25 Cool Facts About Calgary You Should Know

Calgary is known for its natural beauty, friendly locals, and dynamic culture. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 25 cool facts about Calgary that you might not have known, from its Olympic history to its famous landmarks and attractions. Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, these fun facts will help you appreciate all that this great city has to offer. So, let’s dive in and discover some of the coolest things about Calgary!

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1. Location and Waterways

The Bow River is particularly popular for fly-fishing, with its clear waters offering an excellent opportunity to catch trout. The city also boasts several parks along the river, including Prince’s Island Park and Bowness Park, which offer excellent picnic spots and walking trails.

2. The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is more than just a rodeo; it’s a 10-day celebration of western culture and heritage. In addition to the rodeo, which features bull riding, steer wrestling, and barrel racing.

3. The Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower opened in 1968 and has since become one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. In addition to its observation deck, the tower also features a revolving restaurant, which offers stunning views of the city as you dine.

4. Proximity to the Rocky Mountains

Calgary’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains makes it an excellent base for exploring the natural beauty of the region. The mountains are home to several world-class ski resorts, including Banff, Lake Louise, and Canmore, which offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding in North America. In the summer, the mountains are a popular destination for hiking, camping, and mountain biking.

5. The Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames were founded in 1972 and have since become a beloved institution in the city. The team has made two appearances in the Stanley Cup finals, winning the championship in 1989.

6. The Bow Building

The Bow Building is one of the most impressive feats of architecture in Canada, with its curved glass fa├žade reflecting the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

7. Population

Calgary is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, with a population that has more than doubled since 1980.

8. Origin of Name

Calgary’s name comes from the town of Calgary in Scotland, which was the birthplace of the first superintendent of the Northwest Mounted Police, who founded the city in 1875.

9. The Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals from around the world, including pandas, tigers, and gorillas.

10. Diverse Cuisine

Calgary’s food scene is as diverse as its population, with a wide range of restaurants and eateries serving cuisine from around the world.

11. Nightlife

The city is home to several live music venues, including the Palomino Smokehouse and the Ironwood Stage and Grill, which showcase both local and international talent.

12. The Calgary Tower Glass Floor

Visitors can stand on the transparent floor and look straight down to the ground 525 feet below. It’s a thrilling experience that offers a unique perspective of the city.

13. The Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum is one of Canada’s largest museums, featuring over a million artifacts and artworks. The museum’s collections include Western and Indigenous art, historical documents, and military memorabilia.

14. The Chinatown District

The district is home to several Chinese restaurants, shops, and markets, as well as the Chinese Cultural Centre, which features a museum, library, and theatre.

15. Olympic History

Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, which helped put the city on the world stage. The event featured several iconic moments, including the Jamaican bobsled team and the Battle of the Brians.

16. The Calgary Folk Music Festival

The festival features over 70 artists from around the world, performing on several outdoor stages in Prince’s Island Park. The event also includes workshops, food vendors, and a family area.

17. The Glenmore Reservoir

The Glenmore Reservoir is a man-made lake in the southwestern part of the city. The reservoir is a popular spot for sailing, canoeing, and kayaking, and is surrounded by several parks and walking trails.

18. The Heritage Park Historical Village

The Heritage Park Historical Village is a living history museum that features over 180 exhibits showcasing life in Western Canada from the 1860s to the 1950s.

19. The Calgary Tower Lights

The Calgary Tower is often lit up in different colors to celebrate special events and occasions. The tower has been illuminated in rainbow colors for Pride Week, green for St. Patrick’s Day, and red and white for Canada Day.

20. The Calgary Public Library

The Calgary Public Library is one of the largest public library systems in Canada, with 21 branches throughout the city. The library system features over 700,000 books, as well as audio and video materials, e-books, and online resources.

21. The Bow River Pathway

The pathway is over 48 km long and provides stunning views of the city skyline and the surrounding natural landscape.

22. The Stephen Avenue Walk

The Stephen Avenue Walk is a pedestrian mall in the heart of downtown Calgary. The street is lined with several shops, restaurants, and cafes, and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

23. The Devonian Gardens

The Devonian Gardens is a large indoor garden located in the CORE Shopping Centre in downtown Calgary. The garden features several species of plants and trees, as well as a koi pond and a living wall.

24. The CrossIron Mills Mall

The mall features over 200 stores, as well as several restaurants and a movie theatre. It’s a popular destination for shoppers looking for high-quality brands and discount prices.

25. Oil and Gas Industry

Calgary is a hub for the oil and gas industry in Canada, with numerous oil and gas companies based in the city. The industry is a major contributor to the city’s economy.

In conclusion, Calgary is a fascinating city with a rich history and culture that make it a must-visit destination. From its stunning natural landscapes to its impressive landmarks and attractions, there’s no shortage of things to discover and explore in this vibrant city. We hope this article has given you some new insights into the cool and interesting aspects of Calgary, and that it inspires you to visit and experience the city for yourself.

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