The Top 8 Best Ice Cream Shops in Calgary

Don’t worry when everyone in your family wants ice cream! Calgary has an abundance of amazing ice cream shops all around the city. If you’re looking for a handcrafted flavor you’ve never tried before, some authentic Italian gelato, a new twist on ice cream, dipped soft serve, or something special, we’ve got you covered all summer long.

You can cool off with classic flavors in a cone or cup or try something new. With these places, you can customize your ice cream. You can order it rolled, poured over coffee, topped with more sweets, or mixed in a shake or cake. Check out these top 8 places for Calgary’s best ice cream.

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1- Made By Marcus- 17th Ave:


Phone: +14034521692

Address: 1013 17 Ave SW #121, Calgary, AB T2T 0A7

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Made By Marcus is an ice cream storefront with a minimal design and creative flavors and toppings. Made By Marcus has always had a long line outside, but it is well worth the wait. There will be soft serve and sundaes at all locations later this summer, but you can get pineapple sorbet at 17 Avenue S.W.


Marcus is well-known for making innovative flavours – past varieties include Leffers Carrot Cake, banana churros and coffee grinds, pumpkin cashew coconut, and malted chocolate honeycomb. There are eight signature flavours in each location, plus two seasonal choices and two vegan choices.

Customer Reviews:

“Great modern ice cream shop with unique flavors. The staff were so amazing! It was if being in a movie set with how perfectly bubbly the personalities were to match the atmosphere. This all whilst during a very busy time. Great experience” (Google reviews)

“Bought the pints that way there is more for later love the choices staff is friendly and its all either recycleable or compostiable so great I will return for sure 😊🥰 Clean environment”(Tripadvisor)


2- My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe:


Phone: +14032873838

Address: 2048 42 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2M7

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Marda Loop’s 1950s-style ice cream shop has been a neighbourhood favourite since 1981. This respectable ice cream parlour offers 72 different types of ice cream, cakes, and frozen yogurt. It has a second location in West Springs, and it’s open year round.


Fresh ice-cream cakes are made at each location. Their products contain ingredients such as gluten, peanuts, milk, and fruit. Before ordering, let them know if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Customer Reviews:

“A great Calgary classic. There’s lots of room for outdoor seating, lots of parking, and a bike rack, which at the time has been badly damaged. There’s lots of different flavours of ice cream to choose from including lots of kid friendly flavours. Had a great visit and will definitely be back to try more!” (Google reviews)

“This place looks a bit lacklustre from outside but you open the door into an ice cream store Tardis…an amazing choice of ice cream flavours. Sold in various sizes. I had a small one thank goodness, and that almost beat me!! Delicious” (Tripadvisor)

3- Sweet Tooth Ice Cream:


Phone:  +15878320128

Address: 206 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 2B6

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In 2016, Sweet Tooth in Chinatown became the first brick-and-mortar shop offering rolled ice cream. This local parlour in an urban setting serves homemade, rolled ice cream in imaginative flavours. The menu offers many kinds of ice cream, including matcha, birthday cake, espresso, and more. Delivery services include SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.


They have developed innovative and creative coconut milk or Oat Milk base that can be used as a dairy-free substitute for most items on the menu! Preservative-free dairy bases and fruit sauces are used to make their ice cream.

Customer Reviews:

“Fantastic all around! Not only is the ice cream delicious but the service is fantastic. The standard menu flavor combos are great and the seasonal flavors are creative. Highly recommend!”(Google reviews)

“We went for ice cream with kids .. they loved it ! Event if we cannot watch them create our selection (waiting is outside) the ice cream is delicious! Friendly service too! Will go back for sure.” (Tripadvisor)


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4- Righteous Gelato:


Phone:  +14034523150

Address: 221 19 St SE #110, Calgary, AB T2E 7M2

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Righteous Gelato offers a wide variety of delicious gelato and sorbetto options in their shop and many grocery stores. Righteous Gelato creates gelato by adding milk and cream together with less air added to it than regular ice cream. Their products are free of artificial colours and flavours and do not contain corn syrup.


Righteous Gelato is a Counter-serve gelato & sorbetto parlour with a variety of housemade flavours. Gelato has a more complex flavour and less fat and sugar than regular ice cream. Due to Covid, they are only offering curbside pickup or delivery.

Customer Reviews:

“Favourite place to stop in Calgary! Excellent staff, extremely knowledgable and obviously love their job. The gelato is to die for! I go whenever I’m in Calgary” (Google reviews)

“I had the frozen hot chocolate, and it was by far the best gelato I’ve had outside of Italy! Not overly sweet, super smooth and creamy. It was a trip across town, and well worth it.” (Tripadvisor)


5- X.O. Ice Cream & Waffles:


Phone: +14037963975

Address: 100 Auburn Meadows Dr SE #808, Auburn Bay, AB T3M 2G5

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The Auburn Bay, ice cream shop, inspired by vintage mom and pop shops, opened in 2018. There is a grab-and-go option for families and individuals. You can get any of their flavours to go and if you get three pints, you will get a discount. You can also order fresh waffles from X.O. in classic sugar, cinnamon honey, and chocolate chip flavours.


A delicious waffle-topped sundae will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your waffle craving. In addition to strawberry rhubarb and salted caramel, there are mango sorbets, milkshakes and affogato. Affogato is ice cream with a shot of expresso poured on top.

Customer Reviews:

“So yummy! Tons of selections and great staff. The staff also works really quickly, the line was relatively long but it took no time at all to make it to the ordering counter! I love how you can split 1 scoop into 2 flavours as well.” (Google reviews)

“It’s so great to have XO in the neighbourhood. Easy to walk, bike, scooter or drive to. Lots of parking available. Eat your ice cream on outdoor benches or cute tables located just outside.Always have full flavours and the dairy free options make you feel like you are not missing out” (Tripadvisor)


6- LICS -Leavitt’s Ice Cream Shop:


Phone: +14032833578

Address: 3410 3 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0M2

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LICS is an old-school sweet ice cream parlour that has been around since 1982. Over forty flavours are available, including ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and even sugar-free and lactose-free options. The Bow River is nearby, making it a pleasant place to stroll with a cone in hand during the summer.



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Offering a wide range of flavours to suit your special occasion, they provide handcrafted Ice Cream Cakes. Additionally, they offer custom cakes with up to 3 of our 44 flavours of Ice Cream.

Customer Reviews:

“Really freaking good ice cream, I got the cookies and cream and rolo today, both very good, the young man at the counter was very friendly and approachable, let me play the piano also, a very nice little spot, if you want to bring a date somewhere it’s a good place to grab ice cream then go for a walk by the river after”(Google reviews)

“Great ice cream shop for any day of the week. Lots of flavors, reasonable price and great services. Will be many more stops through the summer!!!”(Tripadvisor)


7- Canelo’s Ice Cream:


Phone: +14037962810

Address: 3007 26 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 2K7

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Canelo’s Ice Cream serves traditional ice cream with a Mexican flair. Whether you prefer frozen or soft ice cream, they offer the perfect creation for you with their ice cream tacos. For the best-tasting ice cream, they use Canadian ingredients. Fill your ice cream creation with your favourite toppings from their candy bar.


Their goal at Canelo’s has always been to provide high-quality ice cream at a reasonable price to the community. This is a small family-owned business that would love nothing more than to have you on board. Join in the ice cream crusade.

Customer Reviews:

“Are you one of those who screams for ice-creams? if yes give a shout-out to Canelo’s ice-cream parlor.  Amazing flavors and pockets friendly price and to your surprise they have all the 15 toppings available at no extra cost.Enjoy the Taco Tango!” (Google reviews)

“Truly wondeful!! The atmosphere was so much fun, the staff were friendly and great and the ice cream treats were so delicious and such good value!! Will be back for sure.” (Google reviews)


8- Abbey’s Creations:


Phone: +14034540072

Address: 4703 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0B5

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Whether you like black sesame or sweet fig concoctions, Abbeys Creations will delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more. You can top off your ice cream with berries, nuts or your favourite candy for a quick, portable treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Abbeys Creations will take you to an entirely different level of ice cream. Having worked tirelessly for years, Abbey has created a serene, relaxing space for her customers to enjoy alone or with loved ones and more.

Customer Reviews:

“Great place for a sweet treat! Staff are wonderful too. Lots of great ice cream options. I had durian and young coconut flavours with toasted coconut and it was delicious. Can add unlimited toppings and lots of choices for cones. They also have ice cream cakes, coffees, etc” (Google reviews)

“Super cute ice cream store, all homemade in house!! Super friendly service, offers great recommendations and samples! Defiantly a little on the expensive side but worth every penny :)” (Tripadvisor)

Final Thoughts:

Calgary has many incredible places to get a sundae, soft serve, or something more outrageous if you’re in the mood. Because of the innovative positioning of each shop’s products and customer service, no ice cream business in the city will bore you or disappoint you. Check them out during your time in Calgary!

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