How to Know if a Woman is Rejecting You

It can be challenging just to get a date like a guy. Despite the blurring of men’s and women’s roles on the dating scene, many women still expect men to approach relationships conventionally. It’s not enough to get her attention or even snag a date. A woman’s romantic interest can’t be predicted once you begin seeing her. Your relationship may be ready for commitment, but she may not feel that way. You would typically discuss this, but many women are too nice to bring it up and instead show subtle signs of rejection.

People tend to fall for someone who is not suitable for them or who is uninterested in them. That may be human nature, but I call it denial. Sometimes, people just blow you off. Okay, so you’ve found the “ONE,” but you’re unsure if it’s true… All you’re worried about is whether or not they like you. You probably won’t obtain any answers to your questions if there are no apparent signs.

Instead of accepting reality, you cling to the idea that the other person likes you. Rejection is one of those things that is inevitable. If you’ve ever been rejected, the chances are that knowing rejection is common doesn’t make dealing with it any easier. Most people experience rejection most painfully when they didn’t reasonably expect it. You must recognize the subtle signs that she’s rejecting you as a way to protect your heart as well as save yourself a lot of time. This allows you to avoid becoming a “fall back” boyfriend and focus on women who will appreciate what you have to offer instead.

Always “Busy”:

People who care about you will go to the ends of the earth to meet you. All of us have responsibilities to our professions, families, and friends. It is not unheard of for people to have little time dating in an already hectic schedule. However, a girl who’s into you will approach you – without hesitation. If there is genuine interest in you, you will make time. People who never make firm plans or who make tentative arrangements only to cancel later do not have that level of interest. It’s true that we’re all busy, but if we want something badly enough, we’ll always find the time. If you want it badly enough, you’ll shift your schedule, create time, or act. Indeed, he or she can’t get away from you! You’re not going to change your plan or set aside time for someone you’re not really interested in. There’s just something not right about them. Likewise, too busy people are not worth your time!

Give brief replies and to the point:

Several different ways exist to communicate in the digital age, from texting to phone calls to Gchat and Facebook posts. All of these media provide insight into her thoughts and feelings. Though, if she answers with a close-ended response, she often indicates that she wouldn’t like to continue.

Close-ended responses such as “thanks” should not be confused with the ubiquitous “K.” The latter is generally an indication that she wants your continued attention. At the same time, a closed-ended exchange seeks out any means to end communication. It is improbable that someone can tell you their phone will be working “conveniently” on a weekend night. The person may not be interested in you if they do not respond right away to your texts. There are times when things just don’t work out. When you are dating someone, you need to keep in mind that they will have their phone close at hand if they are really into you. In other words, when you text them or call them, they are waiting for you to do so. What’s the reason? Quite simply, they are looking forward to your response!

Always on the phone:

As of now, it is undeniable that the smartphone has become so mainstream in our culture. We all have work obligations and family members/friends in crisis, so let’s be honest. Additionally, there are (a few) old, comfortable relationships were checking your phone together is acceptable.

However, an early-stage romance will focus more on you than on her Instagram or Twitter feed. If she is constantly on her phone, chances are she isn’t that obsessed.

Plan vaguely, but don’t confirm:

Talking about going to a movie or drinking with this person never resulted in anything. They will find a way to prevent your tentative plan from happening by providing a rain check over and over again if you corner them. Somebody into you will always schedule a time to meet!……… Keep going!

Notices and give remarks about other men:

The girl you’re interested in is telling you subtly as she can that she’s not into you if she talks about how fabulous or gorgeous a guy she met in passing was. Consider it insightful news, and don’t waste your time on that person.
You may feel that you have to chase someone who blows you off! When you call them, you might be strategic in when you do so; you might tolerate their lame excuses for not being available, and you might carefully weigh what you do and say around them.

A woman’s mention of her other love interests is a strong indicator that you are not one of them. This could be your sign that the relationship is over. Apart from your prominent mention of another guy, it is also essential to consider how she behaves toward other people. Her doing this with you may indicate that she is a natural flirt instead of just flirting with you.

Her body language tells you straight up:

Most of the time, more is said with a body than with a mouth in human communication, especially romantic communication. An attractive person leans in, twirls their hair, makes direct eye contact, and is casually touched. All of these signs are promising indicators that a person is engaging and attractive. Body language can serve as an indicator that a woman rejects you. Be aware of her aversion to you when speaking to her, especially in a group setting.

Body language cues like guarding are also prevalent, especially with women. Her method involves placing a physical object between the two of you during a conversation. She often uses a purse or a drink for this purpose. In addition, she may cross her arms to block off rejection physically.

To Wind up:

You may be tempted to settle for the first girl who seems attentive and agrees to date you. No matter how much you love her, she may feel quite differently, even if she hasn’t yet recognized it. There is something to be said for the fact that sometimes, relationships just don’t work despite how “perfect” you are on paper. It’s also not always clear what attracts people to each other. Whenever you aren’t sure about a particular girl, try going out more and meeting more people.

When you find your ONE, you have to learn to let go of those who aren’t right for you. Learn to read the subtle signs that she is rejecting you but is too nice to tell you so that you can save time and heartache and be ready when she comes along.

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