The Canadian Content Creators You Need to Know About Right Now

There has been impressive growth in Canadian content creators in the last few years. Their names are often associated with excellence in the industry. With their unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality content and relentless drive to better themselves, these creators have earned their place among the best. Their dedication and hard work continue to attract an ever-growing following every day. Although they have achieved much, they are not content with what they have achieved. Both professionally and personally, they are constantly striving to achieve new heights. It is definitely worth following these Canadian creators if you are looking for inspiration and entertainment. It is certain to leave you inspired, motivated, and thoroughly entertained with their impressive work.

1. Kiana Hasenbohler


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She is known for creating content that is true to her personal brand and the brands she collaborates with. Kiana has a relatively small following, but she has a high level of engagement with her audience since her followers are attracted to her real and raw content. In the world of social media influencers, she stands out for her transparency, wit, and unique perspective. In her content creation, Kiana stays true to herself and her values, which has earned her a loyal following.

2. Stephanie Cameron

As a wine expert based in Calgary, she strives to make wine more enjoyable, thrilling, and accessible. Her target audience is Canadian and American millennial women who are passionate about wine but lack knowledge about it. Stephanie utilizes her expertise as a content creator to educate and inform her audience about wine and its various flavors. As a wine enthusiast who is just getting started with wine, her approach is to create an environment where people can explore new wines, learn about different vintages, and develop their palates. Stephanie’s passion for wine is reflected in her work, where she consistently delivers engaging content that encourages her audience to explore new wines outside their comfort zone.

3. Rochelle Jorgensen


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She produces fashion, lifestyle, and fitness content for young adults. Having worked as a model and completed a fashion design program at IED Barcelona, which included fashion photography, provides her with a unique perspective and skill set when it comes to creating aesthetically pleasing content. Furthermore, Rochelle’s background as a competitive athlete in college allows her to remain active in the fitness community, which makes fitness content another of her strengths. Her passion is coming up with innovative ideas for her content and she is always searching for new tricks and techniques to help her create beautiful and appealing content. Using her platform to promote brands’ products excites Rochelle about the possibility of collaborating with them.

4. Sheena Rae

A content creator who specializes in fashion photography and product photography. The majority of her work involves creating makeup looks for herself as well as curating product shoots for beauty and fashion products. A vintage-inspired style gives Sheena’s posts an edge with her clean, but vintage-inspired style. To keep her followers engaged, she is always experimenting with new techniques and ideas. Brands that align with Sheena’s aesthetic and brand are welcome to work with her. For possible collaborations, she encourages you to reach out to her if you think your brand would be a good fit.

5. Lauren Rutherglen


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The 25-year-old fashion influencer creates daily OOTD videos on Tik Tok. A capsule wardrobe is something she’s passionate about, and she loves pieces that can contribute to it. She also likes to showcase vintage and slow fashion in her posts. It is critical for her as an influencer to collaborate with brands that align with her values and aesthetics. It is possible for her to do a no-cost or gifted collaboration with a product if she enjoys it. Lauren is always looking for new fashion pieces that fit her style and can inspire her followers.

6. Kali Simpson

She is a 20-year-old international model who is passionate about fashion, styling, skincare, and makeup. Working with a variety of brands and industry professionals has allowed her to hone her skills and expand her knowledge of the fashion and beauty industries. Having an interest in beauty and fashion, Kali enjoys trying out new styles and products. Always seeking new opportunities and collaborations that can help her grow and expand her career, she is always looking for new opportunities.

7. Brianna Corona


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Through her content, she showcases her many passions to her community. Health, fitness, beauty, travel, and personal growth are some of her areas of focus. Her community values Brianna’s authenticity and genuine interest in these topics. She creates content that is relatable and inspiring, and her followers appreciate her willingness to open up about her own journey. Brianna’s platform aims to inspire and empower her followers to live their best lives. She has grown to be a respected figure in the world of lifestyle influence due to her dedication to her passions and community.

8. Richele & Bailey


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The Instagram account Richele created for Bailey’s social media has quickly become a favorite of the dog community since she created it in May 2021. Using their platform, Richele and Bailey share everything pertaining to “dog lifestyle”, including puppy training, food, treats, dog health and wellness, grooming, and even travels and adventures. Their passion is creating a safe and welcoming space for other dog lovers to connect, communicate, learn, and share. As well as showcasing Bailey’s adorable personality, Richele’s content also provides valuable information to her followers. Inspire others to embrace the joys of dog ownership with Richele and Bailey’s growing following of fellow dog lovers.

9. Mckenna Pearson

She is an Edmonton-based model and content creator. Through various social media platforms, she shares glimpses of her daily routine. As a fashion enthusiast, Mckenna regularly shares videos showing outfit ideas and inspiration. Additionally, she frequently posts unboxing and haul videos to provide her followers with product recommendations.

10. Stephanie Marie


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An online yoga and mindfulness educator who provides high-quality content that inspires others to embrace a holistic and mindful way of life. Stephanie produces quality content for brands that aim to expand their online presence with a passion for sustainable wellness. Her target audience is primarily women interested in yoga and improving their general health and well-being. Having a background in yoga and mindfulness makes Stephanie an ideal candidate to represent wellness products that correspond to her values. As a result, she welcomes any contact from companies interested in collaborating with her.

11. Grayli

A content creator who focuses on health and fitness topics such as weightlifting, eating healthy, etc. Her content combines different aspects of her life, including self-love experiences, travel, and daily routines. Grayli enjoys sharing both the positive and negative aspects of her life with her audience, and she is known for being authentic. When her followers thank her for inspiring them, she finds immense joy. She has gained a loyal and engaged following through sharing her healthy lifestyle and experiences.

Saan Venz

In 2019, Saan Venz was appointed the role of Vice President at Rated Viral, bringing valuable expertise and leadership to the company. As the Vice President of Rated Viral, Saan is Canada’s go-to source for recommendations on lifestyle, restaurants, and activities.

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