India Requests Significant Reduction in Canada’s Diplomatic Staff Amid Growing Tensions

New Delhi, October 3 (Reuters) – In the wake of escalating tensions between India and Canada, India has formally requested a reduction of more than half of Canada’s diplomatic staff in the country, reports the Financial Times. The strained relations have intensified following Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s public suspicions that Indian agents were involved in assassinating Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada.

Najjar was fatally shot by unidentified gunmen outside a Sikh temple in a Vancouver suburb on June 18. India had designated him as a “terrorist” three years before the incident.

Here is a breakdown of the India Canada relations, diplomatic and trade actions taken by both nations:

Trade Treaty Talks Paused: Canada unexpectedly halted talks on a proposed trade treaty with India on September 1. This surprising move occurred about three months after both countries had expressed intentions to finalize an initial pact within the year.

  • Prime Ministerial Concerns: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised strong concerns about Sikh separatist protests in Canada during a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of a G20 summit in New Delhi on September 10.
  • India Canada Trade Mission Postponed: Canada postponed a trade mission to India, scheduled for October and led by Trade Minister Mary Ng, on September 15. The decision to halt trade treaty talks and delay the mission was attributed to concerns surrounding Nijjar’s murder, as per a Canadian source.
  • Trudeau’s Allegations: Trudeau informed parliament on September 18 that Canada was actively investigating credible allegations linking Indian government agents to Nijjar’s killing. Nijjar, a Canadian citizen, had been campaigning to create an independent Sikh homeland separate from India.
  • Diplomatic Expulsions: On September 19, India dismissed Trudeau’s assertion as “absurd.” Subsequently, both countries expelled a diplomat in tit-for-tat actions, with Canada expelling India’s top intelligence officer and India expelling his Canadian counterpart.
  • Travel Caution Advisory: On September 20, India issued a statement urging its citizens in Canada to exercise caution, while the U.S., Australia, and Britain also expressed concerns about the issue.
  • JSW Steel’s Stake Purchase Delay: JSW Steel Ltd in India is reportedly slowing down the process of buying a stake in the steelmaking coal unit of Canada’s Teck Resources, as reported by Reuters on September 21.
  • Visa Suspension and Diplomatic Reduction: On September 22, India suspended issuing new visas for Canadians and formally asked Ottawa to reduce its diplomatic presence in India.
  • Potash Supply Assurance: Fertiliser importer Indian Potash stated on September 22 that it does not anticipate disruptions in Canadian potash supplies due to the diplomatic row. The company hopes to extend a contract with Canadian supplier Canpotex beyond the end of September, as Canada is a key supplier of potash to India.
  • Impact on Lentil Sales: Canadian lentil sales to India reportedly slowed following increased tensions. Canada is a primary source of lentil imports for India.
  • Steel Exports Unaffected: India’s steel secretary assured reporters on September 28 that Indian exports to Canada were marginal and had not been affected by the diplomatic dispute.
  • Cultural and Community Ties: Beyond the political and economic realm, the strained relations are affecting cultural and community connections. Sikh separatist protests in Canada have become a focal point of discussion, creating a complex backdrop to the diplomatic discourse.

Let us see :

  • How long have These India Canada conflicts persist
  •  What will be the impact of India’s request to reduce Canada’s diplomatic staff? 
  • What will be the outcome of the investigation surrounding the allegations linking Indian government agents to Nijjar’s killing? 
  • What will be the future of the proposed trade treaty between India and Canada after Nijjar killing news?

The situation shows how tricky international relationships can be; one incident can cause big consequences. Everyone worldwide is watching India Canada news that how India and Canada deal with this complicated situation, trying to find a solution and move ahead. Things are still changing, and we expect more updates as India and Canada talk about diplomatic and trade stuff.

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