Top 5 Best Art Schools in Edmonton

Art schools offer unique learning experiences for students who are seriously interested in the arts. It provides focused education on the arts that may not be found at other colleges. Also, it provides an environment conducive to generating art, which many students find valuable as they progress in their academic lives. To hone your artistic skills, you can go to plenty of art studios or schools today to further your education in this field. Schools offer short and summer courses that you can take according to your schedule.

We have compiled a list of the best art schools in Edmonton to assist you in choosing one. Additionally, we have provided some handy information that can help answer most of your questions about art schools.

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1- Victoria School:


Phone: +17804263010

Address: 10210 108 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 1A8, Canada

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As part of the Edmonton Public School Division’s Alternative Arts Program, the Victoria School of the Arts offers Kindergarten through grade 12 programs. Students at Victoria School of the Arts study specific art forms such as band, choir, dance, digital media, drama, film-making, music, and visual arts. These allow them to deepen their understanding and success in each curriculum area through artistic processes and creativity. The Victoria School of the Arts would like to express their appreciation for your interest in attending. Victoria School places a strong emphasis on academic and artistic excellence.

Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts students, faculty, and families believe that the joy of learning, the passion for creating, and the wonder of discovering are at its heart. Kindergartners through Grade 9 are invited to attend their application school. Applications for the 2023-2024 school year are now available for students and families interested in attending the Victoria School of the Arts. Art and academics are intertwined at Victoria School of the Arts, where literacy is the foundation for a robust learning environment.

It is equally essential for students to think critically in their art classes as it is to think creatively in their academic courses. An inquiry-based framework integrates arts and academics in the International Baccalaureate Programme. Students are encouraged to develop their skills, confidence, and imagination to achieve their dreams and contribute to their community locally and globally.

What do clients think?

I LOVE this school!!! It couldn’t be a better fit for my children. They allow kids to he who they are without judgement and teach them to think critically for themselves. Things are gender neutral there which is wonderful and they keep and open and understanding environment. I have experienced good teachers at other schools but nothing to the level that is offered at this school. Teachers seem so much more engaged with their classes and I love that for my kids.(Google reviews)

Amazing school, teachers are really accepting. You can do whatever you want without having to worry about ‘fitting in’. Being a student myself, I don’t regret my change to Vic at all. 100% reccomended.(Google reviews)

2- Strathcona High School:


Phone: +17804393957

Address: 10450 72 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 0Z6, Canada

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As a learning community, Strathcona is unique among other communities in Edmonton. Their passion for education fills their classrooms with inspiration, just as their dedication to performance fills their gymnasiums with perspiration. Unlike some schools specializing in a niche, trying to corner the market on jocks, mathletes, drama geeks, circus acrobats, or any other segment, Strathcona believes that being well-rounded is the key to success.

A wide range of bands, clubs, teams, and activities make up their school’s offering of excellence, promoting lasting friendships and providing a complete high school experience for their students. Art faculty members appreciate the transferrable skills attained through fine arts education by inspiring creative activity, artistic and scholarly exploration, and critical analysis. They’re proud that some things have not changed over the past hundred years even though technology has changed and facilities have been upgraded.

The Advanced Placement program at Strathcona School and the Regular program at Strathcona School is entire for Grades 10-12. Regular program students who have recently moved into the school’s attendance area (and Lillian Osborne’s attendance area) will be the only ones accepted. At least one parent or legal guardian who lives in Edmonton and is not Roman Catholic must be a resident student of Edmonton Public Schools.

If space in a scheduled class is available at another Division school, students who are not residents may enroll. Strathcona students need to recognize the value of diversity and respect different viewpoints on the world. In addition to offering a wide range of academic programs, students can choose a specialization in fine arts, languages other than English, or business and technical programs based on their interests.

What do clients think?

Had good times here. One of the best drama programs ever with an AMAZING teacher who’s the department head. She’s surely one-of-a-kind. School holds quite a few events. Even though every school is gonna have some rude students, I never had a bullying issue.(Google reviews)

Great school. Many opportunities for athletics as well as fine arts. Very strong AP program – the largest in Canada. Made a lot of friends here and it felt really inclusive overall. Most of the teachers are really caring, there are a few bad apples but that is the case with all schools. Had an amazing high school experience here – would definitely recommend.(Google reviews)

3- Masters Art Academy:


Phone: N/a

Address: 16415 83 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 3V8, Canada

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A nonprofit educational organization, Masters Art Academy offers art classes, workshops, and school programs. Their programs provide knowledge and practice to develop skills at the highest level, making them suitable for everyone, regardless of experience level. Children can only develop fundamental artistic skills with professional art education, just as no writer can become a writer without writing.

Besides accepting students from all cultures, they teach them how to become better artists. Several news outlets have even named them one of the country’s best children’s art programs. There are programs at this art school that are suitable for children of all ages in addition to classes for adults. Adults’ oil painting and drawing classes are offered at beginner and advanced levels.

Furthermore, they offer classic studies in addition to beginner and advanced classes they offer. You will not only learn how to paint like the masters of classical times did but also learn the foundation for such works. Through innovative teaching techniques and an environment where students find fun alongside challenges, they follow the worldwide appreciated classical style of the France Academy of Fine Arts.

Using fine arts programs in the classroom, students develop their ability to learn new skills, explore and communicate visually, and explore and express themselves. Students participate in all workshops and learn through practice with their qualified instructors in an activity-based format. As a vendor, they are approved by Edmonton Public Schools.

What do clients think?

I have been taking classes for over 5 years now and must say that it has been a pleasant experience to get to know Svetlana as a teacher and as a person. Taking these art classes has allowed me to build on a personal and professional level, Svetlana has allowed her students to gain confidence and appreciation in their art and always taught us new skills every single class. These classes also has opened many opportunities to publicize my artwork, Svetlana often sent the students artwork to many local, national and international contests. With the developed skills at hand, I have achieved high merit on every seasonal contest and once won a contest. I must say these classes are very beneficial and am proud to be a part of Alberta Arts Academy!!(Google reviews)

I highly recommend taking painting classes from Svetlana Kanyo! I’ve been taking classes from Svetlana for about 4 years, and I’m amazed that she continues to teach me new techniques. She is always looking for interesting ways to challenge her students and keep classes fun and interesting. In addition to teaching, she continually looks for opportunities for students to show their work , which helps to build their confidence.

Because of her support and encouragement, I’m now painting commissions, and I’ve participated in some art shows. If you’ve ever thought about giving your children art classes, or taking them yourself, I know you would be happy with the quality of instruction at Alberta Arts Academy.(Google reviews)

4- Hanul art school:


Phone: +17807572787

Address: 228 91 St SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 1W8, Canada

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The Hanul Art School is one of the best Edmonton art schools, where artworks are second to none and extend beyond to improve learning. A progressive curriculum designed by Hanul Art School fits the needs of students based on their age and development. They provide students with various programs, from the basics to the applied ones, in which they can learn step-by-step. It offers a wide variety of programs in the field of Art, Math, Writing, Coding, and more. They strive to provide students with an educational experience that is both highly creative and academic. Doing this allows your child to explore these options and choose a field that suits them well.

Weekly classes are offered from September to June as part of their regular art program. Upon completion of the program, students can participate in a gallery exhibition and an art competition. Through this class, students learn about different art forms, such as painting, drawing, sketching, and crafting. They are also taught to use other media types, including pencil, charcoal, watercolor, oil pastel, acrylic, and many more. In Hanul Art School, there is one class that stands out incredibly well: their Baby Artist class.

Toddlers as young as 2.5 are welcome in the class, focusing on helping their brain function better and developing their social interaction. Additionally, they offer a Fine Art course for adults from 17 years old and up. They will accept you to any art class if you are genuinely interested in it, regardless of whether it is your first time. Overall, they like this place because it caters to a wide age range. The program is perfect for those who wish to take family art lessons.

What do clients think?

Hanul art school is the best. My daughter loves it.She says she has an amazing time there.They do lots of fun art and it is beautiful.The staff are very nice and amazing. The place is very clean.They also do exhibitions.(Google reviews)

I took my 5 year old for a trial class and she absolutely loved it. Of course I enrolled her and it’s what she looks forward to all week. I can’t believe this school has been in my neighbourhood for so long and I didn’t know. Glad we finally found it (through a friend’s recommendation).(Google reviews)

5- Native Studio Art :


Phone: +17807179534

Address: 11828 66 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 1J3, Canada

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Native Studio Art is an art school run by an Indigenous artist in the same way as its name suggests. The business is home-based; therefore, students are taught online as a part of the program. The school offers a variety of art classes, such as acrylic painting, watercolour painting, mask making, and plaster sculpture. As a result, there are several avenues for students to express their creativity outside the realm of art. You can change the colour of your paint tray and the brushes in Native Studio Art in a friendly and easy way! The courses they offer are designed to help everyone start their journey in the arts, no matter where they are in their artistic careers.

A unique feature of Native Studio Art is the ability to customize a student’s online learning experience. They provide a weekly live training opportunity, which usually lasts for a few months, as part of their online learning program. A short E-Artist Assessment will be required before you can get started. In essence, you must answer a few questions to assess your skills, interests, and abilities. A customized 4-week plan will be created based on the assessment results. By doing so, you won’t have to take classes you don’t like. From the ability to customize lessons to the owner’s deft handling of online instruction, the art studio has a lot of strengths. All you need to do is reach out to them, and they can customize what they can to meet your needs.

What do clients think?

I really wanted to gift my niece and best friends a special birthday gift this year and Barb was super excited and amazing about making feather and bead jewellery together with a native touch. She provided an intro to colours and some history at the beginning and the. We got busy with making our art pieces. She was very engaging and empathetic. I love her positive vibes and the how interested she was in us overall by asking questions. I recommend her classes and look forward to another session in the future.(Google reviews)

Barbara is an amazing artist and teacher. She creates a very accepting and calm atmosphere for clients to feel comfortable sharing and creating together. As an Occupational Therapist, it was a pleasure connecting with her and observing her skillfully facilitate classes for vulnerable clients with FASD.(Google reviews)

To sum up:

In our list, we have included the Best 5 Art Schools near me in Edmonton. We would love to hear from you if you have a school recommendation we should have mentioned. While you’re at it, make sure to take a look at our best Edmonton art schools list to get inspired by the works of professional artists! Getting started is easy when you pull inspiration from other people’s creativity

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