Top 8 Best Gymnastics Training Schools in Calgary

Gymnastics is one of the most efficient ways to improve your overall health and fitness. Regular physical activity can assist you in conditioning your mind to be happy and stress-free. Gymnastics training in Calgary provides a personalized approach that will keep you motivated, strong, and confident. Gymnastic training schools cater to people of all ages, offering a variety of entertaining and educational activities.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Gymnastics training schools in Calgary based on the programs they offer and the experience of their instructors.

1. Anytime Fitness


Phone: +1 403-262-6288

Welcome to your friendly Calgary neighbourhood gym. The support at Anytime Fitness Calgary is genuine, and it begins the moment you walk into the gym. Their instructors don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to fitness; instead, they customize a program for you based on your ability, body type, and goals. Your plan will take a holistic approach to your health and address critical areas that other gyms just cannot.


At Anytime Fitness in Calgary Beltline, you can get to a healthier place! Their courteous, experienced team is trained to assist you with your fitness goals, regardless of how much assistance you require. You’ll find it all in a friendly club with a welcoming member community.

Customer reviews:

“I spent a week in Calgary and was looky for a place where I could work out while there. The staff managed to let me in, the gym was pretty good, clean, good equipment, and an awesome staff. I would definitely join them if I had moved to the city.” (Google reviews)

“It is a nice, clean, well-run gym.  The staff are approachable and knowledgeable. I can feel the passion from my dealings with Kat and Kyle with some individual PT sessions I’ve done with them.” (Google reviews)


2. Breathe Parkour


Phone: +1 403-273-2245

Parkour is the skill of efficiently and stylishly going from point A to point B, typically utilizing walls, rails, and other obstacles to do it. People of all ages can learn Parkour and Ninja Warrior techniques from Breathe Parkour trainers, who are all Parkour specialists and aficionados themselves, in a safe and ever-changing, thrilling atmosphere.


Parkour is for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or desire to be in shape. No prior experience is required. Their instructors will create an age-appropriate and enjoyable learning experience for you.

Customer reviews:

“My kid loves it there! Comes home after every class sweating and tired. Super reasonable prices for a family on a budget and all the staff are amazing and easy to approach!” (Google reviews)

“I do parkour here. It’s such a great space with great teachers and it’s in a Sports place so there’s cool things to watch too for like parents and stuff.” (Google reviews)


3. Flip Factory


Phone: +1 403-265-2656

Flip Factory creates a unique atmosphere and offers cutting-edge gymnastics-based programs that fascinate, excite, and challenge their members. Create a network of like-minded people who appreciate and support hard yet non-competitive programing.



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Flip Factory is developing an environment of sympathy and sustenance for anybody who wishes to contribute to the Flip Factory’s goals and beliefs.

Customer reviews:

“My two boys have been coming to this place for many years. Great programs for kids 7 and under. Staff are mindful of the different skills of the kids and create a fun and respectful play/train environment.” (Google reviews)

“Had so much fun at drop in! Coaches are super helpful and knowledgeable, lots of fun equipment.” (Google reviews)

4. My Gym Children’s Fitness Centre


Phone: +1 587-333-6223

My Gym promotes physical, cognitive, and social growth in children. Furthermore, your children’s birthday parties and classes are unrivalled. They have classes for children ranging in age from 6 weeks to ten years old. This is a fantastic play area. Here, children ranging in age from birth to ten years are welcome.


The staff is fantastic and inventive. There are a variety of activities to keep the little ones occupied, and they rotate them so that it isn’t the same setup every time. It’s fantastic for kids and entertaining for parents.

Customer reviews:

“I love bringing my 13 month old here. He always has so much fun. If we didn’t live out of town we would put more money towards the classes.” (Google reviews)

“My sons are 2 and 4 years old, and they loved this place. The staff were really great with my kids. There were lots of interesting activities!” (Google reviews)

5. Altadore Gymnastic Club


Phone: +1 403-720-2711

Altadore Gymnastic Club offers Calgary people leisure and inexpensive gymnastics. It has been Calgary’s favourite gymnastics club since 1967. It’s a family-friendly gymnastics club where personal accomplishment and performance are just as significant as family values, safety, and mental health.


The programs at Altadore Gymnastic Club are designed to teach each child safely at their age and ability level. Preschool, Recreational, and Competitive programs have plenty of room in their massive facility. The crew takes pride in maintaining the area’s cleanest, safest, and most well-organized gymnastics centre.

Customer reviews:

“My daughter is truly enjoying her first gymnastics experience with your club and I am beyond thrilled with everything so far as well. Great facility, huge and super clean. All the coaches and staff are very nice and talented, they have a great thing going here!” (Google reviews)

“This place is great for our two kids that are both in the parents and tots class.  The coach’s are very good with the kids and our kids have a blast! Also a special shout out to Coach Ryan who is amazing with all the kids!” (Google reviews)

6. Pegasus Gymnastics East


Phone: +1 587-352-8685

Pegasus Gymnastics East is a family-friendly gymnastics facility that teaches quality gymnastics in a safe and challenging setting with certified coaching at all levels. Gymnastics education for kindergym and recreational programs are available. A Women’s Artistic, Acrobatics, and Trampoline & Tumbling Team competes in its competitive program. To allow young athletes to make a meaningful contribution to gymnastics while also developing life-long leadership qualities.


Pegasus Gymnastics East strives to provide a safe and challenging environment for all stages of development, as well as a high-quality coaching team. They ensure the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of every athlete and the development of their athletes into well-rounded persons in the future.

Customer reviews:

“I adore this gymnastics club! I learn and master everything fast and well, it’s also fun!  I strongly recommend it.” (Google reviews)

“Amazing place for my daughter to learn gymnastics. The coaching is top notch and environment friendly and welcoming.  I would recommend Pegasus for anyone interested in gymnastics for their child from beginner to high level competitive.” (Google reviews)

7. KIN Gymnastics


Phone: +1 403-774-7322

KIN Gymnastics Club offers programs for athletes of various ages and abilities, from preschool to high-level competition. Their knowledgeable instructors are dedicated to athletic development and sports development through enthusiasm, good attitudes in training, competition, events, and well-established training techniques and methodologies. Gymnastics exercise gives life-lasting skills and enhances physical strength essential for healthy progress and growth.



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Your social skills, self-confidence, discipline, determination are also enhanced by performing day-to-day gymnastic activities. Kin gymnastics isn’t only about learning to do somersaults and cartwheels!

Customer reviews:

“This is one of the best gymnastics clubs in Calgary. The coaches are extremely talented and take immense interest in each athletes progress. I would highly recommend this club for all ages. They have competitive and recreational programs.” (Google reviews)

“Great spirit! Full of dedicated, hard working, high achievers! Never seen so many focused lil ones in one place! Keep up the outstanding job!!” (Google reviews)

8. Athletica Gymnastics


Phone: +1 403-686-3135

Athletica Gymnastics welcomes everyone. Gymnastics aims to develop each person individually via physically and psychologically demanding exercises. They provide a variety of activities and programs that complement one another, ensuring that there is something for everyone of any age. Their principal focus is safety, followed by a commitment to developing lifelong athletes. Athletica Gymnastics’ main philosophy is to provide each participant with a firm foundation that allows for progress in all areas of life.


Athletica Gymnastics offers a training program that emphasizes physical, mental, and social growth. They create a lively environment by enticing people to participate with energy and enthusiasm.

Customer reviews:

“My 4 year old loves it here.  Great atmosphere, nice large facility and great encouraging coaches. They are so patient with the kids.” (Google reviews)

“Athletica Gymnastics is fantastic! The programs are fun, engaging and well-run. There is a very comfortable area for parents to watch their kids. The summer camps they offered were excellent. Would highly recommend Athletica.” (Google reviews)

Final Thoughts:

You can find all kinds of gymnastics facilities at Calgary gymnastics schools to learn parkour or increase your fitness and flexibility. Calgary’s gymnastic schools have exceptionally gifted coaches and play a vital interest in each athlete’s success.


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