The 12 Best Cafes for Friends and Family in Calgary [2023]

Spending meaningful time at the table with your friends and family brings joy and positive emotions. Most of the time, we found ourselves out of time and running late for the scheduled work. To cover up the appetite, we have to dodge into a fast-food café and get a quick meal to fill our tummies. These foods are often unhealthy and shouldn’t be going in our bellies every day. Cultivating healthy habits and spending more time with friends and family brings optimized nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. To satiate the eating needs of Calgarians, we compiled the 12 best Calgary cafes for friends and family. We know the importance of sharing communal meals together and the listed cafes deliver a memorable experience.

In addition to the numerous perks offered by eating together, you tend to eat more slowly and get filled more quickly. Gathering around with friends and family at the breakfast table will enable you to choose healthy salads and protein sources rather than unhealthy burgers and drinks. A quality family café opens up the connection between you and your friends. Not only that, you’ll be able to make very tasty and worth remembering memories at these cafes. The exquisite look, fine taste experience, and comfortable ambiance are something everyone wants. This is what our top-quality cafes will promise you.

With that being said, let’s go through some of the most popular and excellent friends & family cafes in Calgary 2023.

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1- Higher Ground Café


Phone: +14032703780

Address: 1126 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3P3, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Brewed Coffee, Espresso & Cappuccino
  • Mocha, Butter Beer & Chai Latte
  • Exquisite Special Coffee Range
  • Cold Beverages & Tea Misto
  • All-Day Breakfast, Burrito & Toasts
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Higher Ground Café is working around the clock to deliver the best-in-the-town breakfast and coffee experience. The café is in business since 1982 and quickly gained popularity in Calgary and the surrounding regions. The 100& organic coffee is something this café is proud of. Higher Ground Café is the top entry of the best cafes in Calgary and you’ll be amazed by how it fulfills the eating standards. Everything from the tables to staff management is something you can never experience at other cafes.

In terms of what are they famous for, Higher Ground Café breaks the rules of staying on the same traditional coffee and eatables. No matter if your heart desires an espresso, cappuccino, or mocha, all will be at your table right away. The butterbeer & hot cider is something you & your friends must try. Additionally, the specialty coffees such as café Rollo, café calypso & caramel macchiato fill your tastebuds with a memorable taste.

This is your go-to place if you’re planning to have a quick chat with your friends or want to spend some quality time with your family. Higher Ground Café is specialized in delivering breakfasts and has separate vegetarian items to try from.

Customers Feedback

A great social coffee house feels! You can choose a more open table or a nook off to the side. I liked the service as it was friendly and quick! Spacious and great covid protocols. Loved all the skylights and the two or three tables right by the window for people watching on the main street. Friendly service and delicious coffee. Good feel amongst the people there. The desserts along with the coffee was great! Not crazy sweet but full of flavor. Would return! (Google Reviews)

Have been here several times and always had a great experience. Coffee is so good and food items I’ve tried have all been delicious. Been lucky to always get sofa seat by the fireplace which adds to the cozy ambiance. Highly recommend! (Google Reviews)

2- Vendome Café


Phone: +14034531140

Address: 940 2 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0E6, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Excellent Vendome & Sunnyside On-toast Breakfast
  • Signature Dinner Course Dishes
  • Chocolate & Cheesecake Desserts
  • Vegan, Gluten, & Dairy Free Range
  • Outclass Beverages & Drink Options
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Situated in the historic building ‘The Vendome Block’, Vendome is another well-known café for all of your breakfast and dining needs. The café has some astounding Mediterranean-styled dishes to fill your mouth with excellent taste. All the eatables are fresh and made by qualified chefs in Calgary. If you’re a pasta or salad lover, pay a visit to this mesmerizing place. Vendome café is working throughout the week and covers your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs with top-class and tasty food items available on the spot.


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Vendome Café delights its customers with the utmost respect and an astonishing collection of taste options to try from. If you’re planning to have a visit with your friends and family, you can easily book a reservation with their well-respected staff and has the convenience of online booking.

The breakfast items are made for every person whether you are gluten or dairy intolerant. The staff will listen to customer demands and only delivers the desired and tasty food items for breakfast or dinner. The atmosphere is filled with ambiance lighting and a peaceful environment that is an additional perk of this beautiful Vendome Café.

Customer Feedback

Randomly selected this place for breakfast with friends. This was our first visit and we had no idea what to order. We ordered mushroom béchamel toast, breakfast hash bowl, Vendome eggs benedict double along with latte and cappuccino. The breakfast was good and filling. Vendome eggs benedicts were my favorite out of three yet mushroom béchamel was my least favorite. Coffee was strong as I like it. Highly recommended. (Google Reviews)

I went for a breakfast with my friends after last minute change in location. It was staggering experience as we dine in and were received in a hospitable way. Didn’t wait long to order food. I ordered Mushroom Bechamel Toast with Latte, food looked appetizing and fresh by its appearance. After I had a bite, it melted down and I couldn’t resist for further luscious bites. Will definitely visiting again. (Google Reviews)

3- Caffe Beano


Phone: +14032291232

Address: 1613 9 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1E1, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Astonishing Ambience & Friendly Environment
  • Fairly Traded Organic Coffee Ingredients
  • Delicious Muffins & Bakery Items
  • Chocolate & Fruit Drinks
  • Breakfast Sandwiches & Dark Espresso
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Located in the heart of Calgary, Caffe Beano is the chief cafe serving its customers for the past 30 years. This cafe has a huge reputation as being a highly rated and top coffee shop in the surrounding areas. Caffe Beano not only has keen proficiency in homemade coffee making but also has a tasty range of home-baked items.

Together with the great quality and utmost comfortable environment, this cafe is a must-visit place for your friends and family. Not only that, this place brings out the ideas in your mind with its artistic looks and diverse customers of every field sitting together in a knowledgeable environment. You can plan an energy-rich breakfast to carry you throughout the day or take someone special on a date here.


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Caffe Beano only used high-grade and pure ingredients to craft tasteful baked items. Their chocolate espresso is highly popular among Calgarians who want to have a more delightful coffee. You can taste the utmost hand perfection with the breakfast sandwiches available in a variety of types such as mozzarella, coppa, & cipollini. If you want something more of a totally in-house item, we recommend you try out their roasted espresso. The perfect taste coupled with the amazingness will definitely change your views about the homemade coffee crafted by Caffe Beano.

Customers Feedback

I’ve been a few times now and it’s always a good experience! Staff are friendly and its overall just a feel good, diner style cafe! I tried the YYC hot chocolate fest seasonal hot chocolate, which is a matcha mint hot chocolate! It was so good! Worth a try before hot chocolate fest is over! (Google Reviews)

Rachelle and Dylan are just the nicest ladies, I see Rachelle often when ordering the best coffee in the world (Vietnamese Hot Coffee). It’s a cool vibe, nice people and amazing drinks. I highly recommend this place and then some! (Google Reviews)

4- Cadence Coffee


Phone: +14032479955

Address: 6407 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0E6, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Powerpack Breakfast Range
  • Traditional & Toasted Morning Meals
  • Kid’s Menu & Tasty Fillings
  • Delicious Burgers & Wraps
  • Salads, Soups & Sandwiches
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Enjoy the delicious food combined with superfine coffee and fresh baking in one place. Cadence Coffee is the name you can blindly trust if you are planning to have a morning out quick coffee break in Calgary. From power breakfasts to the mighty wraps, everything is available for you and your family under the same roof. The traditional breakfast is what you need to start your day with a bang.

The alpine start and breakfast parfait are some of the highly demanded dishes for every early morning lover at this cafe. Cadence Coffee has made available the mighty eggs benedict for Calgarians every weekend which is a power pack item in itself.

You’ll be amazed to see the filling options for your omelets & burritos. There is a separate kids’ meal section where the qualified chefs will especially pay attention to making kids’ quesadillas & breakfast waffles. Apart from the breakfast items, they have something spicier to satiate your taste buds with chicken Ceaser & Greek chicken. Cadence Coffee provides an excellent and delicious range of grill and burger items. Apart from that, the soups and salads are something you must try while booking a table with your friends and family.

Customers Feedback

Cute place. Vibe is chill & friendly. The beautiful latte art that came on my flat white made me smile. More importantly, it was delicious. Prices are very reasonable also. Worth a stop if you’re in the neighborhood. (Google Reviews)

Friendly faces make a great Sunday start. A hearty traditional breakfast of bacon & eggs, a side of shredded hash-browns, sourdough toast and a Mini breakfast – English muffin w/ avocado omelet & freshly brewed coffee. Go to this part of town, Bowness, and let your Sunday adventure begin. (Google Reviews)

5- Angel’s Café


Phone: +14034520164

Address: 4105 Montgomery View NW, Calgary, AB T3B 3E8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Vegan & Gluten-free All-Day Heavenly Breakfast
  • Multiple Toast & Bread Choices
  • Burgers & Sandwiches
  • Salads & Soups collection
  • Live Music Nights & Serene Atmosphere
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Angel’s cafe is working as a chief breakfast and quick food point in the town since 1997. The cafe is located in a very beautiful location between the trees of Bow River. The deliciousness combined with a serene view gives you an ideal breakfast and eating point if you’re hanging with your friends.

The heavenly all-day breakfast option at Angel’s Cafe is something you should try before going to work. Additionally, the avocado smash and breakfast poutine will make your sunrise worth enjoying. Not only breakfast but the chefs are also specialized in serving you the best-in-class lunch and dinner dishes you can ever taste in the area.

Angel’s Cafe has a huge selection of lunch and dinner options to choose from. Get amazed by the spicy beef nachos and sweet chilly nachos and enjoy the awesome river view with your family at the same time. Along with that, the sandwiches and burgers fill your mouth with exquisite taste and a pleasant experience.

All the food ingredients are promptly checked for allergens and quality. Angel’s Cafe has an astounding set of cold and hot drinks to make your breakfast and mealtime more fun. The healing hot chocolate is loved by many customers who step in to have a quality meal at an amazing place.

Customers Feedback

Came here to try out their brunch menu.  We were here on January 2 but they were closed for the holidays.  We called ahead to make sure they were open this time. This is a cozy cafe where you feel like home and can come to hang out with families or friends.  They even have board games on the shelves. The staff were very friendly and the food was good.  They packed our boxes for sharing so we had half of each item in the boxes.  Both the toasts and wrap tasted fresh and filled with flavors. (Google Reviews)

Absolutely my top favorite cafe ever. It just tops the charts with its atmosphere and food. The staff was fast, friendly and exceptional. There was not even one thing I would want to change about this place. (Google Reviews)

6- Euphoria Café


Phone: +14033130503

Address: 8 Varsity Estates Cir NW #110, Calgary, AB T3A 2Z3, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Excellent Class Drinks & Beverages
  • Specialty Rosso Beans Coffee
  • Pastries, Toasties, & Wraps
  • Healthy Fruit Smoothies
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Euphoria Cafe is established in 2009 and is working currently as a family-owned business. The cafe offers a very pleasing atmosphere for you to feel the connection between yourself and your friends. What can be better than an amazing cafe where you can relax, work, do business meetings or have a casual meetup with friends and family? If you’re looking for a cafe where you can delightfully enjoy handcrafted coffees and smoothies, this is the place for you. We recommend this amazing cafe because of its comfortable environment and a greater number of customers per day.


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A post shared by Euphoria Cafe (@euphoriacafe)

As the name suggests, Euphoria Cafe brings happiness to your day with delicious pastries and gluten-free paleo. If you are a vegan, you can enjoy the on-demand vegan dish servings and foods right on the table. The sweet pastries and grilled paninis are no doubt the best breakfast you can eat.

Do you want special toasties or hearty paninis? Come visit Euphoria Cafe today and have an astounding meal of your life. The specialty coffees are personally roasted by trusted suppliers in Calgary with the highest quality coffee beans throughout the world. Try the nutritious 100% organic smoothies with no artificial sweeteners added.

Customer Feedback

Friendly and helpful staff. They are happy to explain any of the drinks and dishes if you have questions. Items are fairly priced. Went on a weekday afternoon and it was not crowded indoors. There is also outdoor seating available. (Google Reviews)

Great choices for pastries and there are also freshly baked bread items. I was surprised they sell Turkish coffee; I’m used to buying it and making it at home, it’s not common to order in coffee shops. The coffee was made really well they know their craft. In terms of coffee taste, I would say the beans taste similar to Fratello beans, so it depends on your preference. I would come back and try other drinks. (Google Reviews)

7- A Ladybug Bake & Café


Phone: +14032495530

Address: 2132-10 Aspen Stone Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T3G 0K3, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Vast Brunch & Bakery Menu
  • All-Day Breakfast & Brunch Dishes
  • Gluten-Friendly Bennies
  • Fresh fruit Juices & Smoothies
  • Cappuccino & Espresso Coffee Services
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A ladybug bakery and cafe is a European-influenced cafe with three years of quality serving experience. This amazingly designed cafe has held its grounds in Calgary because of its wide selection of coffee, bread, and sweets. Everything is utterly fresh in the kitchen and has the taste, your tongue always wanted out of the kitchen.

The bread is baked by their valuable and top-notch partner known as The Good Bread. Are you tired of the half-day work and want something to refill your energy? We think the roasted veg bowl and Parisian three-egg omelet by Lady Bug Bakery & Cafe can do that.

On the breakfast menu, you’ll be delighted to taste the ladybug breakfast bowl. Invite your friends to this cafe and let them enjoy the taste of salmon linguine and classic egg benedict. Moreover, everything can be made a little sweeter and nutritionally sound by the fresh juices and drinks at Lady Bug Bakery & Sweets. Do you believe in the healing properties of herbs in Ayurveda? Try their newly introduced turmeric mango cleanse smoothie. The cafe is highly re-known and well-praised for its soups such as roasted chicken soup and Cobb salads.

Customers Feedback

Espresso review: well, done, nicely balance flavor, though it seems they crutch behind a darker roast. I won’t judge them for looking for a more consistent shot, however, as they appear to deliver.  Food review: I was extremely impressed with the right balance between creative ingredients and contemporary recipes. You can both feel comfortable and feel like you’re treating yourself at the same time. (Google Reviews)

One of my favorite places to get brunch!!! the food is fantastic! there are so many unique dishes to choose from. the portions are big too! Always a fantastic place to dine. Staff is friendly and remember our name and choice of what we eat and drink. Would absolutely recommend! (Google Reviews)


8- Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar


Phone: +14034570697

Address: 909 10 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0S7, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Flourless Chocolate Cakes & Gravity Granola
  • Savory & Sweet Pies
  • Delicious Cake & Beverages
  • Butter & Chicken Soups
  • Branded Coffee Items to Try
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Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar strive to tune out the hustles and tiredness of your life. The ambiance combined with the professional set of services is all you need to carry out your morning routine. The cafe is designed by taking the customers’ perspectives into consideration and to provide you with a relaxing environment to enjoy with your friends & family. Together with the deliciousness of cakes and pantry items, Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar is your preferred choice for getting a quick breakfast on the go.

Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar not only has an awesome collection of home-baked chocolate cakes but also their high-end coffee is popular. Calgarians are blessed to have this coffee spot in the town where they can get enjoyment and hygienic food at the same time. The staff is super friendly and the cafe also provides online home delivery services. Their other specialty is the savory and sweet pies collection which you can enjoy with your friends in the morning. If you’re taking a break from your workload, must consider Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar for quick replenishment of your energy.

Customers Feedback

What a friendly place! The food is great and the staff are amazing! I had a pastie which was better than England. My wife had a Jamaican meat pie which was perfect. Dessert is excellent as well! Will be coming back for sure! (Google Reviews)

The place is great, lovely music and very friendly staff. It was out first time visiting and will definitely come back. We tried the Chai Latte and the Vanilla Late and both were delicious. (Google Reviews)

9- Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery Café


Phone: +14034528833

Address: 2525 Wood view Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2W 4N4, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Awesome Catering & Cakes Range
  • Bakers Breakfast Savory & Vegetarian Benny
  • Sweet Beignets & Waffles
  • Crispy Sandwiches & Burgers
  • Salads & Steak Entrees
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The concept of whole natural foods is improved by the Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery Café’s exquisite collection of food items. They are specialized to make each dish totally from the scratch. Not only the ingredients they used are pure but imported from qualified buyers. Together with the magic of their chefs’ hands, they make a masterpiece to fulfill your breakfast and lunch needs. In that domain, the Sunday brunch contains an amazing collection of savories such as Nick’s scramble & bacon waffle sandwiches.

Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery Café also serves its customers tasty chocolate and banana pancakes. The sweet crepe fills your tongue with the heavenly sweet taste with the additional perk of whipped cream. Talking about their lunch section, you’ll enjoy the sandwiches and grilled veggie paninis and make memorable moments with your loved ones. Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery Café also has beef items such as prime rib beef dips to counter your desire of tasting something more than usual. Pay a visit to Patisserie Du Soleil Bakery Café and enjoy your favorite spinach risotto & chicken supreme with basmati rice.

Customer Feedback

Wonderful cafe with fantastic food. We have to drive 30 mins to get to woodbine but it’s worth it. Freshly made and kind, attentive staff. My partner is allergic to chocolate and two times I double checked before buying things, just like the banana pie in the photo and also amaretto cookie which had chocolate and she was in agony after eating. However highly recommend! (Google Reviews)

Delicious and amazing food. Wonderful presentation and filled with healthy ingredients. I wanted to take pictures but didn’t remember until 3 bites in… it was so good! The desserts and pastries looked delicious so I’ll have to make a trip or two back to try some very soon! (Google Reviews)

10 Purple Perk


Phone: +14032441300

Address: 2212 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1W9, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Excellent Coffee Brewing & Serving
  • Delicious Mid-Day Snacks & Drinks
  • All Time Available Breakfast Items
  • Appetizers, Soups & Salads
  • Burgers & Well-Made Meal Courses
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The most professional and well-trained baristas are ready to serve you at Purple Perk Café. This is one of the leading cafés in Calgary which provides bewildering and delicious coffee for your tastebuds. In addition to that, you can stay at this serene and calm place and enjoy breakfast before going on your hectic set of routines. Purple Perk Café also offers top-class catering services to make your event moments worth remembering and enjoyable. This is your must-to-go place if you are a keen coffee lover.

Purple Perk Café also tops the list with an awesome set of foods and drinks sections. Apart from the mighty coffee they offer, they have tasty little snacky treats that can make your coffee experience more productive and fun. You can give these treats a try during your work or on a busy schedule. Purple Perk Café enlightens its customers with all-day available breakfast with delicious appetizers and salads. Additionally, the paninis, wraps, and burgers are something you should give a try as a brunch meal.

Customers Feedback

Purple Perk has always been a great place to grab a coffee or a bite. Lots of options for a hot breakfast/lunch and a wide selection of baked goods. It’s a great place to have a solo coffee or meet with friends. If you’re looking to have your coffee to stay, just be aware that it’s a very popular spot and seating can be tight! (Google Reviews)

It’s been a few years since I came here, but starving & in area, this was the first place I thought of.  Still a very busy place & still a lot of delish choices…actually they have added to their menu! Very happy with my lunch choice and now have to go back for the other two choices I didn’t make THIS TIME! (Google Reviews)

11- Café & Mi

Permanently closed


Phone: +14033754611

Address: 12 Royal Vista Way NW #1134, Calgary, AB T3R 0N2, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Innovative Cat Rooms Reservations
  • Excellent Hot & Cold Coffee & Non-Coffee Drinks
  • All-Day Breakfast & Lunch
  • Delicious Desserts & waffles
  • Homemade Treaty Cookies
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If you’re a cat lover and want to spend your next meal with them, this is the place you should book a reservation in. Café & Mi has a unique way of welcoming their customers using cats. Many customers are delighted and claim this cafe to be their favorite cat cafe in Calgary. The warm bundles of love are carried to you by the beautiful and cute cats while you’re having breakfast at Café & Mi. The place has a delicious menu of coffee and waffles to try while staying in your designated cat rooms.


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A post shared by Cafe&Mi (@cafenmi)

Café & Mi serves its customers with Fratelli coffee that has very heartwarming and worth trying to taste. Besides, they also offer non-caffeinated drinks according to your preference and likeness. Nevertheless, Café & Mi has a special place in the heart of its customers through all-day breakfast.

The breakfast and sandwiches range is popular among Calgarians to be house-made treats with separate vegan and gluten-free options. Bring the joys in your and your family’s life through the sweet flavor of dessert waffles and homemade cookies at Café & Mi.

Customers Feedback

My boyfriend and I have been visiting Cafe & Mi since 2019 and have always loved and appreciated everything the owner and team have been doing to serve yummy food and drinks and find homes for countless kittens. We’ve also brought friends and family who always had a great time. Great for couples, groups, and even solo visits! They have always had amazing service, friendly staff, and keep everything clean and tidy. I also appreciate that they update the cat furniture and toys + rugs! (Google Reviews)

My favorite cat cafe in Calgary. They’re usually not super busy and their prices are reasonable. They use to not charge to go in with the cats, but I can understand that they need to make a profit as well. So, I’m fine with the new fees. I really like that they are in the north and the atmosphere is always really nice. (Google Reviews)

12- 1886 Buffalo

Permanently closed


Phone: +14034520153

Address: 255 Barclay Parade SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5C2, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Top-Class Red Wine Choices
  • Hard Sodas & Cocktails
  • Skillets & Fluffy Omelets
  • Power Bowls & Light Bites
  • Soups, Salads & Chicken Items
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With over 40 years of experience, 1886 Buffalo brings uniqueness not only in its name but also in the food they provide. The home-style dishes when getting a magic touch of qualified chefs and baristas are what fulfill your desires for a memorable breakfast.

If you’re someone looking to get a sip of exotic red wine, consider this place a try. 1886 Buffalo has an excellent range of cocktails and hard sodas such as Michelada & White Claw Hard Seltzer. Apart from that, the café also serves non-alcoholic juices and beverages.

1886 Buffalo has a wide range of breakfast that is served all day long. The scrambled eggs and fluffy omelets are something heavenly to try for breakfast. The buffalo benedict and smoked salmon benny are admired by every customer due to their extreme deliciousness. The one & one light bites & avocado toasts will give your day a fresh start and provide you the required energy until your next meal. The amazingness of soups, and Caesar salads is undeniable after you sit with your friends at this lovely and comfortable place.

Customers Feedback

Team humankind, I’ve just had the pleasure of meeting Nat, one of the best barkeeps that I’ve ever met. He created something of his own accord, which he has named ‘The Final Ruse’, and this is my second one already. I’m not in Calgary often, but if I come again, I will be coming here, and asking for this gentleman’s drink. (Google Reviews)

We had a fantastic breakfast here last weekend!  The food was great, the portions were very filling, and the service was quick and friendly.  I had the breakfast poutine (don’t be fooled, it comes with hollandaise) which I will definitely order again. (Google Reviews)

Final Thoughts

Finding a good café for your everyday breakfast and coffee needs is hard. It can be more cumbersome if you’re planning your next coffee session with your friends or family. In this regard, our list of the 12 best cafes for friends and family in Calgary is of utmost help. Follow our list and choose the most well-established and High-Quality Cafe to serve you what your heart wishes for. With that being said, we wish you the best of luck for a memorable time for you and your loved ones at the next chosen café in Calgary.

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