Top 15 Best Plant Stores in Calgary

Plants have a lot of benefits for people and our planet. They are good for the environment, improve our mental health, and even help us sleep better. Not to mention, growing and caring for plants can be very therapeutic.

Indoor plants can provide comfort and happiness to your home. They can be used to spruce up your living space by adding color and décor, all while naturally filtering the air we breathe by removing contaminants. Similarly, outdoor plants can add to the visual appeal of your property, making it more inviting to guests or even help if you are selling your home.

Based on some of the best-sellers, prices, and overall quality of service, we have created a list of the Top 15 Best Plant Stores in Calgary.

1. The Botanist


Phone: (403) 614-6687

The Botanist plant store recently opened in Calgary, NE. The store offers a wide array of indoor plant varieties at affordable prices. The store is not limited only to selling potted plants. They also sell plant accessories and essentials like macrame, ceramic and clay pots, fertilizers, watering cans, propagation tubes and more. The store receives shipping of new plants regularly, so you can be sure to find new plant varieties each time you check out the shop.

The Botanist strives to support other local businesses as well; you can find handcrafted products of small businesses sold within the store like jewellery, greeting cards, candles, crystal-sage bundles, organic perfumes and more! The founder of The Botanist, Meaghan, also donates a portion of her proceeds towards local charity and mutual aid projects. Visit the shop, and you’ll be sure to discover new treasures each time you stop by. Another bonus is that the store is dog-friendly if you visit the shop with your furry friend.

Customer Reviews:

“Great shop with very nice, welcoming, and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of plants for super reasonable prices, and a good amount of other things from local artisans like hand made jewelry. Always getting in new stock so it’s good to revisit!” (Google reviews)

2. The Sunday Shop


Phone: (587) 578-3929

The Sunday Shop is a plant store that can help you with your plant needs, whether you are new to plants or an experienced plant owner. Visit this visually appealing shop filled with wonders that are plant and art-related. In terms of your plant needs, they have everything from plant pots, fertilizers, gardening tools, pesticides and more! This shop also sells locally made goods like candles, bath soaps and salts, puzzles, tote bags, and art prints.


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The Sunday Shop sells many plant varieties, including common house plants, tropical plants, and even rare species of plants!

Customer Reviews:

“Their wide selection included both common varieties and plants I had never seen before. In the back of the store, they have an equally wide variety of pots to choose from and some local art that’s plant-related. The pictures don’t really do it justice, you need to come here and check it out for yourself for the full experience!” (Google reviews)

3. Sprout Calgary Plant Store


Phone: (403) 918-3078

Sprout Calgary is a business that was born out of the pandemic when the owner discovered their passion for growing and caring for plants. The owner of Sprout quickly noticed how plants brought joy and happiness to others as well–as a result, the idea of opening their own plant business was born. Sprout is a fast-growing business that supplies plants to many individuals and businesses in Calgary.

Sprout Calgary also does $5 delivery city-wide, making ordering plants to your home or business simple and cost-efficient. Each week they have new shipping of uncommon plant varieties arriving at their shop, so it is worth it to frequent their store location and see what’s new.

Customer Reviews:

“I highly recommend Sprout Calgary. The customer service is above and beyond! My plants were delivered promptly, and were exactly as advertised. They followed up with me before and even after my order was delivered to make sure I was satisfied.

I also sent a few friends the “about me” page on the website to inspire them with the owner’s entrepreneurship story. Maybe they’ll buy some plants too.” (Google reviews)

4. Canadian Rare Plants Shop


Phone: (403) 464-2316

Dedicated to supplying unusual house plants to Calgary and across Canada, Canadian Rare Plants is the place to browse and order from if you’re searching for unique plants you can’t find at other plant stores. This shop is based in Calgary, but all plants are supplied via their delivery service. Canadian Rare Plants allows Calgary-local customers to shop in-store by request or stop by their location for order pick-up.

Check out the Canadian Rare Plants website to see their selection of rare plants and other plant products. Also, visit their Pristine Flower Shop website for beautiful flower bouquets sold at the exact location!

Customer Reviews:

“I had the opportunity to shop here, it was nothing but positivity. I had some issues with an initial purchase and they wasted no time in helping me. I would recommend Canadian Rare Plants Shop to anyone that asked, their hospitality and plant quality definitely makes it worth it!” (Google reviews)

5. Plant Plant


Phone: (403) 463-8042

Plant Plant is located in Calgary, SE, which opened as a sister store to Plant located in Inglewood, Calgary. Plant Plant is focused on innovation, creativity, and design as it is a studio space combined with a garden centre. Plant Plant is filled with all the plant essentials, including indoor and outdoor plant varieties, seeds, fertilizers, tools, watering cans, pots, and more. The store has its own greenhouse for plant production and outdoor gardening space for the warmer months.


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Check out the Plant Plant website to see what workshops they offer and learn more tips on how to propagate, grow, arrange, and care for your plants and flowers.

Customer Reviews:

“Very helpful for a newbie to live plants. I got sorted with exactly what I needed. I also asked if I could pay them to pot some plants I just picked up from Ikea. They obliged and didn’t charge me anything. Great service and nice touch at the end of the experience!” (Google reviews)

6. Floraworx


Phone: (587) 507-8077

Floraworx is located in Calgary, NW, and sells indoor and outdoor plants, pampas, and fresh or dried flowers. The team at Floraworx wishes to share their passion and appreciation for all things botanical. Along with their great plant selection, they also sell plant supplies like pots, watering cans, gardening tools, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Floraworx also offers workshops to teach new and experienced plant owners creative ways to spruce up their living spaces using botanicals. The shop also features items for sale like plant-related books, puzzles, home décor, art prints, handcrafted soaps and more. And for an added bonus, Floraworx is dog-friendly, so you can come to explore their store and bring your furry friend along.

Customer Reviews:

“Love this boutique store! Stylish and unique plants and arrangements that you won’t find at your regular plant shop. Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable as well. Highly recommend!” (Google reviews)

7. Plant


Phone: (403) 585-4226

The Plant is a store located in Inglewood, Calgary. The store has a lot of character and aesthetic appeal that match the arts and culture of Inglewood. Plant’s mission is to connect its customers to the natural world through owning and caring for plants. Plant started as a grassroots business that built itself using passion and innovation. Today, Plant is an integral part of the plant community. They sell a variety of indoor and outdoor plants at affordable prices and plant accessories like pots, planters, macrame, watering cans, and more.


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Plant offers workshops to teach its customers how-tos related to plant care and home décor, such as caring for and making terrariums, vessels, arrangements, floral jars, and more. They also sell handcrafted goods, art, greeting cards, jewellery and other plant-themed accessories.

Customer Reviews:

“THEY HAVE EVERYTHING when it comes to plant. It’s really a one-stop store for all your plant needs, from clay pots, pebbles, soils, mosses, seeds, and different kinds of indoor/outdoor plants! Staff were great and always ready to help with your inquiries.” (Google reviews)

8. Golden Acre Home & Garden


Phone: (403) 274-4286

Golden Acre Home & Garden is a nursery and garden centre well-known as a one-stop-shop for all things plant-related. The store carries indoor plants like succulents, cacti, flowers, and tropicals. They also have multiple outdoor plant varieties, including shrubs, trees, annuals, and perennials. They sell plant-related essentials like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, pots, planters, watering cans, gardening tools and more.

Golden Acre Home & Garden has an option to shop their products online and offers local pick-up and deliveries. They also feature how-to and blog sections on their website for more information related to caring for your house plants and garden.

Customer Reviews:

“Always like going here and seeing what they have in stock. They always seem to have the largest stock and variety in town. I recommend a visit if you are missing the green and colors in your life!” (Google review)

9. Garden Retreat


Phone: (403) 255-7097

Garden Retreat in Calgary is slightly different compared to other plant stores in the city. This business is unique because they not only sell plants and garden supplies but are also retailers and builders of greenhouses for local Calgarian residents as well. If you are looking for help with building a greenhouse on your property, this is the business to call. They also have supplies for indoor plant growing and MaxiKap self-watering planters.


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Garden Retreat sells gardening and plant-related accessories on a larger scale, with bigger planters, pots, watering cans, tools, barrels, pesticides, fertilizers, and more! Also check out their selection of indoor and outdoor plants, herbs, tomato and pepper plants, fruit or vegetable seeds, and much more.

Customer Reviews:

“I have purchased gardening supplies from this business for 20 years. They supply plants, but also sell maxikap hydroculture containers and even greenhouses. I have used the maxikap system for 20 years to grow tomatoes and cucumbers.” (Google reviews)

10. Plantation Garden Centre


Phone: (403) 277-4769

Plantation Garden Centre sells many varieties of plants, trees, shrubs, and plant-related accessories including pots, watering cans, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, tools, and more. They have a large property with an outdoor garden centre and greenhouse where they keep most of their botanicals.


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Plantation Garden Centre has natural goods to take home for every season of the year. In spring they have a large selection of greenery, flowers, indoor and outdoor plants. In summer they sell sunflowers, flowers, herbs, and popular indoor and outdoor plants. In fall they sell pumpkins and dried arrangements. And in winter they sell wreaths, winter arrangements, and Christmas trees. Plantation Garden centre has seasonal plants and goods that are reasonably priced all year-round.

Customer Reviews:

“Great selection of annuals, perennials, and indoor plants. I found plants here that I couldn’t find at the larger garden centers. Also, the helpful and friendly staff are very knowledgeable about plants and gardening. I’m so glad I discovered this place!” (Google reviews)

11. The Sunroom Plant Shop Inc.


Phone: (403) 836-6267

The Sunroom Plant Shop is an online shopping option for pick up and delivery orders of plant essentials in Calgary. If you are searching for a place to buy some new plants or add to your already vast collection, the Sunroom has affordable and aesthetically appealing options for plants, planters, arrangements, and giftware. They also sell seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, tools, accessories, plant books, plant care kits and more.

The Sunroom Plant Shop also expanded its creativity and entrepreneurship by transforming a retro school bus into an aesthetically pleasing mobile greenhouse. The bus has a completely customized interior design, while the exterior was revamped using light green paint and white plant decals–it is a bus that is unlike any traditional yellow school bus which we are accustomed to seeing and is sure to catch your eye. You can find their mobile plant bus, named Ray, stationed at various local Calgary markets throughout the year.

Customer Reviews:

“I was always hesitant about ordering plants online but because of The Sunroom Plant Shop I am addicted. The plants are always delivered quickly and in amazing condition. Never a bad experience when you order from here.” (Google reviews)

12. Cobblestone Garden Centre


Phone: (403) 273-4760

Cobblestone Garden Centre located in Calgary, SE, is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on environment-friendly practices, fair trade, and fundraising in their community. They value their long-time customer base and are dedicated to providing quality services and products. Cobblestone Garden Centre sells more than just plants and botanicals, they also have a large inventory of pots, planters, gardening tools, soils, fertilizers, rocks, fruit or vegetable seeds, and more.

Cobblestone Garden Centre is a place to check out for any of your indoor plant growing or outdoor gardening needs.

Customer Reviews:

“I love this place, the staff are super friendly and so knowledgeable. They also have a great variety of both indoor and outdoor plants and many other items. I will definitely be back and I definitely recommend trying this garden center out” (Google reviews)

13. Spruce It Up Garden Centre


Phone: (403) 201-7525

Spruce It Up Garden Centre is one of the largest garden centres in Calgary. They are a plant and garden business geared towards providing products and services for outdoor gardening needs year-round. They offer landscape design and installation services, lawn care and fertilizer application, and tree and shrub maintenance by certified arborists.

Spruce It Up Garden Centre also has a storefront and greenhouse to grow indoor and outdoor plant varieties, including tropicals, perennials, and annuals. They also sell other goods like ceramic and clay pots, fruit and vegetable seeds, and plant-related essentials. Also, check out their gift shop for sage bundles, incense, candles, home decor, crystals, art, abalone smudge shells, posters, and more!

Customer Reviews:

“Spruce It Up has a wide variety of plants, gardening tools, and decor for both the outdoors as well as the indoors! The staff are knowledgeable and can help you with any questions you may have about anything to do with gardening!” (Google reviews)

14. Atelier Secret Kokedama!


Phone: (403) 999-8618

What is a Kokedama? It is the Japanese garden art of forming the roots of a plant using mud, clay, and soft green moss into a ball; the result is an organic “pot” for your Plant. Kokedamas is a unique and beautiful display piece for your living space or business. It is essential to understand the different and complex needs of plants to create Kokedamas that will keep your Plant alive. Atelier Secret Kokedama! is one of the only Calgary-based companies that sell these garden art pieces.


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Atelier Secret Kokedama! is a local business in north Calgary that creates and sells Kokedama arrangements. The prices of Kokedama run slightly higher than standard potted plants since they are a rare art form and not easy to come by. The pieces sold at Atelier Secret Kokedama! are one-of-a-kind. Atelier Secret Kokedama! also offers workshops to teach others how to make Kokedamas as well. It is worth it to check out the unique creations this business has to offer!

Customer Reviews:

“I love my Kokedama’s! They’re unique, beautiful and easy to care for. Cece is really knowledgeable and she can help you find the perfect varietal for your space. A Kokedama is the perfect gift for loved ones, or adding a unique aesthetic to your home.” (Google reviews)

15. Greengate Garden Centre


Phone: (403) 256-1212

Greengate Garden Centre is a family-operated business in Calgary, SW, established in 1997. They are a large garden centre that supplies plant-related goods and services to Calgarians. Greengate Garden Centre dedicates itself to donating, sponsoring, and supporting organizations that protect our environment and other important charities and causes over the years.


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Greengate Garden Centre has a massive inventory of plants, flowers, seeds, gardening tools, pots, planters, and more garden accessories. They also sell BBQs and related goods such as spices, cooking utensils, smoking chips, and more to meet your grilling needs. Greengate Garden Centre has all the products to suit your indoor and outdoor plant-related needs.

Customer Reviews:

“This garden center has been here FOREVER and for good reason, they are amazing at what they do. So much to see here, and if they don’t have it you don’t need it. Ultra passionate gardeners work here so if you have questions or need advice this is the place to be.” (Google reviews)

Final Thoughts:

Plants have a great deal of advantages for individuals and our planet. They are really great for the climate, work on our psychological wellness, and even assist us with resting better. Indoor plants can give solace and satisfaction to your home. Likewise, open air plants can add to the visual allure of your property, making it more welcoming to visitors or even assistance assuming you are selling your home.

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A part-time writer for Rated Viral, Breanne currently attends university in Calgary and is planning to become a social worker. In her spare time, she participates in charity events and Indigenous activism.

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