Top 8 Best Disability Lawyers in Calgary

Someone else’s negligence can result in your life-altering personal injury and disability. Everyone needs someone to stand by their side when they are suffering from serious disabilities. Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone, and there may be times when you are suffering from a medical condition. Such injuries and conditions can lead to disabilities that don’t let you work or maintain healthy socialization. In Calgary, we know anyone can face disabilities in his or her life. The dire need to find the top 8 disability lawyers in Calgary is now possible with our comprehensive article. These lawyers make it possible to get a fair settlement of your case in the most legal way possible.

Hiring disability lawyers can benefit you as they are experts in recognizing the stress and fears associated with your future. As a disabled person, these disability lawyers can also assist you in getting benefits from the Social Security Administration. These benefits are compiled by SSA for those individuals who are unable to work in their lives. Although this program is pretty complex with stern eligibility criteria, a top-notch lawyer can help you get through it. These lawyers can aid in your initial application completion and filing it. Sometimes, the claims are denied and they can help you file an appeal. Let’s dive into our list of top 8 disability lawyers in Calgary that have always provided their clients with the support they need.

1-     Barapp Law


Phone: +1 587 887 4844

Address: 510 5 St SW #1510, Calgary, AB T2P 3S2, Canada


  • Car & Bike Accidents
  • Long Term Disability
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Dog Bites & Spinal Injuries
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Barapp Law is your go-to disability lawyer in the case of personal injury because of their experienced litigators. With the more advanced and innovative approaches, the firm always strives to prove the liability and get you the legal compensation. It is always advisable to act fast and talk about your bad experience as soon as possible. With several years in practice, they have presented a countless number of brain & neck, hemiplegia, quadriplegia, and soft tissue injuries. In addition to that, the firm also supports clients with emotional and psychological trauma in a legally beneficial way.

Barapp Law has its consultation offices spread around Canada and Calgarians are blessed to have it here. Don’t give up on legal injuries and contact them immediately if you are going to start or stuck in a legal problem. You can try to make a difference in your life or your loved one. Dealing with disabilities requires patience and nobody deserves to suffer in silence. The Barapp Law is ready to provide you the transparency and honesty. Visit this top disability lawyer today with no cost upfront and take a step to receive your settlement.

What Clients Think?

The first law team I contacted about my case refused it. My entire experience was incredibly professional and informative. The team was quick to respond to any queries or concerns I had while also giving me thorough explanations of processes and what to expect. I am very happy with how my case was handled and settled. You’re in good hands with Marc, Elia and Anna. (Google Reviews)

Very happy with the hard work of Nabeel on my behalf.   He stuck to his guns and rejected the first 3 settlement offers presented by the insurance company.  His determination led to a very favorable settlement, and I would definitely recommend Nabeel to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer. (Google Reviews)

2-     Grover Law Firm


Phone: +1 403 907 1188

Address: 6700 Macleod Trail Suite 390, Calgary, AB T2H 0L3, Canada


  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Slips & Falls
  • Estate Litigation
  • Grant of Probate & Administration
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Grover Law Firm distinguished themselves by humanizing your disabilities to make them less impacted on your life. If you’re suffering from a disability, you deserve your required compensation. They specialize in serious personal and traumatic brain injuries, in contrast to the other renowned disability lawyers in Calgary. Grover Law Firm doesn’t believe in representing insurance corporations as their sole motive. They’ll provide you the loyalty and care and that’s why we place them on top of the list.

Grover Law Firm classifies whiplash-associated injuries into WAD 1 & WAD 2 based on the location and severity. These injuries may or may not limit the range of motion and are further associated with a more serious injury. Grover Law Firm has keen dexterity in car, bike, and bus accidents to provide you with the required support with 20 years of experience. They believe in professional dealings with insurance corporations, so you need to experience the challenge. We recommend you to have a chat with Grover Law Firm if you need any assistance in personal injuries and disabilities.

What Clients Think?

I called Steve Grover law firm office to talk to his assistant about my car accident injury.  After Steve called me back asking how I’m doing with my injury and he set up an appointment to see me in his office. I am really happy that Steve Grover took my 2021 case in person.  I had a good experience with Steve through my case 2003. He is the best personal injury lawyer in Calgary. (Google Reviews)

Steven and his team did an amazing job with my personal injury case. They were not only patient, kind and helpful but we’re also extremely welcoming as I was nervous going in. They answered every question I had and were always there when I felt worried or scared. I would recommend Grover Law Firm to anyone wanting a professional yet kind and caring service! 5/5 stars. (Google Reviews)

3-     Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Calgary


Phone: +1 587 324 0440

Address: 736 8 Ave SW Suite 800, Calgary, AB T2P 1H4, Canada


  • Disability Law Guidance
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Free & Confidential Consultation
  • Long-Term Disability Claims
  • Employment Termination Problems
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Samfiru Tumarkin LLP is the name you can trust if you are in search of a trustworthy and experienced disability lawyer in Calgary. They always strive to serve your accidental and personal injury lawyer needs whenever possible. In terms of their client dealing, their firm covers a large range of personal injury domains. This includes car and bicycle accidents, brain and spinal injuries, and wrongful death. Long-term disabilities and chronic disorders are their legal specialty to deal in. They have their office located in Calgary to get you through a well-positioned meeting to provide you a piece of ample legal advice.

Samfiru Tumarkin LLP uses the most effective and agreeing dispute resolution techniques, leading to a low litigation cost. This is made possible by making the progress quicker and client-friendly. The excellence in reputation is gained by satisfying hundreds of delighted clients. Now your employment owner can’t limit your working or force you to leave the employment. Samfiru Tumarkin has a name that is renowned in major insurance and commercial organizations, making it the best suited for your disability lawyer needs.

What Clients Think?

My interaction with Hayley Rushford was extremely helpful.  I received excellent legal information and highly recommend Hayley.  Her professionalism and timely responses with regard to my employment issues was most commendable.  Thank you, Hayley. (Google Reviews)

This is to inform everyone that Hayley Rushford was fantastic as my representative. She was very professional, informative, honest, intelligent and most of all very easy to talk to. I was so impressed with her as a person who gives you her all. She explains all the options that are available and determines a game plan to solve the issue. I would recommend and use her services again. (Google Reviews)

4-     Pipella Law


Phone: +1 403 265 8733

Address: 1333 8 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1M6, Canada


  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Legal Case Settlement
  • Liability Determination
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It is quite painful when you suffer from an illness or disability when it wasn’t your intention. This is where Papilla Law Firm comes in handy. With the most experienced lawyers in Calgary, they are here to resolve your injuries and disabilities with minimum court hustle. Apart from their legal services in accidental matters, they make sure the legal proceeding is done in the most beneficial way possible. Papilla Law Firm covers a wide range of accident possibilities and represents the clients who suffer mild to severe injuries.

You can schedule a free consultation if you are a victim of someone’s reckless driving. The insurance companies generally don’t provide you with enough information on how to get complete compensation. With their trustworthy disability lawyers in Calgary, we are pretty sure you’ll get positive justifications and facts in the court. Their honourable team not only includes lawyers but also economists, specialists, and medical experts. This amazing team works together to present the authentic facts and thus solidify your injury claims.

What Clients Think?

Words cannot describe how amazing Tara and Del were for my lawsuit. They were extremely patient, compassionate, knowledgeable and always had my best interests in mind every step of the way. They came in during a pivotal moment in the lawsuit when my previous lawyer dropped the ball. I am extremely grateful to them as I would not be where I am without them. I would highly recommend Pipella Law for anyone trying to navigate through their personal injury process. (Google Reviews)

I was fortunate to have Kimber work on behalf of my accident claim. Throughout the process, Pipella law was extremely professional, very thorough and always kept me updated. Thank you, Kimber, for your dedication and hard work.  I would definitely would recommend Pipella Law. (Google Reviews)

5-     Martin G. Schulz & Associates


Phone: +1 403 245 9200

Address: Bankers Hall West Tower, 888 3 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5C5, Canada

Deals In:

  • Personal Injury Law Firm
  • Insurance Company Dealing
  • Vehicle, Aviation, & Marine Accidents
  • Brain & Spinal Cord Injury
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Founded in 1990, Martin G. Schulz is another one of the top 8 disability lawyers in Calgary. It is the firm you can trust in terms of superior legal direction. No matter if you experience an accident or get stuck in a wrongful death case, Martin G. Schulz represents its client. Most times, the victim of the accident may experience skyrocketing bills and income loss with no insurance support. These insurance companies always try to limit your legal compensations by exhausting the loopholes. Martin G. Schulz represents you with an aggressive and intelligent plan to help you get through.

This personal injury and disability law firm believe in serving its clients with teamwork and dedication. Their firm commitment to helping the accidental victims never gets faltered as they continue to understand the struggles and goals of their clients. The compassion they produce can help you get beneficial results in personal disability cases. Martin G. Schulz has a strong record of 7000+ clients presented with $100+ Million in damage recoveries. We strongly recommend it as they have a maximum percentage of successfully prosecuted injury cases.

What Clients Think?

I’m in southern Alberta but was referred to this office by a friend. Martin took care of my case and was unbelievable at what he did. His knowledge of the law and his strong presence in the courtroom was so reassuring. The confidence he gave me was so rare as most lawyers are so busy and don’t communicate very well with their clients. He always made me feel he had time to hear me, and kept me updated through the entire process. (Google Reviews)

I don’t have enough space to tell you how AMAZING this team is, but my life is so at peace now that they have taken care of everything.  I was battling against a lawyer who was cut throat liar and Martin was NO match for him. He is the best family lawyer I’ve ever met. Such a strong smart, confident lawyer. (Google Reviews)

6-     Bayda Disability Law


Phone: +1 403 670 0070

Address: 1915 32 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7C8, Canada

Deals In:

  • Disability Law Team
  • No Upfront Fee
  • CPP Disability Claims & Appeals
  • Critical Illness Denials
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Bayda Disability Law takes every disability matter into their hands and offers you the best service on hand. In terms of time, we all know the disability claims are quite sensitive. The negligence and prolonging of these cases can result in their denial or terminations. But now you’re not alone, as these disability lawyers in Calgary are all you need. Bayda Disability Law always arranges a well-settled meeting with its clients and access the claims. With dexterity, the law team then swiftly organizes the evidence.

Bayda Disability Firm has extensive yet impressive experience in handling all medical records. They know what to speak and when to speak to present everything in a reputable and expert manner. They then navigate the process and, with the help of the strength and weaknesses of the case, lead to acquiring your disability amount. The explanation and timeline given by Bayda Disability are nevertheless worth given attention to.

What Clients Think?

Before I contacted Bayda Law Firm, I was going to give up on my disability insurance problem. Then someone gave me their number, and from the first time that I talked with Allan, I was impressed with his understanding of the situation.  Over the next year or two, while they worked on my file, I was impressed with Allan and his staff, not just the work that went into my case, but the genuine support that I received along the way. (Google Reviews)

We were discouraged by four other law firms from proceeding with a termination of long-term disability claim against the insurance company. I called Allan and he listened intently and asked all the right questions. We instantly had a good feeling and rapport with him and he agreed to take the case. It was a fairly long process, but in the end, he was successful in holding them to their obligations, and a reasonable settlement was reached. (Google Reviews)

7-     Kazmi Law Office


Phone: +1 403 247 9331

Address: 1728 46 St NW, Calgary, AB T3B 1B2, Canada

Deals In:

  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Residential & Commercial Estate
  • Wills & Estates
  • Notarization & Oath Commissioners
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Located at a very convenient location, the knowledgeable law experts of Kazmi Law Office keep their chin up to assist you. With 10 years of experience, they are not only able to sort out your disability insurance matters but also with property and estate. Kazmi Law Office has a commissioner of oaths appts available around the clock for same-day notarization. In terms of disability matters, a free consultation is always available for you to handle the stress involved in claiming your disability compensation.

Kazmi Law Office works on a contingency basis to present the wrongful death, personal injury, and real estate cases. They are the pioneers in working and litigating your accident claims and help you present the case in an organized and thorough way. The compassion and commitment enable them to provide sensitive client-based service. In this way, they diligently defend the accidental victim’s right and use innovative ways to get you to leverage in the courtroom.

What Clients Think?

Zareen and Rupinder are great team. I highly recommend Kazmi Law Office for disability law claim. Zareen is the best lawyer to deal with. She will make sure you get your response within a day. (Google Reviews)

First time selling my house, and Zareen made it a very easy process. Value was excellent and they were very efficient and professional. Would highly recommend for personal injury law claim. (Google Reviews)

8-     Ludwar Law Firm


Phone: +1 403 670 0055

Address: 429 14 St NW #101, Calgary, AB T2N 2A3, Canada

Deals In:

  • Brain Damage & Trauma
  • Fractures & Spinal Injuries
  • Medical Professional Guidance
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit
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Your very own experienced personal injury lawyer in Calgary is proficient in providing the services to get out of the legal mess. The proceedings are carried out after carefully designed recommendations and getting know-how of the complete case. For Ludwar Law Firm, your money is as important as your life. We’ve included Ludwar Law Firm in our top 8 disability lawyers in Calgary because of their vast disability coverage. They will contact your respective insurance company so that you don’t get responsible for the injuries that are someone else’s fault.

Book your consultation today and get your disability compensation with the right lawyers at the appointment. Additionally, they offer the first consultation free and you can choose the time according to your preference. To top-up your case and get everything in your favour, they always strive to determine the losses, put up evidence and prove your disabilities and injuries. They also provide the necessary and feasible options to reduce your stress and have a medical expert in place for physical recovery advice.

What Clients Think?

I’ve been dealing with an issue with my insurance company trying to cut off my benefits and not providing information about how to best appeal their decision. I messaged Ludwar Law Firm on their contact us form and within a few hours I was given a great suggestion for what to do with my specific situation. This has been a tremendous relief and I greatly appreciate it. (Google Reviews)

Mr. Ludwar has done a great job with the most complex of litigation involving both large corporate and governmental litigants. Highly recommended. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

Calgary housed some of the best and top disability lawyers if you’re in dire need of your legal needs. These lawyers help you to handle the legal and claiming processes in no time with maximum effort. With our list of top 8 disability lawyers in Calgary, your disability matters are in safe hands. The capable guidance and ample knowledge of laws enable them to counter the false claims of insurance companies. The way they help you recover your compensation is extraordinary and you’ll get benefited after consulting them.

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