8 Vendors with Best Fitness Equipment in Calgary

Our health is taking a serious hit in these times of technological advancements. The sitting jobs are making us truly ignore the fact that health is the greatest wealth. Maintaining your health as a working person is of utmost importance. Calgary is a place of tremendous and continuously running progress. Day-to-day life is busy and not everyone is lucky to maintain a balance between work and health. Whether you want to build a home gym or planning to start a public gym business, fitness equipment is the core of your decision. We compiled 8 vendors with the best fitness equipment in Calgary so you can buy the best quality gym equipment to meet your fitness demands.

Many of us don’t have time to get gym memberships and prefer to work out at home. Calgarians are blessed to have some of the best fitness equipment vendors. These renowned suppliers have a well-reputed business establishment and positive customer ratings. We know it is quite intimidating if you have to choose the same equipment between different brands. Our chosen best fitness equipment vendors hold top-of-the-line and reliable fitness products. They not only provide a vast collection of gym equipment but also individual home gym setups. With that being said, let’s dive right into our list of the top 8 vendors with best fitness equipment in Calgary.

1-     Fitness Depot

Website: fitnessdepot.ca/

Phone: +1 403 259 8887

Address: 700 58 Ave SE #22, Calgary, AB T2H 2E2, Canada

Product Highlights

  • Cardio & Cross-Training
  • Strength Training Gym Equipment
  • Boxing & MMA Accessories
  • Yoga Products & Stretching Equipment
  • Delivery & Set up Services

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The best-in-class fitness equipment with superior quality is what Fitness Depot promises its customers. They are known for their motivated and friendly sales associates who are trained enough to know what you need. Fitness Depot holds all of the major fitness equipment brands under one roof, such as TRX, Free-motion, True Fitness, and SKLZ. Being a pioneer in the fitness industry, Fitness Depot grasps the title of true big-box fitness specialty retailer in Calgary. In terms of their fitness product catalog, you can find everything whether you want to buy cardio training or strength training equipment. The stretching and yoga products are comfortable and exclusively designed with top-class material.

If you are a fan of doing cardio, Fitness Depot got you covered with its top-notch bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing, & treadmill machines. Everything they put in their warehouse belongs to the top-quality brands with no compromise on performance. There are belts, straps, and strength equipment to get you back in your desired fitness shape. With all types of weight-lifting bars and plates, Fitness Depot is your go-to option for buying excellent equipment at an affordable price. The store has an amazing collection of boxing and MMA accessories to help you get along with your boxing passion.

What Customers Think?

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. They are one of those businesses that have very competitive pricing right off the bat with sale or discounts instead of gimmicky and pushy sales tactics so you don’t have to worry about not getting a good deal or getting rushed into a decision. Lawrence is a very energetic and patient young man that helped me through the process of my full home gym purchase. He answered all my questions, made honest recommendations based on my needs for the best value product and respects my decisions. (Google Reviews)

No muss, no fuss. Excellent location. Easy to get what you want and need. In this case, picked up some weights for my wife. Ordered on line, picked up later. Easy as they say! Thank you, fitness depot, as my wife could not find the weights anywhere else (Google Reviews)

2-     Bells of Steel

Website: bellsofsteel.com/

Phone: +1 403 819 3917

Address: 7880 66 St SE Unit 114, Calgary, AB T2C 5V2, Canada

Product Highlights

  • Barbells & Racks
  • Iron & Bumper Plates
  • Cardio & Conditioning Equipment
  • Benches & Strength Training
  • Gym & Training Accessories
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Bells of Steel offers you real value for your hard-earned money. The fitness equipment they provide possesses off-the-charts quality so you don’t have to change them very often. Bells of Steel has a 30,000 sq ft warehouse in Calgary enriched with every kind of gym product. The customer service is outstanding and provides necessary consultation from the comfort of your home. Besides providing amazing fitness equipment, they have set up weekly educational videos on YouTube to track your fitness goals.

Bells of Steel takes pride in showcasing a distinctive variety of bars including specialty, industrial, and power barbells. The vendor holds second place on our list of the 8 best vendors for fitness equipment in Calgary due to hundreds of delighted fitness enthusiasts. Power racks, iron, and bumper plates can easily be available here and delivered to you in no time. If you are a cardio lover, do visit and have a look at their exclusive conditioning equipment such as kettlebells and cardio. The strength training benches are affordable yet provide long-lasting strength training durability. Visit Bells of Steel today if you are a fitness geek and have a glance at their top-class line of products.

What Customers Think?

Great Canadian company for strength equipment. I have the utility barbell, EZ Curl bar, mighty grip plates, dead bounce conflict bumper plates, floss bands, and Blitz bike. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the purchases. The service was great during the buying process with fairly fast shipping. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the equipment, considering their prices are very competitive in my mind. Tough to not buy something every week! (Google Reviews)

I purchased the Light Commercial Rack, Plate Pegs, Bar Holder, FID Bench, Pulley System, Trap Bar and don’t regret any of the purchases. Awesome value and amazing equipment. All my interactions with the staff and owner have always been positive.  I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for quality equipment without the price you see other brands at Bells of Steel. (Google Reviews)

3-     Fitness Factory Calgary

Website: fitnessfactory.ca/

Phone: +1 403 277 2166

Address: 628 Manitou Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4C5, Canada

Product Highlights

  • Features all Popular Fitness Brands
  • Vast Cardio Training Equipment
  • Strength Training Machines
  • Durable Fitness Accessories
  • Functional Training & Conditioning Equipment
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The most impressive selection of gym and fitness equipment is present under the roof of the Fitness Factory. We know every person has a different set of approaches in terms of choosing what’s best for your fitness routine. Their hot selling products include treadmills and ellipticals and their product line up expands more than just basic fitness equipment. Throughout time, we have seen more fruitful advancements in the field of fitness. The Fitness Factory makes sure their stock is up-to-date with the latest set of equipment you can find in Calgary.

Recently, aerobics and yoga are becoming a popular addition to the fitness routine of gym enthusiasts. This one of the best fitness vendors in Calgary is well-renown for including products of the categories you don’t want to miss. The store has almost every famous brand in stock ranging from boxing, weight lifting, dumbbells, and strength training machines. No matter if you want to shape your upper body or are recovering from an injury, every fitness accessory is worth your money. Step in today for an endless category of fitness equipment for a more active lifestyle.

What Customers Think?

The staff was super friendly and helpful. My husband and I had travelled there from our small BC town to purchase an exercise machine. The kind sales woman directed us to a machine that better suited our needs than what we thought we needed. She said a rower would be much better for my bad knees. It is surprisingly easy and comfortable to use. Yay we bought it immediately. I would definitely recommend this company. (Google Reviews)

Ashley did a great job on our first visit.  Fitness Factory has a really good range of equipment at all price ranges. In our follow up, we dealt with Steve and he WAS GREAT in finalizing the equipment we’ll be using for a long time. Really excellent people here. (Google Reviews)

4-     Flaman Fitness Calgary South

Website: flamanfitness.com/

Phone: +1 403 255 9793

Address: 7146 Fisher St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0W5, Canada

Product Highlights

  • Excellent Sets of Cardio Equipment
  • Complete Strength Training Products 
  • Home Massage and Paddleboards
  • Playground Accessories
  • Free Standing & Sports Play Equipment
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Flaman Fitness is another popular fitness equipment vendor you can trust in buying what you need. The store established itself with positive customer feedback and is located at 35 locations across Canada. Flaman Fitness doesn’t only complete your fitness requirements, but also offers leisure and playground accessories. In the cardio section, bikes and ellipticals come from the top fitness brands around the globe. The Max trainers and Rowing machines will step up your cardio goals to a level you can’t achieve before. The machines are easy to use with smooth functionality and a range of operations.

Talking about their strength training products, you’ll be amazed by the collection of Olympic bars and upgrades. The fitness bars and collars are professionally designed to provide your muscles with the definitions you desire. As we discussed, the home massage and hot tubs are something you won’t find in a typical fitness vendor store. Make your leisure time fun with exclusive paddleboards and disco golf. Apart from leisure, the playground accessories are also eye-catching and worth your bucks. You can get premium-quality trampolines and playsets for yourself or your family. The commercial playground accessories and playsets attachments are something you might not find anywhere else.

What Customers Think?

I bought a $7000 tuff-stuff machine. I am so glad i spent the extra money this machine is so well put together and smooth. There was a install issue but Miguel was so good in making it right. nice to see someone care after the sale. I would highly recommend. (Google Reviews)

Miguel spent lots of time showing us around the showroom.  He showed us lots of exercise bikes and other equipment. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided valuable advice on the best equipment for us to purchase.  He discussed the pros and cons on all of the equipment he showed us. We trusted his guidance and purchased a new bike that we know we will be happy with.  All and all, it was a great experience purchasing a new exercise bike from Miguel.  Thank you, Miguel, for your excellent service! (Google Reviews)

5-     Fitness Experience

Website: fitnessexperience.ca/

Phone: +1 403 287 9894

Address: 7130 Fisher Rd SE #9, Calgary, AB T2H 0W3, Canada

Product Highlights

  • Treadmills, Rowers, & Ellipticals
  • Functional Trainers & Strength Training
  • Home Gyms & Single Stations
  • Gym & Exercise Accessories
  • Aerobic Training & Yoga
Get Directions

Fitness Experience is providing high-quality fitness equipment to Calgarians since 1992. Whether you want to start a commercial gym business or planning to build a home gym, the Fitness experience never lets you down. With a countless number of fitness products, they make sure you get what makes your gym a worth visiting place. Fitness Experience is now expanded to five different locations across Canada. Being a major partner of globally successful fitness brands, this best fitness equipment vendor invests the quality for customer satisfaction. You can bring home the best quality treadmills and rowing machines by visiting this exclusive place.

Fitness Experience’s product catalog is limitless and consists of all-category fitness equipment. The impressive range of spinner cycles and exercise bikes is all you need to get effective cardio done at home. Do you have a craze for bodybuilding? Your dream of growing lean body mass can be possible by getting your hands on the exclusive range of bodyweight training equipment. For your commercial gym setup, Fitness Experience has all types of accessories ranging from floor mats, bands, and tubing. Free weight lifting products are the hot selling for home gyms or commercial ones nowadays. So better visit Fitness Experience today for the best deals on all fitness equipment under one roof.

What Customers Think?

What a great place to buy my gym equipment!! Nate was very helpful and knowledgeable. He listened to my need and exceeded them without a doubt.  I tried shopping at the other fitness store in Calgary and ended up here.  Would shop nowhere else!! Have to go here!! Thank you, guys, for all your help now and in the future!!! (Google Reviews)

The staff at Fitness West are extremely knowledgeable. They were very good at listening to my fitness needs/goals, easily guiding me in the appropriate direction for my equipment purchase. Excellent selection of products and store is very well organized. I’ll be back for sure! (Google Reviews)

6-     Beyond the Basic Fitness Equipment

Website: beyondthebasicsfitness.com/

Phone: +1 403 265 1377

Address: 451 42 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1Y3, Canada

Product Highlights

  • Corporate Fitness Equipment
  • Multi Family Home Gym
  • Strength & Cardio Equipment
  • Commercial & Residential Fitness Accessories
  • Equipment Servicing and Repairing
Get Directions

Beyond the Basics has a top-notch range of commercial and residential fitness equipment serving in Calgary. Apart from having the products from the top fitness brands, they are licensed and fully certified in manufacturing quality fitness equipment. The customer service and consultation are outstanding in choosing the best design decision and installations. With a well-trained team of technicians, Beyond the Basics offers the best warranty and repair on their installed equipment. Besides, if you have a faulty functioning fitness machine, they are ready to assist you in preventative maintenance.

Beyond the Basics’ general manager, Arron makes sure the customers always get best-in-class fitness equipment. Their residential product range consists of all kinds of home gym equipment you and your family can use. Now you don’t need to buy subscriptions to costly gyms. An initial investment you made in a compound exercising machine fulfills all types of fitness goals. The vendor provides custom facility designs for your new commercial gym, managing all the space, equipment, and flooring requirements. The environment is super-friendly and you can find all kinds of yoga, conditioning, and strength training equipment for your home or commercial gym.

What Customers Think?

Beyond The Basics was able to provide quick and friendly service to resolve the issue I was having with my spin bike and the bike has been working with no issues since they came to repair it! I would highly recommend this company for any fitness equipment repairs. (Google Reviews)

This was the best fitness equipment place that we visited. The people there are very knowledgeable, helpful and kind. They are great at explaining things, making helpful suggestions and if you struggle with fitness terminology the really lovely response, I got was that they were there to help with the terms so not to worry.  I highly recommend this place! (Google Reviews)

7-     Elevation Athletics Canada

Website: elevationathleticsyyc.ca/

Product Highlights

  • Reliable Weight & Bars
  • Calibrated and Bumper Weight Plates
  • Value Plate Sets
  • Everest and Colombia Barbells
Get Directions

Elevation Athletics Canada brings industry-leading technologies to forge the best-in-class fitness equipment. We included Elevation Athletics in our enlisted top 8 fitness equipment because of their wild collection of weights, bars, racks, and accessories. The vendor is extremely popular among the famous online fitness professionals in Calgary. This is your go-to website if you want the most robust calibrated bumper weight plates. They have everything you need if you are going to start a residential or commercial home gym. Elevation athletics takes pride in delighting its customers with the products that come from the top global fitness brands.

Elevation Athletics Canada is the name you can rely on in terms of fine and reliable fitness equipment. Apart from their weight plates, barbells are another section that grabs customers’ attention. Whether you want to hit a specific muscle group or go for shaping your whole chest and arms, they got you covered. You can find Everest, Colombia, Buller, and EZ curl barbells that are the perfect fitness addition to your gym. We recommend you must visit Elevation Athletics Canada’s online store to get your hands on the best fitness equipment you can ever find in Calgary.

What Customers Think?

I have to say I was worried about ordering online using a Facebook link but my experience from start to finish was amazing. I Ordered on the weekend and our plates arrived Wednesday!   Excellent customer service, all our questions were answered quickly. I Highly recommend this company. (Google Reviews)

I ordered a set of adjustable dumbbells that would have cost hundreds of dollars more from Bow flex (I have a small set of Bow flex) and these things are on equal levels of quality. Absolutely love them, and would order again if there was ever a need for two sets. (Google Reviews)

8-     Apple Fitness Store Ltd.

Website: applefitness.com/

Phone: +1 403 255 2299

Address: 7140 Fisher St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0W5, Canada

Product Highlights

  • Top-Notch Commercial Gym Equipment
  • Rowers & Treadmills
  • Cross Trainers, Ellipticals & Bikes
  • Indoor Cycles, Climbers & Ergometers
Get Directions

Apple Fitness holds the rank of the biggest life fitness dealer in Alberta. For Calgarians, Apple Fitness presents the most valuable and premium fitness equipment you can find. Their accessory and ancillary fitness products fit your commercial or residential gym perfectly. This astonishing and trustworthy fitness vendor in Calgary also provides designing and installation services with the help of trained experts and technicians in their respective fields. Apple Fitness has been in business for more than 25 years to bring their valued customers the highest quality and integrity. This popular fitness equipment vendor also launches the apple seed program to supply the new and used equipment to the neediest facilities to create a joint and collaborative atmosphere.

In terms of commercial and residential fitness setup, the store has an unmatched and vast collection of power and strength training equipment. The treadmills, cross-trainers, and upright bikes are of premium quality to deliver maximum fitness performance. Your cardio sessions will become more effective with indoor cycles, climbers, and ergometers. You’ll love the touch and workout feels on the uniquely designed rowers and benches. The store also sells a complete range of home gym machines that comprises all the workouts hitting your full-body core muscles.

What Customers Think?

Exceptional service. Needed some routine maintenance done on my treadmill and was blown away by the promptness of the service.  I was scheduled in quickly and the technician (Andrew) was great. He knew exactly what needed to be adjusted. Apple Fitness, by far, has some of the best warranty available included with the price of the equipment. Very pleased with the whole crew at Apple Fitness! Thank-you so much! (Google Reviews)

Amazing service from Victor and the Apple Fitness team. Victor was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions and the service and install went smoothly. We love our Life Fitness G7 – highly recommend. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

It is always an exciting thing to plan for a commercial or residential gym if you want to achieve your fitness goals or start a new business. However, finding the right kind of vendors that provides you with the best value for money is rare and hard to search. We compiled the 8 best vendors with best fitness equipment in Calgary to ease the process for you. These vendors are specialized in offering you not only long-lasting quality fitness equipment but also facility designs and installations. You can visit their physical shops or their websites as they also provide delivery services across Calgary. We wish you the best of luck in finding your next gym equipment for achieving your fitness goals, the right way.

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