Arts Club Offers Enthusiastic Performances on Season Schedule

Arts Club Offers Enthusiastic Performances on Season Schedule

Venerable local theater company comes back with renewed innovations and full force in three theaters.

Ashlie Corcoran, artistic director of the art club theater company announced the 2022-2023 season programming, signaling a highly enthusiastic return to all three club art venues which include Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, Granville Island Stage, and the Newmont Stage.

“I hope that our audiences will feel pleasant enthusiasm to embrace the identities and idiosyncrasies of our three avenues: the warmth and intimacy of Granville Island, the size and scale of Stanley, and the delight of the unexpected at the Newmont,” said Corcoran.

In the 2022-2023 seasons, the 59th for the art Club Theater Company will start in September at the Arts Club flagship venue, the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage.

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Four other similar fascinating programs will also be staged for the Stanley Series, which include forgiveness, a world premiere stage adaptation of Mark Sakamoto’s enthralling family memoir by Hiro Kanagawa and co-commissioned with Theater Calgary: and the Canadian premiere production of Charming: the Carole King Musical, Tony Award which is a winning musical award based on the glorious life of the pop legend. The Arts Club will bring back the Sound of Music as a winter treat, the enormously hit from the 2019-2020 seasons.

Local new artists with their artistic magic and fun will come on the stage at the art club’s longtime waterfront home, the Granville Island Stage, starting with Mom’s word: Talkin’ Turkey. This latest episode of the Mom’s word Collective of the beloved Vancouver-based will continue to fascinate and entertain the audience in Holiday. After that three other exciting shows will follow which include the World Premiere of The Cull, by Michael St. John Smith, and Michele Riml which is a new drama based on the secrets of the old friendship and the struggle to survive. Apart from these celebrations, Corcoran announced three more splendid shows for the Newmont Stage by the popular music and arts celebrities at the BMO theatre center including Redbone Coonhound, by Omari Newton and Amy Lee Lavoie, a hard-hitting new and inspiring comedy, and the world premiere of a script co-commissioned as part of a Rolling World Premiere with Imago Theater and Tarragon Theater.

“The reason to arrange such diverse art and music functions is to highlight tactility, joy, and opportunity for the people to participate and enjoy that is unique to theater. Patrons may also arrange some titles and rewards for the familiar names. The ultimate priority is to do as much new and incredible work in this season as possible and return as much work as possible to the artists who had their livelihood pulled out from beneath them during the two years of the pandemic,” Said Cathie White in a statement.

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