The reason why people are choosing Canada?

The reason why choosing Canada?

Alok Sagar Aetukuri is an Indian who came to Canada in 2009 on a student visa. He came to Canada alone and initially it was difficult for him to settle in a new country. After the completion of graduation, he succeeded to find full-time employment in Calgary, and became familiar with his new life in Canada, he entertained the desire of staying in Canada in the future.

“I endeavored a lot to succeed,” he says, “it is pleasantly comfortable to live and work here in this beautiful, multi-cultural country which feels like home now.”

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Alok Sagar Aetukuri wanted someone special to share his Canadian life with, he went back to India and agreed to arrange marriage with Bhavya Sajja, who eventually came with him to Calgary. Now happy couple with their young baby is building their new home in Cornerbrook

Aetukuri and Sajja are among the 250,000 immigrants who come to Canada every year. According to Canadian market research firm Ipsos Public Affairs, India is the No.1 birth country of recent immigrants, followed by the Philippines, China, and Syria. In his book titled Next, the company CEO, Darrel Bricker writes that immigration has become a necessity.

In view of the increasing decline in the birth rate and aging population, it is immigration that will sustain and uphold the economy.

Bricker observes that since 2011, it is for the first time since 1972 that prairie province saw the highest rate of immigration. 48 percent of Immigrants are highly skilled, well resourced, and have higher aspirations to do something of special value in different fields. Their first priority is to settle in communities that are close to amenities, employment hubs, and transit routes. Immigrants will soon come to be known as the majority in suburban populations.

Calgary, the largest immigrant population in Canada has half a million people. They are commuters from diverse countries with no sound familiarity with the Canadians and have kids, mortgages, and want to have private-sector jobs where they can find an affordable home in a like-minded community. This trend is increasingly becoming popular among the less-fluent immigrants who try to find suitable options in the suburbs with condos and secondary suites, where there are mutual community connections, Bricker writes.

The 2021 consensus shows that since 2016, Calgary’s most vigorous population has settled in new communities on the city’s suburban rim. The new communities majority of which are immigrants in the northeast include Savvana, Saddle Ridge, homestead, Skyview Ranch, Redstone, Cornerstone, and Cornerbrook saw a sharp increase of 94.6 percent increase, from 27,138 to 52,806.

When a highly educated and highly skilled Sajja came to Canada in 2018, she found a prestigious job in the human resources department of an IT company. After living for five years in a rented apartment, they decided to build a new house in the inner city. Contrary to their choice of building homes in the northwest, they decided to build in Cornerbrook for some reasons.

The reasons why we selected this place for home are we have our community people here with whom we feel comfortable, it is accessible for everything we want as immigrants, and it has a good green place. we will be very happy here with our like-minded people.

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