The 6 Best Bankruptcy Firms in Calgary

Are you losing sleep and in a continuous tensity of being unable to pay your bills and debts? The overwhelming burden of debts has a very negative impact on your life. It can make you bound and affect your career and health. The stress of being unable to pay off the debt also starts affecting your relationships at some point. Bankruptcy can offer relief to you and your loved ones when you are trying your best and struggling to get the debt off your shoulders. You may need to consult a bankruptcy lawyer to get things done for you. We stated the 6 best bankruptcy firms in Calgary that can serve you according to your specific financial situation.

If you’re someone who is experiencing financial issues, you must look for a bankruptcy option to make your life a little easier. You can take a fresh start in your financial life and help yourself in weighing your possible options to resolve overwhelming debts. Calgary is a great place where you can find some of the best bankruptcy firms to help you wipe out a variety of debts and bills. We compiled some of the most trustworthy and notable bankruptcy firms with every possible financial consultancy. These debt relief agencies have some of the most experienced lawyers and staff to assist you in describing the pros and cons of bankruptcy. This, in turn, helps you take better decisions by staying under the bankruptcy codes of conduct.

1- Bromwich + Smith Inc. – Licensed Insolvency Trustees


Phone: +1 855 884 9243

Address: 800 5 Ave SW Suite 800, Calgary, AB T2P 3T6, Canada


  • Debt Relief Support
  • Consumer Proposals
  • Bankruptcy Services
  • Debt Relief Consultation
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The most dedicated team of debt relief is built with licensed insolvency trustees to rebuild your worth again. No matter how severe the burden of debts you’re experiencing, Bromwich + Smith is the best bankruptcy firm you can trust and rely upon. Your wellbeing is vital for them and they will strive to restore your self-confidence. In terms of providing bankruptcy services, they offer an exceptional consultation that settles your debts once and for all. The firm pays special attention and care to the dignity of their clients so that they don’t feel judged.

Bromwich + Smith is the name you can trust without hesitation if you are struggling to get your life back on track. All of the creditor actions will get eliminated by Bromwich + Smith the moment you declare bankruptcy. The first consultation is always free and there will be a thorough review of the financial situation of your family. The whole process is promised to get completed in 9 months.  The graceful and respectful treatment combined with the best-in-class financial assistance lets them make hundreds of delighted clients. The bankruptcy information is impartial and unbiased based on individual perspectives. Get in touch with Bromwich + Smith today and get professional assistance to take a fresh start in life.

What Clients Think?

If I could give 10+ stars I would! This is honestly the best place to deal with! I dealt with Andrew and John and I will say they are amazing; they were both very patient and answered every question I had and eased all the stress I had built up. They will also go above and beyond and work around your schedule to the best of their ability which being a single mother of two working full time I really appreciated. Now I’m on a track where I can start to rebuild my life. (Google Reviews)

I am so grateful to Rick and John for being absolutely fantastic! They were both kinds, funny and never made me feel judged. I appreciated their thorough information and felt they really made the effort to ease the anxiety I felt. I’m so relieved to have found a way out of crippling debt and I feel a tremendous weight has left my shoulders. Thank you so much for what you do! (Google Reviews)

2- BNA Debt Solutions Calgary


Phone: +1 403 232 6220

Address: 703 64 Ave SE #150, Calgary, AB T2H 2C3, Canada


  • Consumer Proposal Services
  • Bankruptcy Consultation
  • Financial & Debts Advisory
  • Credit & Budget Counseling
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BNA Debt Solutions is providing its dedicated services to clients in Calgary for more than 20 years. They understand your financial situation and assist you in every possible way by stating all the details related to bankruptcy. Whether you want to go for consumer proposals or any potential bankruptcy, BNA Debt Solutions never lets you down. The reputation of this best bankruptcy firm in Calgary is built with the trust of its delighted clients. The team is amazing in reviewing the situation of your family finance and you’ll get effective and debt-solving advice right at the spot.

Any stressful circumstances such as divorce, or a severe illness may put a considerable amount of financial debt. This is another most famous Licensed Insolvency Trustees firm we’re proud to add in our article. They’ll make sure you’re getting what makes your life better by taking the steps in the right direction. BNA Debt Solutions also launch free consultation services according to your specific financial setbacks. They have another favourite expense tracking tool by the name ‘Mint Budget’ that they used to track all the mentally challenging debt. This aids them in offering you the most suitable credit counselling.

What Clients Think?

We got into debt way over our heads. BNA saved us. They were very fast and knowledgeable. They were friendly and easy to understand. The relief I feel from their help is beyond life changing. They saved us! Thank you, BNA, from the bottom of our hearts. (Google Reviews)

I am so happy I decided to go with BNA for my debt solution. The entire process was made so easy. Within no time, I am on my way to a new beginning. Thank you so much team, you guys are really awesome. (Google Reviews)

3- MNP Debt – Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals


Phone: +1 403 538 3187

Address: 2323 32 Ave NE #212, Calgary, AB T2E 6Z3, Canada


  • Personal Bankruptcy Guidance
  • Consumer Proposal Service
  • Orderly Debts Payments
  • Credit Counseling
  • Informal Debt Settlement
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MNP Debt Licensed Insolvency Trustees bring forth the working life-changing debt solutions. When you feel like the debt is out of your hands and there is no control, consider contacting MNA Debts. The hopelessness and confusion to get through the overwhelming debts can be managed by their top-class consumer proposal and bankruptcy consultation. The firm has more than 50 years of financial support experience and strives to tailor life-changing bits of advice for you. MNA Debt, apart from Calgary, serves more than 195 residents across the country no matter wherever you need bankruptcy support.

MNP Debts enables you to get through the process of bankruptcy and liquidating your non-exempt assets. The advantages and disadvantages of choosing bankruptcy as your debt resolving viable option are decided after your careful financial review. They can let you guide in informal debt settlements to make you a financially clean slate. They have a motto to serve their clients in making their life worth living and easy. For a fresh and clean start, it is important to have the debt stress away from your head. This is what MNP Debts promises you to have a better and safer future.

What Clients Think?

I asked for help when I realized that I was being controlled by my debts. They helped me immediately, giving me options for a solution. They were respectful and never treated me like I was in any way, a bad person for getting into the debts I had. Very understanding and professional to deal with.  I did all my meetings online and over the phone.  Thank you all for your much needed services. Keep up the good work! (Google Reviews)

My experience with MNP has been outstanding, going the extra mile to make sure that you understand the process also what’s in your best interest. Thank you so much for your service. (Google Reviews)

4- Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustee Inc.


Phone: +1 403 265 4357

Address: 625 11 Ave SW Suite 200, Calgary, AB T2R 0E1, Canada


  • Debt Settlement Services
  • Personal & Business Bankruptcy
  • Corporate Filings
  • Consumer Proposals Advisory
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The team of Hudson & Company Insolvency Trustees has an astonishing record of resolving debts and making their clients happy. From the first consultation, your assets and overall financial situations are reviewed to understand the need for a possible bankruptcy option. The team then carefully chooses a viable option and provides you with assistance in the process of form filling. Within a few months, you’ll get discharged from all of your debts and you’ll be able to step on a new path. The creditors’ trust will be taken into account of Hudson & Company to ensure they don’t bother you any further for debt collections.

Hudson & Company makes the process smooth and secure by giving ample attention to every matter by a professional trustee. With many years of experience in handling financially unstable clients, they are now well-trained to fabricate an effective plan. You should never decide to file for bankruptcy alone and rather take the guidance and support from Hudson & Company. We surely recommend this best bankruptcy firm in Calgary so you don’t fall under the burden of your debts.

What Clients Think?

I can’t say enough good things about Hudson & Co. So compassionate understanding and very professional & easy to deal with. Jeff explained everything in a very understandable way. It was quick fast efficient. Everyone I called, emailed, engaged with was efficient, compassionate, understanding, professional and friendly. Out of a terrible situation this company was a blessing in our situation. Thanks again for everything your team did for us. (Google Reviews)

Very professional. They made this process very easy. They were always very helpful with any questions I had and were always very nice. They gave me very helpful and informative counseling sessions to help me with my future credit and savings. (Google Reviews)

5- FARBER Debt Solutions


Phone: +1 888 491 6326

Address: 1000 Centre Street NE Suite 310, Calgary, AB T2E 7W6, Canada


  • Consumer Proposal Issuance
  • Bankruptcy Filing
  • Debt Consultations
  • Budget Financing Guidance
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FARBER Debt Solutions always believes in clients’ dignity and aims to create a fresh start for them. Financial health is very important and debt is like a plague for your mental and social life. You can get out of it quicker and livelier with the guidance from FARBER Debt Solutions. With an excellent team of licensed insolvency trustees, you are in safe hands like most clients from the past 40 years. They’ll work hard and share distinctive information about the good and bad debt and how it negatively influences our lives.

Canadian Government regulates the Licensed Insolvency Trustees and enables them to file the most powerful bankruptcy and debt filings. You should opt-out of this popular bankruptcy firm in Calgary with the utmost knowledge about how to get the debt off your shoulders. They also have a debt payment calculator to assist you in the best possible consultations about debt payments. With an impressive score on Trustpilot, FARBER Debt Solutions have won the consumer choice award 7 times. This puts FARBER Debt Solutions in our top 6 best bankruptcy firms available in Calgary for your financial & bankruptcy assistance.

What Clients Think?

Got in touch with Veronica to help with my debt situation. She took the time to understand my situation and answered tons of questions I had for her. Gave a couple solutions and also time to think about it. Veronica was respectful and gave me the time to think about how to proceed. 100% recommend her regarding debt and finances. She’ll recommend the best options for your situation and make you feel like you aren’t stuck in your situation. Huge thanks! (Google Reviews)

Cindy provided exceptional service with her above par knowledge/experience, respect and dignity. Cindy spoke to me with compassion and care. Without Cindy’s support I would not be as empowered as I am today about my daily habits (spending etc.) and future goals by applying thoughtful shifts in thinking which has improved my overall quality of life. (Google Reviews)

6- Grant Thornton Limited


Phone: +1 403 296 2968

Address: 11012 Macleod Trail South Suite 400, Calgary, AB T2J 6A5, Canada


    • Debt Help Information
    • Debt Management
    • Bankruptcy Filing & Guidance
  • Alternative Advisory to Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Proposals
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Grand Thornton presents itself as one of the largest bankruptcies and restructuring firms in Canada. You can make a difference in your life by consulting the debt professionals that are ready to help you in every step. The respectful and non-judging nature of this firm can make you feel the dignity to think for a new fresh life start. Grand Thornton is providing its personalized and convenient services in more than 130 countries. The global outlook combined with their insights can make them the best bankruptcy filing firm for your debt support.

Before filing bankruptcy, you must acquire complete information about how your creditors will be paid. You also need to know the complete process of filing and going through the process of bankruptcy. Grand Thornton offers you a wide set of guidance about the pros and cons of declaring and how to start your new financial life. This is important as most of the clients in debt stress situations get harassed by their creditors through threats and collection calls. Bankruptcy will help you get immediate protection from such outcomes and your unsecured debt will be eliminated.

What Clients Think?

What an amazing firm to work with. Professional, courteous, non-judgmental. I highly recommend Grant Thornton. The first step is the hardest, which is making that phone call. After that, they walk you through the steps clearly explaining the process. They respond to emails and phone calls promptly, and make you feel like you matter and you are not just a case number. (Google Reviews)

They were extremely understanding, reviewed and double checked all of my Info (fixing all mistakes during the process), no judgement and wanting to make sure I understood everything on my end. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders thanks to Matthew and his Colleagues. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

Bankruptcy lets you relieve your debts and have a peaceful life with a new start. In these times, anyone can experience such situations in life where one is unable to handle financial situations. If you’re the one currently looking to file bankruptcy, we are here to help you by finding the 6 best bankruptcy firms in Calgary. With their help, you can learn the complete bankruptcy process along with valuable suggestions and advice from licensed insolvency trustees. Choose from these top 6 bankruptcy firms and we wish you a stroke of very good luck in creating a new debt-free future.

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