Everything you need to know about XPEL

Everything you need to know about XPEL

What is XPEL?

A transparent, elastomeric polyurethane film called XPEL Paint Protection Film prevents stone chips and light scratches from damaging your automotive paint. Your paint will be protected from stone chips, bugs, minor abrasions, swirl marks, bird droppings, road debris, and contaminants when you use XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF). You can feel confident while enjoying your car with Paint Protection Film – whether on the track, on a country highway, or an unkept road. As opposed to colour change vinyl films, this film was originally designed to prevent excessive wear and tear on helicopter blades. Three-layer XPEL PPF film offers much more protection than vinyl and is much thicker.

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Your car paint will be protected from chips and scratches with XPEL paint protection made from urethane film. Due to its unique design, it offers unmatched clarity and durability, preventing both paint damage and paint coverup. Exposure to heat over time naturally eliminates minor scratches and marks on your car once you apply it.

Moreover, it has a high resistance to stains caused by pollutants, bird droppings, insects, etc. It is safe to say that XPEL protects your car’s appearance no matter where you go, so you don’t have to worry about changing locations. Since the finish is easy to maintain, you will not have to worry about damaging it when washing/drying your car. The smooth finish of your vehicle virtually disappears when XPEL is applied, unlike other flat finish protection alternatives.

Why should people apply Xpel?

XPEL revolutionized the paint protection industry more than a decade ago with the first self-healing paint protection film. A high gloss finish and improved impact resistance mark this newest XPEL film as one of the best on the market.

By protecting your car’s paint with this paint protection film technology, you will be able to cruise along the highway and brush against vegetation without worrying about possible damage. Your car’s paintwork is never likely damaged by bird droppings, oils, or bug acids.

XPEL is helpful for the following reasons:

1- Virtually Invisible:

Especially when trying to preserve the aesthetics of your car, you don’t want your paint protection product to be painfully noticeable when installed on your vehicle. The texture of many other paint protection films can be undesirable (sometimes called “orange peel”). In both gloss and matte options, XPEL Paint Protection Films seamlessly match factory and custom paint finishes, so it is virtually impossible to detect their presence.

2- Self-healing topcoat triggered by heat:

Any light scratches or swirl marks on XPEL paint protection film can be self-healed with a light heat application. Despite how careful you are, light scratches and swirls cannot be avoided while driving your car.

You can use this innovative paint protection film to quickly eliminate scratches from your vehicle while travelling on your daily commute. Your car would have difficulty looking good if you patched its paintwork every time it got a scratch.

Using paint protection film on your vehicle is a great idea to maintain its lustre. Your car will remain shiny throughout the year because its self-healing technology is quick to respond. Additionally, it keeps your car’s surface sparkling for a long time.

3- Resistance to stains:

Several factors can damage an unprotected car, including bugs, acids, bird droppings, oils, UV rays, and tar. Non-yellowing XPEL paint protection films protect your car’s paint colour and keep it vibrant and accurate for a long time. The water splashes on your car’s exterior surface as you drive through a puddle. A vehicle passing through a pool of water and splashing you with it does the same thing. Therefore, it is easy for your car’s exterior surface to become stained.

Your new vehicle will be protected from constant splashes and staining by XPEL paint protection film. Chemical reactions will cause your vehicle’s paintwork to change colour when chemicals or liquids get through the film. The paint protection film on your car will make it easier to remove any stains if they occur. Your vehicle will once again be gleaming because you would simply wipe it clean. XPEL’s smooth, shiny surface makes removing smudges on the surface easy.

4- Edge Seal Technology:

XPEL’s edge seal technology prevents lifting and delamination for the life of your car. This technology holds the paint protection film in place, protecting your car’s surfaces from contamination. With XPEL Paint Protection Film, your car’s paint will stay protected for a long time. A complete seal is provided around the edges of the film, so it won’t peel off over time and let contaminants in. This may not be the case with other paint protection films, resulting in lifting and possible delamination. XPEL would put an end to this problem.

It is possible to extend the life of your paint protection film and further protect your vehicle using the edge seal technology. You can create a complete picture of perfection with the perfect fit along the edges of your car. In addition to enhancing your vehicle’s appearance, it is also a worthwhile investment.

5-Long Lasting Protection:

By adding a layer of hydrophobic clear coat on top of your vehicle’s paint, XPEL Paint Protection Film enhances your vehicle’s water resistance and durability. XPEL adds additional protection by preventing paint scratches and damage caused by road hazards like rocks and debris. Your paint can become more susceptible to further damage due to scratches and dents over time.

6- Preventing your vehicle’s wear and tear:

XPEL paint protection films are not expensive, but constant wear and tear on your automobile’s surface should worry you the most. Your car is exposed to friction and collisions as you drive through cities, highways, and sometimes through the countryside.

Gravel, pebbles, sand, vegetation, and direct sunlight are some of the agents that contribute to this process. Your car will brush against them and get scratched and swirled no matter what you do. As a result, your vehicle’s surface is constantly worn and damaged, and you must spend a lot to keep it shining. The exterior of your car won’t deteriorate as much over time when it’s protected by XPEL paint protection film. As the film covers your vehicle, it prevents scratches from forming when it comes into contact with various abrasives.


With XPEL Paint Protection Film products from Calgary Car Detailing, you can protect your car while also making it look beautiful. At Calgary Car Detailing, you can get Xpel Paint Protection Film installed. Calgary Car Detailing is an authorized installer of 3M and XPEL PPF films in Calgary. The company’s installers are highly skilled and trained, which allows them to deliver high-quality results. Xpel Ultimate Fusion PPF and 3M Scotchgard Pro Series paint protection films offer the strongest protection against scratches and sun damage.

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