishcer , alm, nelson and hunchuk. great people and all around life changing teachers.(Goolgle reviews)

Final Thoughts:

You can be sure that we’ve helped you search for the best Calgary high schools that’ll provide you with the best education, memorable experiences, and valuable skills. Calgary schools offer many extracurricular activities and programs for students to participate in. Choosing a career path based on your passions, abilities, and interests is essential for your success as a student. Families also play an important role in ensuring their children’s success by providing support and encouragement.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) :

Q: What are the best high schools in Calgary?

A: Some of the best high schools in Calgary, based on various factors like academic performance, extracurricular activities, and student support, include Western Canada High School, Sir Winston Churchill High School, William Aberhart High School, and Queen Elizabeth High School.

Q: How do I choose the best high school in Calgary for my child?

A: When choosing the best high school in Calgary for your child, consider factors such as academic programs offered, extracurricular activities, location, reputation, class sizes, and student support services. It’s also important to involve your child in decision-making and consider their interests, goals, and preferences.

Q: What are the academic programs offered at the high schools in Calgary?

A: The best high schools in Calgary offer a variety of academic programs, including regular academic courses, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, Career and Technology Studies (CTS) programs, and Fine Arts programs. Some schools may also offer specialized programs such as sports academies or language programs.

Q: Do the best high schools in Calgary offer extracurricular activities?

A: Yes, the Top high schools in Calgary typically offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, clubs, student councils, music and drama programs, community service opportunities, and more. These activities provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, pursue their interests, and build social connections.

Q: How do the high schools in Calgary support student success?

A: The high schools in Calgary prioritize student success by providing various support services, such as academic counseling, career guidance, tutoring, mentoring programs, and special education support. These schools also have experienced and qualified teachers who are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Q: Are there any notable achievements of the ranking schools in Calgary?

A: Yes, many of the best high schools in Calgary have notable achievements, such as high graduation rates, academic awards, scholarships, and recognition in regional, provincial, and national competitions. These achievements demonstrate the schools’ commitment to academic excellence and student success.

Q: How can I apply to the best high schools in Calgary?

A: Each high school in Calgary may have its own application process and deadlines. Generally, you can apply to the best high schools in Calgary by contacting the school directly, visiting their website, or accessing the online application portal of the Calgary Board of Education or the Calgary Catholic School District. It’s important to check the specific requirements and deadlines for each school you are interested in.

Q: Are there any tuition fees associated with attending the high schools in Calgary?

A: In general, high schools in Calgary operated by the Calgary Board of Education are publicly funded and do not charge tuition fees for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. However, some schools may charge fees for specific programs, activities, or services. It’s important to check with the individual schools for their fee structure and any applicable waivers or subsidies.


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