Top 10 Best Calgary-based Instagram and TikTok models are making waves

1. Lexi Winters

A small-town girl from British Columbia, Lexi Winters, 21, moved to Calgary in 2017 to pursue her dreams of working in tourism. Tiktok: lexiiwiinters1

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2. Kelly – AKA ”ImGirlyTV”

Her favorite things to do are to stream on Twitch and create TikTok/reel content. Video games she enjoys include Valorant, Minecraft, and Apex Legends. Her Instagram content focuses on outside streaming. Cosplaying and dressing up are two of her favorite things! Her TikTok content consists of funny clips and trends she enjoys. Tiktok: imgirlytv


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3. Ruth Far

Her target audience consists of young teenagers and youths. Because she is an influencer in the fashion and lifestyle industry, she wants to make her brand more about her personality. Tiktok: ruth8747


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4. Cianna Johnson

Cianna’s natural look compliments anything she wears.

5. Laura Sandor

The majority of the clients are women. Through her positive content, she inspires and motivates women.
Tiktok: fitgirllalla


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6. Pili Nemer

Currently working full-time as an online fitness coach. Among the types of content she creates are workouts, meals, and lifestyle posts. Her goal is to keep her page authentic with brands she loves! Tiktok: pilinemer


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7. Kelsey Rowe

Kelsey has built a positive community which encourages people to get outside, travel and stay safe while hiking. Tiktok: canadiankelsey

8. Saida Fares

A 23-year-old from Calgary, Alberta, known professionally as “J’adore,” Saida Fares.

9. Elyse Vickers

Elyse Vickers is an advocate for self-development and authenticity. She shares her story as a recovering people pleaser who became obsessed with self-development due to fitness. Tiktok: lifewithelyse__

10. Jessica Squires

Fashion and fitness are the focus of her content! Since signing with World Model Management almost two years ago, her social media presence has grown significantly. Tiktok: jessica.squires

Saan Venz

In 2019, Saan Venz was appointed the role of Vice President at Rated Viral, bringing valuable expertise and leadership to the company. As the Vice President of Rated Viral, Saan is Canada’s go-to source for recommendations on lifestyle, restaurants, and activities.

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