Top 5 Best Thrift Stores in Edmonton

Best Thrift Stores in Edmonton: The best thing about shopping at a thrift store is that you always need to figure out what to find! Find a new outfit or home décor in Edmonton’s unique second-hand shops, whether you’re looking for clothing or home décor. With fall just around the corner, it’s time to update your closet! As the temperature drops, it’s time to wear sweaters and jackets to stay warm. It’s okay if you’re feeling the need to wear more clothes this autumn, but you’re on a tight budget. These thrift stores in Edmonton will help you update your wardrobe for fall without breaking the bank.

Shopping at thrift stores is fun because you can find unique clothing no one else will have. It will also help you save a lot of money and give your closet a more personal touch. Before thrift shopping, you should invite your best friend to join you for a pumpkin spice latte. You can score lots of good-looking new items to wear this season for a fraction of the cost of regular stores by doing a little research.

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1- Edmonton SouthPark Goodwill Thrift Store & Donation Centre:


Phone: +17809440243

Address: 3803 Calgary Trail NW #180, Edmonton, AB T6J 5M8, Canada

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The first Impact Centre of Goodwill is opened in Edmonton. In Canada, this will be the first facility of its kind with 100,000 square feet. An outlet store, a community engagement space, their Commercial Services division, furniture outlet, donation center, warehouse, and recycling center are located in this facility. You can find gently used clothing, household items, sporting equipment, and more at the Thrift Store in Edmonton! Due to Goodwill’s status as a non-profit organization, purchases have no GST.

There are many good thrift shops in Edmonton, but this Goodwill is rated one of the best. They are a local Edmonton non-profit social enterprise focused on positively impacting Albertans with disabilities. Their mission is directly supported with 90% of every dollar they earn.

You give back to the local community in various ways whenever you shop at Edmonton SouthPark Goodwill Thrift Store & Donation Centre. Their mission is to impact the world through social enterprise positively. With the help of Goodwill, individuals with disabilities are provided with meaningful employment opportunities.

Goodwill is proud to serve with you because together, they are more robust and are elevating their mission of creating significant employment for people with disabilities. They need dedicated, ambitious, and hardworking team members to achieve their goals. Their values guide them, including caring and showing it, continuously improving, being accountable, and working together.

What do clients think?

Went in and purchased six dress shirts. Good prices but check items closely for any issues. Tons of sections to shop for items. Lots of staff able to assist. Bring your own bag as they cost .25 cents(Google reviews)

Didn’t get what we were looking for which was portable bedside lamp, but they had quite a handful of lovely lamps, decors, small home appliances, I did check out their clothing and shoes section, quite lovely stuffs they’ve got. Cute long boots and outing shoes for women.(Google reviews)

2- The Salvation Army Thrift Store:


Phone:  +17804518168

Address: 14530 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2P4, Canada

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General William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, was a visionary who made a considerable impact on the world. Founded in the 19th century, General Booth’s Salvation Army met the needs of all people without discrimination in response to social concerns.

National Recycling Operations (NRO), part of The Salvation Army Thrift Store, serve two functions: to generate funds to help The Salvation Army achieve its mission and to influence the communities where the Thrift Store operates positively. With the need for jobs, affordable merchandise, the fear of disease, and the desire to preserve the land, Booth formed the Household Salvage Brigade, a group of men and women collecting unwanted household items.

By operating thrift stores and integrating with The Salvation Army as a whole, they exist to serve as a model of the founder William Booth’s Household Salvage Brigade, which provides practical support to marginalized and excluded members of society. Through their mission to build a safe and welcoming environment for their employees, volunteers, guests, and donors, they are committed to creating a sense of belonging in their shared communities.

What do clients think?

The place offers a great shopping experience especially to those that like exploring thrift stores just like me. I’ve also been at various clothing stores before but thrift stores have this charm and you can definitely find super quality items here. You just have to be patient (and fast). The items were properly arranged and the place was clean too. You would definitely have a great purchase here!(Google reviews)

It was surprising that they have a lot of men’s clothes available since we were expecting to find several women’s clothes. I got a few shirt for my brother who don’t like shopping and was using the same old clothes for long time now. He liked all the shirts I bought him so I’m glad I went here with my friend.(Google reviews)

3- More Than a Fad Thrift Store – Southside


Phone: +17804368662

Address: 6924 68 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 3C5, Canada

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Located in Edmonton’s southeast industrial park south of Argyll & east of 75th street, More Than a Fad Thrift Store are convenient to many of the city’s major routes. It’s more complex than it seems! A total of over 10,000 square feet is devoted to second-hand treasures. Eden Evans, one of Adeara’s support workers, came up with the name for the store. In exchange for the proceeds from selling second-hand clothes on Instagram, Eden created an Instagram account called Adeara.

They have received tremendous support since their launch. In addition to donations and volunteer efforts, they have been blessed by Adara supporters and the Edmonton community at large. Adeara is hopeful about the support and awareness the store will bring, even though it is still new.

Changing lives is more than a fad. Located in Kingsway & Southside in Edmonton, AB, they are a non-profit thrift store. Adeara Recovery Centre in Edmonton provides addiction recovery services directly to women and their children through all profits. In their community, they are committed to giving back to those who are in need. They would love to accept your donations, so drop them off at the door or call when you get here to let them know you’re coming! Then they’ll take you around the back to their loading bay and help you unload your items.

What do clients think?

It was a very nice thrift store here at Edmonton. You can find lots of interesting products here as well aside from their beautiful clothes. You can find adorable home decors as well that would surely look lovely at your home. They have an amazing selection of clothes especially their women’s clothes.(Google reviews)

It was a nice thrift store with great selection of clothes, especially women clothes. What’s amazing is that you can find super quality products here at of course a very low price. You just need patience and eagerness to look for nice clothes because not every item is worth it. I like this place in general since the place and staff were accommodating.(Google reviews)

4- Mission Thrift Store Edmonton 2:


Phone: +17804546400

Address: 11209 149 St, Edmonton, AB T5M 1W6, Canada

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A non-denominational Christian organization, Mission Thrift Store currently operates more than 50 thrift stores across Canada. Their stores offer value-conscious shoppers a wide variety of great products at equally great prices…but there’s also a deeper purpose behind what they do.

Donated goods are converted into cash, then used to fund international programs in over 40 countries worldwide through their joint ministry with Bible League Canada. According to their staff and volunteers, shopping, like everything else in life, has a deeper purpose. With them, value-conscious shoppers can find gently used clothing, household items, and other items at a great price.

When you walk into Mission Thrift Stores without expectations and find precisely what you need at a fraction of what you’d pay at retail, it’s thrilling and uniquely satisfying. Knowing that your purchase is helping support people around the world and in your community is just the icing on the cake! Donating gently used clothing and household goods is an excellent way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills while helping others at the same time.

Both locally and abroad, they sell all donated goods in their stores and use the proceeds to fund their ministries. Their Mission Thrift Stores are staffed mainly by volunteers who are willing to give their time and skills to support the work of their mission.

What do clients think?

Nice, clean and organized store. Friendly welcoming staff. Somewhat like that perfect garage sale you were dreaming of…but didn’t have what you wanted (Google reviews)

I have been a thrift store shopper my whole long life. I loved this place when I found it. Great stuff, clean, and beautiful people working there. Chatting with one I was told she and most of the staff are volunteers. I decided to give it a try. Now I am a regular volunteer. Loving the people and having fun. If your a thrift store shopper check it out.(Google reviews)

5-  MCC Thrift Shop:


Phone: +17804434047

Address: 12343 149 St, Edmonton, AB T5L 3J5, Canada

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The MCC Shop is an affordable and environmentally-friendly way to support a great cause. In addition to finding name-brand items at incredibly low prices, you’ll also reduce landfill waste. As well as supporting the work of the Mennonite Central Committee locally and internationally, the proceeds from your local MCC Shop help support the organization. Almost forty years later, Mennonite Central Committee is proud to have created a network of over 85 shops that generate more than 16 million dollars for their programs each year.


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In someone else’s eyes, a treasure could be an item one person no longer needs. They receive thousands of new items daily in their shops, so you’ll find something new every time you visit. Your house and your life will be stocked with items for every aspect of your life, and you will save money simultaneously. It’s fun to support your community and the world when you spend money at your local MCC Thrift Shop. They are a network of non-profit thrift shops that support the Mennonite Central Committee’s international relief, development, and peace projects.

What do clients think?

My and friend were having a fun drive when we saw this thrift shop, we decided to went inside since we had a lot of free time. We got excited seeing all their available clothes because each seems of high quality. You can choose from different styles and colors and you would surely find something that you will like. We enjoyed our shopping here and purchased a few items. (Google reviews)

I found amazing items here that I am not expecting to find at first. Their products were organized properly and the place has helpful staff as well. I had a great time exploring the several items available. It was like treasure hunting because you might also be surprised by their various products. (Google reviews)

Final Words:

Would it make sense to check out these best thrift stores in Edmonton after you have browsed them? We are on the verge of eradicating the stigma that thrift stores and consignment shops are frumpy and second-rate. ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,’ and these stores ensure that pre-loved clothes get the most use out of their lifespan. One of these places will have the iconic piece you’re looking for.

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