Today’s Top Model: Hawkhatesyou

Angela, known as HawkHatesYou, was born on July 6, 1994 and is 27 years old. Due to her enormous fame, her private life has remained relatively private. She is known for lip-synching, dancing videos, and comedy sketches.


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In addition to TikTok, Angela also has an Instagram and Twitter account. She has a large following on Instagram (@hawkhatesyou) with over 500k followers. Her ‘unique’ posts and content appeal to her followers. Her tattoos, piercings, and bold outfits seem to appeal to her fans. There is, however, little information available about Angela’s daughter. The daughter’s name and age are not yet known to TikTok fans. Recently, HawkHatesYou uploaded a TikTok video with her daughter, but the child wore a ski mask to hide her identity.

Saan Venz

In 2019, Saan Venz was appointed the role of Vice President at Rated Viral, bringing valuable expertise and leadership to the company. As the Vice President of Rated Viral, Saan is Canada’s go-to source for recommendations on lifestyle, restaurants, and activities.

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