6 Shops with Best Halal meat in Calgary

Halal meat in Calgary: Meats such as beef, lamb, venison, goat, chicken, bison, turkey, fish, and shellfish can all be made into halal meat when they are adequately slaughtered, harvested, and processed.

Islam prohibits the consumption of pork and alcohol since they are considered harmful. USDA Halal-certified products must be prepared in accordance with Islamic law and packed in federally inspected facilities. Since Halal restaurants always use high-quality ingredients, they have become popular even among non-Muslims.

A list of restaurants has been compiled based on their products, best-sellers, and overall quality of service and meat. Find out which halal meat shops in Calgary are the best!

1- Savanna Grocery & Halal Meat: (Best Halal meat in Calgary)

Website: savanna-store.herokuapp.com/

Phone: +1 403 455 3758

Address: 9052 46 St NE, Calgary, AB T3J 4E4, Canada

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As a community-based retailer, Savanna grocery and Halal Meat aims to provide their community with fresh and certified Halal meat. Customers are also significant to them, and they place a great deal of emphasis on delivering what they need.

With Savanna Grocery, they want to keep its traditions alive by offering only the best spices, lentils, snacks, flour, rice, and drinks from Pakistan and other South Asian countries and ensure that its products are high-quality.

One of their main focuses is on providing the best food for their customers, which is why they ensure they provide the best organic products. As a community-based retailer, Savanna grocery and Halal Meat wants to provide products with guaranteed low prices to customers. In order to provide an authentic taste of DESI culture in the community, their goal is to provide all of the traditional spices, lentils, drinks, meat, rice, and much more that are essential to DESI culture.

What do Clients Think?

Very awesome services and great fresh quality halal meat. Great customer service and friendly staff. (Google Reviews)

I ordered Qurbani to Savannah grocery and halal meat store and they are very well organized and they provided us meat on time as they promised their service was excellent and there team is very cooperative. I recommend the community that everyone should visit to this store for grocery.(Google Reviews )

2- Cadalow Halal Meat:

Website: cadalow.com/

Phone: +1 403 805 0005

Address: 6424 36 St NE #150, Calgary, AB T3J 4C8, Canada

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Founded in 2007, Cadalow Meats provides wholesale Halal meat and is owned and operated by Alberta residents. Located near the Calgary airport, Cadalow’s office is conveniently located. Among their customers are some of Alberta’s most prestigious restaurants and hotels and various sectors of the food service industry. Their chilling and freezing facilities allow them to cut poultry, beef, bison, fish, goats, and sheep to clients’ specifications.

Providing a wide range of high-quality meat products to meet every taste and need, their goal is to satisfy all tastes and needs. A Halal Certified meat product from Cadalow meets the Canadian Food Authority’s standards for freshness and quality. Calgary Halal Monitoring Certification governs the certification process.

Farah’s family has been in the food industry for over 100 years, beginning with one truck and a small refrigeration unit in 2007. As a result of Omar’s efforts, Cadalow Halal Meats Ltd. has grown into Alberta’s largest Halal Meat wholesaler. His relationship with Albertans has grown over the years. Cadalow Halal Meats provide commercial wholesale services.

Restaurants and supermarkets across Alberta can purchase certified chicken, beef, bison, fish, goat, and sheep meat. At their facilities, they have a 10,000-square-foot refrigerated storage area. As for meat order preparation, they have butchers on site who complete the certification process onsite. In order to meet the growing demand for Halal meat, Cadalow’s one-day turnaround time and delivery right to your door ensure quality and food safety.

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What do Clients Think?

Cheap wholesale meat and chicken halal also!! (Google Reviews)

This place is all in one and also has various types of meat. (Google Reviews)

3- Maher Halal Meat:

Website: maherhalalmeat.com/

Phone: +1 587 356 4544

Address: 3517 17 Ave SE #101, Calgary, AB T2A 0R5, Canada

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Located in Calgary, AB, Maher Halal meats are a Halal meat butchery and grocery store selling fresh and frozen foods. Meat and poultry from leading meat producers are sourced from them and are prepared with care and precision according to their high standards. As a traditional butchery business, they take pride in maintaining their reputation for quality and skill. Whenever possible, they only source products that have been raised to the highest standards of sustainability.

As Halal meat in Calgary, they pride themselves on supplying the freshest cuts of meat. They offer a wide selection of meats and poultry in their Shop, so you can choose whatever is suitable for you. No matter what kind of event you are planning or what the purpose of your cooking might be, they will have the meat you need. Located in Calgary and serving the surrounding areas, the only butcher shop you’ll come across with fresh halal beef, lamb, and chicken that you can rely on.

What do Clients Think?

One of the finest meat shop location in Calgary! Honest and very friendly owner. I highly recommend their collections as a satisfied new customer. Thank you for your good service . (Google Reviews)

Fresh halal meat it’s a place to go if you want to get fresh meat 🥩or organic chicken 🍗and great customer service. This place is deserve 5 star ⭐️ very clean store. I really love this place I gave them call before I get there and they have it ready for me, they even offer delivery too. They also have different kind of meat seasoning you need. I suggest anyone of you to go check it out. If you have party or family gatherings and you need your steak 🥩 to be seasoned they will do it for you all you need to do is grill and enjoy beautiful taste of Maher fresh halal meat. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️(Google Reviews)

4- ASIAN HALAL MEAT & FOOD INC: (Best Halal meat in Calgary)

Website: asianhalalmeat.ca/

Phone: +1 403 450 7189

Address: 55 Westwinds Crescent NE Unit 240, Calgary, AB T3J 5H2, Canada

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Halal meat from Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, and Middle Eastern and fresh Halal meat from local farms is offered by Asian Halal Meat & Food Inc. Having served the community since 2008; they are proud of their history. Because they sell only Halal chicken, beef, lamb, goat, duck, turkey, and quail that have been slaughtered by hand, they are able to assure consumers that their food is safe.

Moreover, they offer frozen fish imported from countries such as Burma, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, such as Basa, Panguish, Mirgal, Hilish, and Rohu. From Pakistan, India, and the Middle East, they offer a wide variety of dry products, herbs, juices, jams, and spices.

Azan clocks, MP4 Qurans, Digital Qurans, Quran Read Pens, Traveling Duuas, and Islamic books are some of our products. Most notably, Ajwa Dates and Zam Zam Holy Water from Makkah are highly regarded. The Qurbani arrangements they make on EID UL ADHA (mutton, goat, and cow) are special every year. Their service includes cutting and wrapping the meat for your convenience. They provide services for performing HAJJ and UMRAH to Serve the community.

What do Clients Think?

once again this place ceases to amaze me their customer service and satisfactory is exemplary!Excellent little butcher their customer service is in-depth and they make sure you leave with everything you need. (Google Reviews)

Went here today to buy meat. Store is clean and staff are very friendly. Bought korean style short, ribs, beef shank, t-bone steak and chicken. They cut the meat to your desired size/thickness. I recommend this place. Price is cheaper than grocery stores. Great customer service.(Google Reviews)

5- Khalid Halal Meat & Grocery:

Website:  khalidhalalmeatand.wixsite.com/khalidhalalmeat

Phone: +1 403 475 7596

Address: 4515 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2G 0A5, Canada

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It takes only ten minutes to get to the Khalid Halal Meat and Grocery Store from downtown. They offer a wide range of fresh and frozen meats that are cut according to Islamic customs. There is something for everyone at the best prices in Calgary and a large selection of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Ethiopian groceries.

In order to maintain a clean and sanitized store, they pay great attention to the cleanliness of all the products. Sanitization areas are everywhere; freezers, shelves, baskets, and so forth are all cleaned daily, and limited customer access, ensuring all protocols are followed to prevent Covid.

What do Clients Think?

Brother Khalid was really friendly and helpful. His shop was very clean and he had a selection of meats from chicken breast, drumstick, lamb and beef ribs, steaks and minced beef. Highly recommend!(Google Reviews)

Great prices of meat products and groceries. Friendly and polite staff. I really enjoy getting my items from this store. They have everything like fresh meat such us goat, lamb, beef, and whole chicken. I would recommend you to go there and I’m sure you will like its prices.(Google Reviews)

6- Basha Foods International:

Website: bashafoods.ca/

Phone: +1 403 280 6797

Address: 2717 Sunridge Way NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 7K7, Canada

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With over 100 years of combined industry experience, the Basha Foods team is highly dedicated to giving you the best products and a great selection of international foods at the best prices. Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of their business, and they strive to offer only the freshest products available to cater to their customers’ tastes and dietary restrictions.

To meet the needs of their Muslim community in Calgary, Alberta, they offer certified halal meat products. Almost all of their products originate from South Asia and the Middle East. There are often exorbitant prices for fresh produce, halal meats, international foods, and prepackaged items. They believe that eating well shouldn’t break the bank, which is why they offer low prices on your favorite products.

Keeping you on top of your savings is their goal, which is why they offer a wide variety of daily and weekly bargains. Basha Foods (Best Halal meat in Calgary) prides itself on being there to serve its customers. What sets them apart is not just their low prices and high-quality products but also their attention to your needs and wants. They aim to make all your experiences with us positive by hiring courteous and professional staff. If you have questions about their grocery store or the products they sell, they would be glad to answer you. You can count on them for assistance if you need it.

What do Clients Think?

Great prices for halal meat, you will find lots of veggie options as well as Arabic grocery. (Google Reviews)

Love Basha foods. Their meat is halal and they always have Goat meat! Friendly and courteous staff! (Google Reviews)

Final Thoughts:

That concludes our list of the shops with best Halal meat in Calgary that we found to be the best in the city. Please let us know if we were able to satisfy your needs by steering you towards a shop that will best suit you as a result of the information we provided. These restaurants are able to provide Halal meat in Calgary to its residents, which is a real blessing!

Feel free to Contact us anytime if you have any questions or comments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help!

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