12 Best Psychologists in Calgary

We are living a very challenging life nowadays and there are times when moving on is nearly impossible. The overbearing pressure and overwhelming depression make it unbearable for some of us. Whether it is the death of someone or the constant feeling of stress and anxiety, there is a need for help. Psychologists play a huge role in the management of life issues and stress through their skills and expertise in making others’ lives worth living. Today, we compiled the 12 best psychologists in Calgary to help you better understand and work the problems out. A qualified psychologist is an important and helpful person you must seek in order to get your life back on track.

A top-notch psychologist can assist you in clearing your mind and allows you to manage your stress and phobias the right way. If you’re someone who thinks you or your loved ones have signs of depression and have difficulty in managing life matters, you come to the right place. We’ll provide you with the best-in-class psychology services to help you better understand the process and consequently eliminate life and mental health issues. Psychologists are trained professionals that will build an open, communicative, and strong relationship with you to sort out the possible downfalls in your life. 

With that being said, let’s dive into the list of the 12 best psychologists in Calgary to maximize your mental health and a better life.

1- ShiftGrit – Revolutionary Psychology

Website: shiftgrit.com/

Phone: +1 587 352 6463

Address: 815 17 Ave SW #210, Calgary, AB T2T 0A1, Canada


  • Individual Counselling Services
  • Anxiety & Depression Counseling
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Therapy
  • Health & Work-Life Balance
  • Chronic Burnout & Stress Counselling

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ShiftGrit revolutionized the traditional approach to therapy with its expert and cutting-edge psychologists and clinicians. They know mental health is important and they always strive to be a great listener to their clients. Whether you are searching for a viable behavioural therapy option or suffering from depression, ShiftGrit is the number one recommendation we can provide. They deal with a variety of consultable domains such as individual counselling with the most effective and fruitful sessions you can ever have in your life. The structured therapies are engaging and aid you in figuring out the root causes for a better response to them.

ShiftGrit helps you to take forward steps into your ideal reality with their clinical and therapeutic counselling. The dedicated team of psychologists assists you in every domain, whether it is the anxiety and depression in your life or an unbalanced life. ShiftGrit identifies the root causes of the problem and then decides the most appropriate response. With their extraordinary set of services, you or your loved ones will get rid of the chronic burnout and stress in their life. Anxiety is the main culprit of a disturbed state of mind and ShiftGrit makes sure you no longer suffer from this problem.

What Clients Think?

Thank you Shift for listening and helping. I have to say I have never been so excited to heal. You folks are fantastic! Working with Sarah, Sherise and the whole team has been a true pleasure. Looking forward to many more sessions. (Google Reviews)

Shift has excellent customer service, they are receptive to feedback, and they take an innovative approach to therapy. The bilateral stimulations may be too intense for some people, depending on where you’re at and especially if you have a history of trauma. I personally found the therapy became overwhelming. If you’re feeling stuck, Shift could be your answer! (Google Reviews)

2- Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services

Website: supportingwellness.com/

Phone: +1 888 622 8350

Address: 8989 Macleod Trail SW #409, Calgary, AB T2H 0M2, Canada


  • Marriage & Divorce Counselling
  • Individual & Indigenous Counselling
  • Depression & Anxiety Sessions
  • Brain-spotting & Neurofeedback Services
  • Electro-Equiscope & Psychologist Consultations

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Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services is delivering a compassionate and effective psychologist’s service in Calgary. They offer a very diverse range of counselling sessions on all the major issues related to one’s life. The staff of professional and well-talented minds will help you seek real peace in your life by addressing your needs. The soothing sessions of counselling and consultations provide fruitful and beneficial results, whether you need individual counselling or marriage consultation. Moreover, the list is just not limited to that, as they are experts in providing real value for your time and money.

Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services possess psychologists from a very diverse background to help you move forward happily. Choose the right psychologist depending on what you need to get your life back on track. With hundreds of delighted clients progressing in their lives, this popular psychologist service is at your service in Calgary. Their specialty services are worth mentioning in terms of providing your brain a rejuvenating boost with their effective therapies. Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services use noninvasive and safe EMDR and Electro-Equiscope technologies to eliminate the pain and inflammation of the body using the electrotherapeutical approach.

What Clients Think?

I’m sharing a review of the Electo-Equiscope services performed by Erica Andris. Erica provides a very holistic approach to treatments. I have only been a few times now, but am already noticing improvements in a chronic area of pain. I always leave feeling that I have more mobility and less pain, which for someone with chronic pain is a true blessing. (Google Reviews)

The time that Kate and the team spend making sure you are matched with the most compatible person for you, and the tools supplied to make sure you are set up for success before, during and after each session has been incredible. They truly do support wellness, and I am so grateful to have had these people on my team, especially over the last two years! (Google Reviews)

3- Refresh Counselling

Website: refreshcounselling.ca/

Phone: +1 403 991 7335

Address: 4039 Brentwood Rd NW #224, Calgary, AB T2P 1L1, Canada


  • Teen & Child Counselling
  • Family Life Consultation
  • Individual Supportive Therapy 
  • Couples & Marriage Counselling 
  • Online Booking & In-person Consultations
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Get ready to meet the team of some of the best psychologists available in Calgary. The registered provisional psychologists at Refresh Counselling are all you need to get rid of the sadness in your life. Offering a variety of life-benefiting services, they held the grounds in Calgary with effort and perseverance. If you’re considering yourself incapable of handling life challenges and feeling weak, this is your go-to place. They handle each individual separately, listen and choose the best possible line of therapy. You’ll be amazed to see their safe, caring, and supportive effects after the therapies offered by Refresh Counselling.

Refresh Counselling offers marriage and couple counselling to make your relationship healthy and worth living. The continuous struggles and irritations can put a negative impact on your family and yourself. Make sure you don’t have to force yourself in deciding what’s better for you with the live and relaxing sessions offered by Refresh Counselling. Besides, professional psychologists also offer necessary future and career consultations for children and teenagers. Free yourself from the harshness and depression by contacting Refresh Counselling today.

What Clients Think?

If you are looking for a psychologist who not only genuinely cares about her clients but also take time to think about and suggest pragmatic and appropriate ideas, Karyn is your person. She is comfortable in her knowledge and role to know when to advise and when to suggest other outlets to explore. She is easy to talk to, and not afraid of speaking up to challenge my thinking when the moment requires it. Highly recommend. (Google Reviews)

Robyn in an amazing therapist, so caring and compassionate. She does a great job of offering a new perspective to your situation. Best Counselling in Calgary! Absolutely stellar therapists that can help guide in any need. (Google Reviews)

4- Grit Psychology & Counseling

Website: gritpsychology.com/

Phone: +1 587 602 0975

Address: 2816 11 St NE Unit 303, Calgary, AB T2E 7S7, Canada


  • Online Counselling & Individual Therapy
  • Family Problems & Couple Counselling
  • Psychological Assessment Services
  • Children’s Therapy and Career Consultations
  • Trauma, Anxiety & Depression Treatment
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Take back the control of your life with Grit Psychology & Counseling services. We included this popular psychologist in Calgary because of their excellent approach to delivering genuine therapies. With just a few sessions, you’ll feel the change in your life by slowly eliminating the causes of your static life. The trained professionals deal with all kinds of behavioural and psychological problems to provide you with the best-in-class therapies and cures. If you want to have a look and try this amazing psychologist’s service, book a free consultation today.

Grit Psychology & Counseling takes special notes on the marital and children’s supporting therapies. The negative effects of an unsuccessful marriage can put devastating effects on the health of children. The super-friendly and caring psychologists will thoroughly listen and analyze your situation to determine how to make everything fruitful in your life. You no longer feel the recurring trauma disturb you anymore and feel lively and happy again. The compassionate therapies offered by Grit Psychology & Counseling are high-speed with a great success rate.

What Clients Think?

Cara has a true gift, and it’s obvious she found the right profession. She knows the right questions to ask, and equips you with tools and strategies to work through your unique problems. I always leave each visit feeling lighter, happier and more balanced. Highly recommend her! (Google Reviews)

Ramee is an excellent psychologist. Knowledgeable, professional, kind and passionate. I am so greatly I found him to help me coping with my mental issues. I highly recommend him to anyone. (Google Reviews)

5- Simply Counselling Services

Website: simplycounsellingservices.com/

Phone: +1 587 226 7584

Address: 70 Country Hills Landing NW suite 108, Calgary, AB T3K 2L2, Canada


  • Regular Simply Support Sessions
  • Individual Counselling Services
  • Family & Couple Counselling
  • Occupational Therapy Sessions
  • Indigenous Population & Group Therapies
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Simply Counselling Services believe in teamwork and simplicity to get back the life you always wanted to live. Taking care of your mental health is the key to a healthy personal and social life. This is one of the best psychologists that deepens its route on the grounds of Calgary with the exceptional set of services. Booking your first appointment takes no time and you’ll have an opportunity to get the utmost support from the most qualified psychologists. Besides, the sessions don’t go harsh on your budget and offer you additional benefits of the quality service with better cost-effectiveness.

Simply Counselling Services has a core belief in setting your life standards to the highest. The professionals strive to maximize the identification of your inner strengths to use them for your advantage. The appointment and counseling area has a serene and peaceful environment to address your life problems. Every client is invited with firm support to build a deep relationship for better problem-solving. No matter if you want individual counseling or are stuck in managing relations, Simply Counselling Services is there to help you in every way possible.

What Clients Think?

Jenna and her team offer a welcoming environment and really take the time to connect with you to ensure your needs and goals are heard. They provide simple and concrete strategies to support you. Simply Counselling Services is an asset to our community and as a health care professional, I am so grateful to have them as a resource for our families. (Google Reviews)

Kristin has been so amazing in her work with our family. Kristin is genuinely kind, caring, and compassionate. She was able to quickly build a trusting relationship with our teenage daughter. Kristin has been instrumental in the development of better communication skills within our home. Our daughter’s problem-solving abilities and self-confidence have improved as a direct result of her/our sessions. Thank you, Kristin! (Google Reviews)

6- Flourish Psychological services 

Website: flourishpsychology.ca/

Phone: +1 403 910 5866

Address: 11420 27 St SE #307, Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6, Canada


  • Effective Individual Counselling
  • Communicative Teen Therapy
  • Excellent Child Counselling
  • Marriage Matters & Couple Counselling
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Everything they do at Flourish Psychological Services has the goal of providing high-quality and effective therapy for a better life. They have the most qualified psychologists in all the major domains. The reason we included Flourish Psychological Services in our list is their modern and evidence-based therapy methods that are fruitful in eliminating confusion. The collaborative approach, coupled with a very positive attitude, lets you enjoy your life again to the fullest and best. Flourish Psychological Services believes the benefits of the healing process by their therapists have brought joy to the lives of countless clients.

Flourish Psychological Services is working hard since 2011 and introduce its counseling services in individual, couple, and child therapies. They are no doubt one of the best psychologists in Calgary to strengthen your confidence in life. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, loneliness, and other mental health issues, you must book an appointment & pay a visit to this place. The pre-marital, and couple problems will no longer bother you after taking research-based couple therapy sessions. In today’s age, many children and teens suffer from anxiety, school avoidance, and ADHD. Flourish Psychological Services makes sure your child gets the best care and support to nurture better in life.

What Clients Think?

My psychologist Julia D. Was amazing during the darkest times in my life. She helped me through anxiety, depression, and though two near fatal incidents. She’s always calm and understanding, even if you aren’t. Her experience with working in hospital and private patients is invaluable. I can’t say enough good about them and recommend them with all my being. (Google Reviews)

I had a great experience here. I really appreciate the insight, flexibility, professionalism, expertise and overall care. Highly recommend… for anyone and everyone. Thank you! (Google Reviews)

7-Dr. Crowhurst – Calgary Psychologist

Website: drcrowhurst.com/

Phone: +1 403 370 2225

Address: 1716 16 Ave NW #310, Calgary, AB T2M 0L7, Canada


  • Profound Depression Counselling
  • Relationship Problems Therapies
  • Low Self-esteem & Inadequacy Sessions
  • Anxiety Addressing Issues & Loneliness
  • Behavioral & Eating Disorder Counselling
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Dr. Brenton Crowhurst is the name you can trust in terms of providing the leading psychologist services in Calgary. The successful practice by Dr. Crowhurst is a mixture of valuable knowledge and vast clients’ experience. You can eliminate all the hustles of your life related to your anxieties and confidence problems by taking the sessions. Based on the client information, Dr. Crowhurst develop the sessions that are rewarding and proved to be the most effective. You’ll be amazed to see the change after removing the major obstacles in your life and be a mentally sound person again.

Dr. Crowhurst has excellent communication skills in developing mutual trust between his clients. If you or your loved ones are suffering from low self-esteem and depression, this is your go-to place. The specially designed private therapies help you to counter the eating disorders and bring a new and vibrant change in your life. Your relationship problems and problematic marriage life is no longer a problem with Dr. Crowhurst’s unique approach to identifying the root causes and developing the best correction plan.

What Clients Think?

Dr. Crowhurst is a genuine and caring practitioner, I was in a really bad spot, a very dark and lonely place. Thanks to his help, I learned a lot about myself and how I have the power in myself to make my life as good as I want it to be. This man saved my life, if he had not, I would have attempted to kill myself again. Thank you Dr. Crowhurst, I look forward to our future sessions. (Google Reviews)

Dr. Crowhurst has been my Doctor since Sept.01. That’s a long time. Over the course of that time, we’ve worked through just about every accepted therapeutic style. Why? Because now I can say that I am a beautiful person & have the right to exist. That remarkable realization is opening multiple paths of possibility I had no idea existed. (Google Reviews)

8- Moroz Child Psychology Group

Website: morozchildpsychology.com/

Phone: +1 403 541 1199

Address: 10 Discovery Ridge Hill SW #822, Calgary, AB T3H 5X2, Canada


  • Typical & Gifted Child Assessments
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments
  • Social Development Sessions
  • Anxiety & Emotional Regulation Counselling
  • Depression & Learning Disabilities Treatments
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Moroz Child Psychology Group brings top-notch and comprehensive psychological services for your beloved child. The instantly welcoming and accepting environment is what makes them special. The trained psychologists show complete and utmost interest in assessing the possible causes and correction methodologies for why your child is lagging. Moroz Child Psychology Group strives hard in developing a better and healthy bond between children with their parents. They go above and beyond to make sure your child receives the best care and treatments for a healthier life.

Moroz Child Psychology Group defines its services starting from the assessment of the situation towards the corrections and treatments. The professional and super-friendly psychologist will assist your child is getting the best care even if he or she is suffering from severe anxiety & depression. We know children are unable to communicate with their parents nowadays due to the weak bond between them. Moroz Child Psychology Group is there to investigate the intellect functioning and impulsivity issues to determine the best possible care and treatment. Visit Moroz Child Psychology Group today to see your child happier and motivated in his or her personal and social life.

What Clients Think?

Kelly helped me out during a very difficult and confusing time in my life. I was 14 at the time and this was 10 years ago. He truly went the extra mile with me and I looked forward to seeing him. Very kind, thoughtful, and gave me skills that helped shape me to be who I am today. There is no way I can truly give back what I received from the Moroz Group. (Google Reviews)

One of the best psychologists in the city. 

Excellent diagnostic support, school support and family support. Kelly and his team go the extra mile with every family they deal with. (Google Reviews)

9- Assured Psychology

Website: assuredpsychology.com/

Phone: +1 403 910 7677

Address: 301 14 St NW Office #303, Calgary, AB T2N 2A1, Canada


  • Trauma, Anxiety & Depression Counselling
  • Personal Growth Sessions
  • Men Issues & Sex therapies
  • General Stress & Work-Life Balance Counselling
  • Relationships & Couple Counselling
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Assured Psychology makes you feel good about the process with the very positive therapy experience you could ever imagine. The team brings the best-in-class psychology services in Calgary with their many years of clinical and psychological experience. They use compassionate and insightful ways to develop the best treatments for you or your loved ones. No matter if you want help in your personal or married life, you can rely on Assured Psychology. Their goal is to help you achieve what you want in life and move forward with a boosted confidence.

Assured Psychology is specialized to deliver its services in all the major life issue areas. Your suffering and trauma pain will no longer be a hurdle in your life with excellent consultation and counseling. If there is a general discontent in your life, Assured Psychology will identify it and enables you to eliminate it from your life. They are excellent at providing sessions for more fruitful and effective personal growth. There are times when men need to discuss their problematic matters but are very hesitant to speak up. Assured Psychology’s trained psychologist will listen to the issues you’re facing and develop the best regimen to boost your low self-esteem.

What Clients Think?

Dan is a strong, kind and transparent therapist who relentlessly works to support his clients understand and navigate the most complex emotions and situations in their lives. His empathy and personal qualities of curiosity, compassion, and determination greatly add to his many years of counseling experience. Wonderful therapist, I very highly recommend him. (Google Reviews)

Dan is an experienced therapist who takes the time to genuinely connect and care for all of his clients. I have valued the way he can see different possibilities and solutions that I could not. Great choice for a therapist! (Google Reviews)

10- Southport Psychology

Website: southportpsychology.com/

Phone: +1 403 252 4056

Address: 10201 Southport Rd SW Suite 830, Calgary, AB T2W 4X9, Canada


  • Psychological Assessment
  • Behavioral Therapy sessions
  • Diagnosis & Rehabilitation Recommendations
  • Panic & Trauma Pain Counselling
  • Relationship Issues & Child Behavior Counselling
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Southport Psychology brings the most formal and specialized assessments and services to its clients in Calgary. Anxiety and mood disorders are a big hurdle in the progress of someone and Southport Psychology makes sure you no longer suffer from that. They are a team of qualified and professional psychologists that not only assist you but strive to make your life better and livelier. The learning disorders and developmental disabilities of your child need special care from Southport Psychology’s best-in-class services and therapies. They are experts in evaluating the cognitive brain functions and vocational aptitudes to develop their specialized sessions.

Most of us always face hurdles and unforgettable events in our lives. Southport Psychology makes sure you no longer suffer from the pressure-induced by these events. By developing a healthy bond with their clients, they consider the therapies that are rewarding and up-to-the-mark. Say goodbye to the anxiety and depression and welcome a new life with a positive attitude and progressive methodologies. The relationship issues, child’s behavior, and substance abuse no longer bother you in life after booking a comprehensive session with Southport Psychology.

What Clients Think?

Lori is a wonderful person to greet you and ‘check you in’, she’s always happy to chat and very thoughtful to bring you a glass of water or coffee. The atmosphere in the common/waiting area is of relaxing soft background music, comfortable seating, reading materials, coloring books for the children (or adults, if you like :)) and a modern fireplace in the center and artwork on the walls completing the ambiance. (Google Reviews)

I have been a patient of Dr. Putsch for several years now. As we all do, I have encountered a number of setbacks in my life while dealing my anxieties and the overall care of my mental health. This extraordinary therapist has been able to help me conquer several uncomfortable issues that have plagued me over the past. His calm and professional expertise have been invaluable to me. He is always available for me when in need. (Google Reviews)

11- Maria Schmid & Partners

Website: mariaschmid.ca/

Phone: +1 403 801 4839

Address: 404 8 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3K1, Canada


  • Private & Confidential Counselling
  • ADHD, PTSD & Autism Assessments
  • General Wellness & Financial Counselling
  • Pre-marriage & Couple Counselling
  • Anxiety, Grief & Stress Management Therapies
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Meet Maria Schmid & Partners, the best and outclass psychological service providers in Calgary. With an impressive and professional team, they can provide quality assessments in all psychological matters. If you have any close person suffering from autism, motor vehicle accidents, and trauma, contact Maria Schmid & Partners today. They have vast clinical expertise in terms of general wellness counseling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maria Schmid & Partners will relive the mental illness by making you quit all of the unhealthy lifestyle habits and addictions. Let them be your greatest motivator and see the dramatic changes yourself.

Maria Schmid & Partners are experts in providing parenting issues and strategic counseling to make parenting a rewarding and joyous experience. The overwhelming trauma, stress, and depression will start getting eliminated from your life the moment you take your first session. Maria Schmid & Partners also introduce pre-marriage and couple counseling in sorting out the matters commonly affecting marital life. The pain of losing someone can be lifelong and needs to get addressed with proper therapy sessions at this popular psychologist in Calgary. Get in touch with Maria Schmid & Partners to help you top up your life with joy and comfort.

What Clients Think?

We commend Maria for her professionalism and knowledge. She’s kind, patient and always accommodating to our schedule. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for family counseling. (Google Reviews)

Maria is a wonderful counsellor. She was very professional and I wouldn’t dream of going to someone else. Highly recommended. (Google Reviews)

12- Viewpoint Calgary Psychological Services

Website: viewpointcalgary.ca/

Phone: +1 403 283 8773

Address: 1632 14 Ave NW #221, Calgary, AB T2N 1M7, Canada


  • Addiction & Anxiety Counselling
  • Chronic Pain & Grief Therapy
  • Family & Child Counselling
  • Relationship & Parenting Assessments
  • Self-Esteem Boosting Sessions
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Your life deserves the utmost care and Viewpoint Calgary Psychological Services are professionals to deliver this care. No matter if you want to get counseling on your life goals or suffer from mental health issues, everything will be dealt with great care and knowledge. Viewpoint Calgary Psychological Services is an affordable option if you are looking for a top-notch psychologist in Calgary. They offer numerous services related to life matters and concerns associated with anxiety and depression. Addictions and chronic pain destroy lives and there must be a need for qualified psychologists to eliminate them.

Viewpoint Calgary Psychological Services help a countless number of families with parenting and child counseling services. Children are our future and they can be the best versions of themselves with proper career consultation and behavioral therapies. If you have a fear of speaking and low self-esteem, this is one of the best psychologists to tackle and improve your quality of life. The depression of aging behind is killing one’s confidence just like conflicts in marriages and relationships. With the assistance of Viewpoint Calgary Psychological Services, you’ll have a steady and progressing life with minimum stress.

What Clients Think?

Viewpoint Calgary Psychological Services is amazing! 

They have helped my children overcome anxiety and have taught them how to build their confidence. I cannot say enough good things about the treatment my children have received. I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking psychological services to go to Viewpoint!! (Google Reviews)

Viewpoint conducted an evaluation of my son to help identify his respective strengths and weaknesses. My son was put at ease by her, and the report and follow up interview to discuss results was tremendously insightful. I would strongly recommend her for any cognitive evaluation dealing with children. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

Experiencing pain and depression can be stressful and make you hopeless in life. Nowadays, constant workloads and relationship stress are a getting common among people. Calgarians are lucky to have some top-class psychologists to make their life easier and better. If you’re looking for a qualified psychologist for yourself or your loved one, our list of the 12 best psychologists in Calgary is what you need. These psychologists deal with their clients professionally by listening, assessing, and evaluating the possible outcomes for your social and personal problems and recommend the outclass therapy and consultations.

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