8 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Calgary 2023

Calgary is a vibrant and dynamic city. It is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, top-notch cultural landmarks, and diverse communities. There are many neighborhoods in Calgary from which to choose if you’re thinking about relocating there. Here are eight of the best neighborhoods to live in Calgary:

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Many people in Calgary believe Inglewood to be one of the nicest neighborhoods in which to live. It’s very popular in this area. To meet the market’s demand for new homes, property developers are making significant investments. It is the oldest neighborhood in the entire city and is situated in the center of Calgary. A fort was built here in 1875, and this community grew as a result! Today, Inglewood offers inhabitants a fully integrated neighborhood that includes some of Calgary’s top restaurants, shops, and festivals.


The Beltline and downtown are both easily accessible by car. It also boasts a broad real estate portfolio that includes new townhouses and more, and it is close to the parks and walkways along the Elbow River.

Due to its proximity to downtown and proximity to the Elbow River parks and walkways, Altadore is one of Calgary’s most sought-after neighborhoods for families. The north side of Altadore is home to Marda Loop, a commercial improvement area with more than 100 different restaurants, stores, and services along the streets. This location’s convenience for families to live nearby also adds to the neighborhood’s appeal.

Because of all the aforementioned factors, as well as the incredible amount of youth in the neighborhood, urban professionals who often visit the city center frequently choose Altadore as their community of choice for themselves and their families. According to the City of Calgary’s 2016 Census, 20% of the people in Altadore were under the age of 14, which is somewhat more than the city’s average.


Within ten minutes, downtown may be reached from this inner-city site. Access to the Brentwood C-Train Station is made fast and easy. Along with being close to Nose Hill and the University of Calgary, it is also home to numerous parks.

Because of the post-secondary institutions that make living easy for young adolescents and adults and the public transit system, Brentwood is excellent for families wishing to settle there permanently. Many parks for kids and green areas can be found within Brentwood, which is perfect for those who want to spend time outside while their dog is by their side. Because there are designated neighboring schools in the area or close by, Brentwood is a highly handy place for families to reside and grow old.


In Calgary, Hillhurst is yet another well-liked neighborhood. It is located in Calgary’s central region. There are many infill options for families and young professionals in this Northwest neighborhood, which has nice homes. Areas with large pieces of land in the inner city are becoming more and more in demand as Calgary’s sprawl continues to grow. With direct river access, proximity to downtown, and strong schools, the established area of Hillhurst gives potential purchasers a choice of alternatives to own in inner city Calgary.

Discovery Ridge

From condominiums to semi-estate properties, it has a diverse real estate portfolio. There are numerous parks, paved pathways, and a family-friendly neighborhood there. When it comes to Discovery Ridge, dog lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and those who enjoy the outdoors all have something in common. Meaning, of course, that they all adore it.

In the far southwest of the city, this settlement was hacked out of the dense forest that surrounded the meandering Elbow River. Families at Discovery Ridge have year-round access to unparalleled outdoor leisure and enjoyment thanks to paved walkways installed through the forest and close to the Elbow River.

The Lake Bonavista

The first lake village in Canada, Lake Bonavista, is a wonderful place to raise a family. It is quickly rising to the top of Calgary’s most sought-after suburbs. It is situated in Southeast Calgary, right next to Anderson Road and Deerfoot Trail. This neighborhood consistently receives votes and ratings as one of the best in the city because it is mature, quiet, and well-kept. There are lots of options to choose from, whether you want a lavish lakefront home or a vintage or updated bi-level.


It makes it simple to access the amenities at Creekside and the local strip malls. It is a large neighborhood with connected parks and paved walking paths. For both public and catholic designations, there are local schools. It is a youthful, family-friendly community.

Calgary’s north neighborhood is home to the award-winning neighborhood of Evanston. Evanston’s pristine rolling prairie setting is the ideal place for families to grow with one another over the years. It is home to thousands of residential homes, ranging from more affordable townhomes to semi-estate single-family properties.

Evanston makes it simple for young children to engage with one another by providing several parks and linking walkways across the many subdivisions of the city. Throughout the year, these pathways are great for outdoor recreation and leisure. Three schools, a lively business district, seven playgrounds, 16 green areas, and more may be found in Evanston today. It’s no surprise that Evanston is one of Calgary’s top neighborhoods for families.


Beltline is regarded as the city’s beating heart, one of the greatest places to live if you value living in the downtown area and being close to your place of employment. The great inner-city neighborhood is constantly bustling. It can be found in Calgary’s downtown area on the southern side. Many people, particularly young professionals, adore this area. This incredibly well-liked neighborhood is crammed with shopping, amenities, gyms, yoga studios, and nightlife.

With a variety of diverse and energetic neighborhoods to choose from, Calgary is generally a great city to live in. Calgary has a variety of communities to choose from, whether you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood or an upscale and trendy neighborhood.

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