Top 10 Best Bubble Tea Shops in Calgary

Bubble Tea Shops in Calgary: Frequently referred to as boba milk tea, bubble tea is a frothy iced drink containing a tea base, flavors, sweeteners, and milk with tapioca pearls at its base.

There is no doubt that bubble tea is one of the most underrated summer drinks available to us Albertans and Canadians. Bubble tea in Calgary can be served cold, as a slush, or as a smoothie, making it as refreshing as it is healthy! Whether it’s hot or cold, fruity or milky, rich or light, there is no limit to what can be created with bubble tea at these Calgary tea shops.

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Enjoy the summer and fall by checking out the many bubble tea spots in Calgary and trying a little bit of everything. You can visit any of these places on our list of best bubble tea in Calgary, whether you’re trying bubble tea for the first time, or if you’re an experienced drinker.

1- Royal Tea House:

Website: royal-tea-house-bubble-tea-store

Phone: +1 587 351 9811

Address: 328 Centre St S #123, Calgary, AB T2G 4X6, Canada

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The bubble tea they serve is made for the royals. Feel free to stop by their tea lounge today for a refreshing cup of tea to satisfy your tastebuds! Whenever you have a large group with different tastes and preferences, this is the place you should go to. You are sure to find something that will appeal to everyone here, plus many more besides!  With Doordash, they are now offering the convenience of having their drinks delivered directly to your home or office!

Royal Tea House offers fun concoctions that go well with bubble waffles. There are several types of bubble tea available at Royal Tea, as well as a selection of bubble waffles that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or snacks: choose from chocolate, cheese, coffee, cinnamon, or other waffle types! As well as bubble teas, they have fruit teas, slushes, smoothies, sparkling water, brown sugar pearls, cheese milk foam, and classic milk teas.

What do clients think?

Of all the bubble tea places I’ve been to no place has done the tapioca pearls this well. Delicious. I got the honeydew milk tea and it was incredible! (Google reviews)

Royal Tea House is currently my personal favorite Bubble Tea place in Calgary. Their drinks are not overwhelmingly sweet without modifications and their tea in tea based drinks are tasteful. My husband and I have had their; Strawberry Peach Sparkling Water, Peach&Lychee Tea, Peach&Passion Fruit Tea, Fresh Watermelon Lychee Lemon Tea, and a friend of ours had their Brown Sugar Milk tea with Tapioca Boba. So far, we’ve loved each drink we’ve tried and are looking forward to exploring more of their menu!(Google reviews)

2- Bubblemania Café:


Phone: +1 403 277 9398

Address: 455 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 8K9, Canada

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Not only does Bubblemania Café serve bubble tea, but it also offers many different kinds of wings, as well as social events in our community. You’re okay if you have bubble mania! Hopefully, this café will be able to assist you. Its large beverage menu will satisfy all types of bubble tea lovers, from those who love milk or smoothie tea to those who prefer fruity drinks and slushies. It’s worth trying one of each kind of bubble tea because they have several flavors!

With almost always a line of eager customers, Bubblemania is one of Calgary’s oldest bubble tea shops. You can choose from a variety of western and Asian appetizers on the menu, and there are daily specials as well. Bubblemania is open until all hours of the night – 12 pm on weekdays and 2 am on weekends – which makes it the ideal place for a late night out.

What do clients think?

“This place was great! We came for bubble tea and wings, and the wing special worked absolutely perfect for us! The customer service was really nice and very friendly. They also were quite attentive and didn’t miss a beat when we needed something. Will be happy to return!” (Google reviews)

“Recently moved to Calgary, and my uncle brought myself and my husband here for a quick bite and drink. The service was amazing and the food/drinks tasted delicious! Can’t wait to go back and bring our family/ friends when they come to visit.” (Google reviews)

3- Don’t yell at me Calgary


Phone: +1 403 454 3998

Address: 620A 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B4, Canada

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Don’t yell at them, just let them know how much you love their bubble tea! They strive to create beautiful and tasteful layered milk teas, chocolate milk, sparkling water, and freshly brewed coffee! The drinks in this shop are some of the most unique. They have an insane layering technique (perfect for an aesthetic Instagram shot).

You’ll love this spot if you’re in the mood for something totally different from anything you’ve seen before. There are a variety of teas to enjoy, too, such as Cheese Cream Tops, Old Master Formulas, Fresh Milk teas, flavored sparkling waters, and coffees. There is also a tasty spread of pastries on offer at Don’t Yell at Me that would go well with any of their drinks.

What do clients think?

“Out of all the nearby bubble tea spots, the most unique flavours were at this location! I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the tea was phenomenal! I loved the Havana Passion Sangria😍” (Google reviews)

“The best bubble tea in the city, unique flavours and all the employees really care about making everyone happy! I’ve been going here since it opened and the quality is always really high. Generous amount of toppings too. Very highly recommend!” (Google reviews)

4- Yummy Q:


Phone:  +1 403 245 6778

Address: 2-338 10 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1V8, Canada

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Yummy Q Dessert is the perfect place to indulge in your love of tea! You can find Yummy Q Dessert at 338 10th Street Northwest in Calgary, which is home to rolled gelato ice cream and fresh tea. The delicious bubble tea drinks at Yummy Q are made with fresh fruit and tea, or you can skip the drinks and go for gelato instead! Traditional milk teas are among their most popular menu items. Their black teas are freshly made without any powder from two types of premium natural black tea. Yummy Q Dessert offers delicious, fresh teas and rolled gelato that will satisfy your cravings.


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A post shared by Yummy. Q (@_yummy.q)

Yummy Q Dessert has something for everyone, whether you’re dining in or on the go. Are you craving something sweet? They offer a variety of bubble waffles, such as the Bubble Waffle with Gelato Roll or the Full Cup Purple Yam Gelato Roll. Their tea selection includes hot and cold teas for those who join them for tea. Traditional milk tea, milk tea with strawberries, and caramel milk tea with red beans are popular tea options. Additionally, Yummy Q Dessert offers slushies, smoothies, fruit teas, and cream cheese milk foams, all of which are refreshing. If you are still unsure of what to choose, you can always choose Uji Matcha or Mixed Fruit Jasmine Fresh Fruit Tea. They invite you to try their best-rolled gelato ice cream and delicious teas. You can also place an order for tea delivery through SkipTheDishes.

What do clients think?

“One of the best bubble teas I’ve had in the city. The jasmine milk tea had the perfect amount of flavour without being overpowering or watered down like in some other shops. The owners were efficient without compromising service. Perfect place to stop by on a hot day before heading over to the river!” (Google reviews)

“Me and my children LOVE this shop!!! The BEST Bubble Tea in all of Calgary AND Edmonton!!! But for real, it’s amazing bubble tea and gelato, I have not tasted anything better anywhere else yet!! And the staff are always so friendly and so nice!!! Thank you Yummy Q” (Google reviews)

5- Kung Fu Tea Huntington Hills:

Website: kung-fu-tea-calgary

Phone: +1 403 454 3960

Address: 564 64 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2K 6H9, Canada

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You can enjoy bubble tea in a few different ways from the top-rated Kung Fu Tea! You can have your tea in a bar of chocolate, matcha, or brown sugar latte; or you can get it served with milk and flavors like rose, ginger, or pudding; or you can have it with fruit and bubbles made with coconut and jelly. There are also slushes, smoothies, and bubble tea floats to choose from. There really seems to be no end to the possibilities here, so you may have to come back to check out more.

Every Kung Fu Tea branch has the same professional standard of tea-making process instilled in its employees to ensure a high-quality drink for you. They use organic, healthy tea leaves in their bubble tea, which are thoroughly inspected to national standards before adding to your beverage. You can drink boba worry-free with them because they make the perfect boba! Their milk tea has a very unique flavor – the tea flavor is much stronger than most others and has a more traditional taste.

What do clients think?

“This place is my new favourite tea place! How fantastic that this bubble tea can be as sweet or NOT sweet as you want it! As cold or NOT cold as you choose! So perfect! And, also that the liquid part of your Bubble Tea is actually Tea! I will return over and over! Sooo good!” (Google reviews)

“This is my favourite bubble tea place to visit. The pearls and toppings are the best. The milk king is yummy along with cranberry tea with agar and pearls. The drinks are sweetened with honey and it all seems to me made with real fruit and juices not the fake stuff.” (Google reviews)

6- Thé Moon Tea House:


Phone: +1 403 455 0778

Address: 212 14 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1C7, Canada

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Taking a cup of tea gives us a boost of energy, but also calms us down. As the moon shares these qualities, Thé Moon Tea House’s name was created. For the celebration of bubble tea in Canada, they chose thé – French for tea. As a matter of fact, we all share the same moon.

There is nothing they love more than to stay ahead of the curve in the growing bubble tea industry, and they strive to provide only the finest ingredients. Quality is more important to them than quantity when it comes to their products. They aim to create great-tasting bubble tea while spreading positive tea culture throughout their communities, and they want their mission to be as fulfilling as possible.

What do clients think?

“If you are in Calgary, Moon tea house is the place to be for bbt! It’s such a cute and cozy spot for hangout with friends. The space is small, but so neat and clean, surrounded by plants and pretty decor. I love mango, so I got the tropical cloud. I was visiting Alberta from Toronto and I loved this place so much, that I visited this place twice during my trip. I would highly recommend checking this place out 🔥 the staffs are super nice as well.” (Google reviews)

“Best bubble tea place in the world, for sure. I can’t get bubble tea anywhere else now because it’s not the same. Honey pearls and mini pearls are amazing! The prices here are great compared to most others as well! What’s not to love?” (Google reviews)

7- Happy Tea:

Website: happy-tea-bubble-tea-store

Phone:  +1 403 226 8288

Address: 1110 Panatella Blvd NW unit 250, Calgary, AB T3K 0S6, Canada

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The shop is a small family-run business that caters to bubble tea lovers. They offer a cozy late-night spot where you can enjoy snacks and drinks while you unwind.


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A post shared by Happy Tea (@happyteayyc)

Happy Tea offers not only bubble tea but also many Taiwanese dishes. In addition to your drink, you can enjoy appetizers, fries, vegetable dishes, and different types of meat. Their drinks may fill you up just as well since they offer bubble tea in smoothie form with yogurt or icy slush with tons of fruit. There are also a variety of add-ons available to help you make your perfect bubble tea.

What do clients think?

“I love this bubble tea place! It’s always fresh and the pearls are nice and sweet! Great place to hang out with your family and there’s free wifi. The owner is super nice and flexible if you need any accommodations.” (Google reviews)

“Food is amazing, tastes fresh. The staff is amazing as well. One of the reasons I love coming here is how friendly the staff is. The bubbletea is also really good. There are flavours that other bigger name bubbletea places dont have which is something I like.” (Google reviews)

8- HI-Tea:


Phone: +1 587 717 6688

Address:  312 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 2B8, Canada

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On Centre Street and 3rd Avenue, Hi-Tea is the perfect place to get a bubble tea while catching the bus at Dragon City Mall. There is no better place to experience the most delectable, flavorful, and refreshing bubble tea you have ever tasted than Hi-Tea! Milk tea, slushes, and coffee are also available, and snacks are available as well – they recommend popcorn chicken, egg waffles, and dumplings. “Traditional” milk tea, as it is described on the menu, is a strong, not overly sweet drink, with the perfect amount of milk to give it a soothing taste. There is nothing more delightful than enjoying a mango slush bubble tea with pearls.

Hi-Tea offers several different kinds of powdered bubble teas that are available to be made with real fruit as well. Take your taste buds on a slushy adventure with the fresh apple slush with pearls! Their website can provide you with a wide range of bubble teas from which you can pick up or order online for delivery in Calgary today

What do clients think?

“I’m a bubble tea fan and I’ve tried many from around Calgary and I must say, Hi-Tea has some of the best bubble tea I have ever tried. The real fruit flavours are very good and the slush ones are amazing too! 10/10. Customer service is great to. Such nice employees!” (Google reviews)

“My Favourite Bubble tea shop in town. The lovely lady who works there every day is just delightful and she makes the tastiest bubble teas. I love going to this shop. her fresh fruit bubble teas are the BEST! Don’t pass it up!” (Google reviews)

9- HAPPY CUP Woodbine:


Phone:  +1 587 439 1237

Address:  2525 Woodview Dr SW #201, Calgary, AB T2W 4N4, Canada

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The joy and happiness that bubble tea can bring are astounding. Bringing you joy with fruit smoothies, iced teas, and bubble teas, HAPPY CUP knows what joy means. In the deep southwest, Happy Cup serves a wide selection of drool-inducing drinks and desserts, including real fruit smoothies, fruit slushies, milk teas, bubble teas, sherbets, and other drool-inducing treats.

Fruity or milky teas are poured over tapioca pearls and can be topped with jelly, pearls, or boba to make them even more filling. A lot of fruit is packed into the cup, so you can taste it right away. At other places, you may find bubble tea that is watered down and lacks the texture you might expect. You won’t find it at Happy Cup. Even though Happy Cup is located in Woodbine, it’s well worth the drive to enjoy the best bubble tea in Calgary.

What do clients think?

“Wow talk about a hidden gem, ordered the Honeydew with mango jelly and my taste buds are wondering why I missed this place on the to-go bubble tea hits. I highly recommend everyone visit this place if you’re ever in the SW. Will definitely come back here to try the watermelon and mango. Service and Prices are worth it.” (Google reviews)

“Hands down the best bubble tea I’ve ever had! This is now my go to place for bubble teas and I always get the jumbo size. The place has lots of different fruit jellies and pearls to choose from and they use fresh fruits. Good prices too.” (Google reviews)

10- Pearl House Café:


Phone: +1 403-264-8888

Address: 328 Centre St S #142, Calgary, AB T2G 4X6, Canada

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Whether you are looking for an ice-cold beverage or a hot beverage, Pearl House Cafe offers you delicious options. Fresh Strawberry Papaya with Pearls, Hot Green Bean tea, and Cappuccino are among their most popular beverages.

Located downtown, this beverage café offers a wide selection of bubble tea drinks that can be picked up or delivered. The majority of their drinks are served over pearls or bubbles and come in the form of either slush, Taiwan-style tea, milk tea, or hot drinks. In addition to fruity jellies, you can add lychee, pineapple, green apple, or mango jam to your beverage. Using, you can order delivery or pickup from Pearl House Cafe in Calgary!

What do clients think?

“I have been going here for years! I first found this place when I moved to Calgary in 2016 and ever since then this has been my go-to bubble tea place. They’re the only ones that I’ve found that make a Vanilla slush. I definitely recommend to everyone” (Google reviews)

“Pearl House Cafe is awesome. The owners are really sweet and they often remember your orders. The drinks are made with such care and they use fresh fruit which makes the biggest difference. If you come often, make sure you get a stamp card!” (Google reviews)

Final Verdict:

Choosing the right bubble tea flavour in Calgary is easy with this comprehensive list. You and your friends can meet up at any of these shops and restaurants if you’re looking for a place to eat bubble tea in Calgary. You’ll receive sweets, savory items, and cleansing drinks.

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