Top 6 Best Tasty Tacos in Calgary

Best Tasty Tacos in Calgary: Tacos are one of the best-known Mexican specialties. All people, who come from or have been to Mexico, know how hard it can be to find a good place for tacos. One can peacefully walk hand-in-hand with his/her sweetheart in tow and stop at some taqueria for a quick bite of a tasty taco. Taco Contessa Calgary creates authentic tacos made of the finest ingredients for you. A taco can get from so-many places in Calgary, but the all-time great tacos are available on the six given below spots. These spots have something unique to offer while you are craving them, and they make fantastic tacos among all.

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1-ConMi Tacos:


Phone: +15878907192

Address: 821 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 7N2

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In a town full of excellent eateries, ConMi Taco stands out. Its menu is filled with tacos made of different kinds of meats and vegetables, like chili braised beef or roasted eggplant. The restaurant offers not only tacos but also burritos and flan.



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The taco shells are made of fried tortillas, which make them unique. Also, the restaurant has a delivery service that works very well in case you want to order from it and then take the food home with you.

Customer Review:

“Best- tastiest- most authentic tacos in town. I can’t say enough good things. Everything, and I mean everything is top notch and made in house. So much passion for great tacos! I highly recommend stopping by.” (Google review)


2-Costa Vida:


Phone: +14036685398

Address: 4700 130 Ave SE #503, Calgary, AB T2Z 4E7

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Dining at Costa Vida is always a pleasant experience. The staffs are courteous and friendly. Whether you want to have a light snack or an extravagant dinner, Costa Vida will have something for you.



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They have crispy tacos served with a colourful array of garnishes, while the enchiladas come sizzling on a hot grill in just minutes. Their burritos are also vast and tasty! You will be satisfied with the food when you eat at this restaurant!

Customer Review:

“I usually go here at least 3-4 times a month for lunch. The food is so good seems quite fresh from what I can tell. Very friendly staff I honestly think its the best Mexican food in the south of Calgary for sure.” ( Google Review).

3-Anejo Resturant:


Phone: +15873532656

Address: 2116 4 St SW #2, Calgary, AB T2S 1W7

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Anejo restaurant is the best-selling restaurant with more than 2k reviews as it has the magic of old Mexican north. It offers the best tequila, and fresh-made food. Anejo Restaurant comes up with a great menu of Baja fish tacos, which will make you addicted to it. You can order 21+ items to enjoy its flavours inside your mouth.


Anejo Restaurant is a great place to dine with family and friends. The food is fresh, delicious, and one can get plenty of it. The service was excellent; the staff was fast and very friendly. Anejo is highly recommended to anyone looking for a cozy place to dine at.

Customer Reviews:

Amazing service and great flavors !

They bring you a verity of hot sauces without asking 🔥(Google Review)

4-Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill:


Phone: +14034745667

Address: 1202 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1C3

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Much Burrito fresh Mexican grill is the best modern service hub for tacos. It provides various fillings options, and it has variations in its menu. The reason for variation in the menu is that they prioritize their customers, listen to them, and improve themselves. Better food, kind staff with excellent service.


They have a great taste of food, and they provide you with the best service. The service is quick not to have to wait for their order. They understand their customers’ needs and try to satisfy them.  These tacos are exceptional because they make them in a particular way with unique ingredients.

Customer Reviews:

Really great service and even better food. I really recommend coming here if you have the chance. (Google review)


5-Chilitos Taberna:


Phone: +14032285528

Address: 1309 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0C4

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Chilitos Taberna is a relaxed cantina that offers Mexican eats such as fish tacos and burritos with a patio and whole bar serving. They provide the best outdoor seating and a cozy environment to enjoy the food.


All kinds of tacos, either special shrimp or wet shrimps etc. are delicious and give you home-like feelings—ample menus order food like Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas, and much more. For drinks, they have soft drinks, beer, wine etc. which are best to go along with their food. Large tables are available so that you can enjoy your meal with your family and friends at a very reasonable price.

Customer Review:

Really great happy hour, amazing $4 margs and $3 tacos. The patio was great too nice and warm. Service from our waitress was great. Can’t wait to return. (Google Review)


6-Salt & Pepper:


Phone: +14032474402

Address: 6515 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0E8

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Salt and pepper have been around for 20years in the Bowness neighbourhood location. They serve the best options with your food like live music, watching sports, and are LGBTQ friendly environment and have a great outdoor seating.

The tasty lunch special is served in take-out only for $8. It considers the necessities of all communities there and offers halal food. Further, it has healthy vegetarian options. It is worth visiting this restaurant.

Customer Reviews:

“Great atmosphere, live music, very friendly staff, patient and attentive, the food was very tasty and the price is right! Worth the visit to experience Mexican flavours and hospitality! ( Google review)



It would be worth visiting these restaurants and eating the most popular and delicious tacos out there. You should visit one of these six taco places before you die of starvation!

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