Top 10 Best Female Influencers From Canada

Today’s top best influencers in Canada can be found on our list. In an effort to help you spruce up your feed, we’ve rounded up some of the finest local talents in Canada.

1. Cilibling


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In her tutorials and OOTDs, she hopes to inspire people to express themselves creatively and to dress modestly. She primarily has a Malaysian audience, but her North American audience is slowly growing. Tiktok: cilibling

2. Jessy Palanciuc


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She is a content creator who focuses on beauty, fashion, and self-love. Her main focus is being raw and authentic. It is critical to her that everyone feels safe in her space. Tiktok: jesthejemini

3. Jayden Schilter


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Usually referred to as Jay. In addition to being a full-time content creator, she also does freelance work. She shares relatable content, daily GRWM videos, workouts, and her daily routine! Tiktok: jayschilter

4. Olivia Louise

Located in Toronto, she has over 1.4m followers across all social media platforms. By sharing her life with viewers, she hopes to brighten people’s days, spread self-love, and keep them entertained. She enjoys creating content related to fashion, beauty, and home & lifestyle. Besides being an avid shopper, she also loves discovering new and trendy products. Tiktok: oliviasworld95_

5. Ashleigh Aedan

Ahhleigh is a 24-year-old Canadian content creator. It makes her happy to create content that people can both laugh at and relate to. The majority of her TikTok content is about being Canadian, loving yourself, and anything else in between. On Instagram, she shares self-love, modeling shots, outdoor shots, and a place where everyone can feel safe. Tiktok: ashleighaedan

6. Zee Babar


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The 18-year-old influencer Zee is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Lifestyle, fashion, and street-style content are her favorite topics. Inspiring her audience to find their own style is one of her favorite things to do. Tiktok: dumbbitchzee

7. Klaudia Sydor


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A beauty content creator who loves to educate and inspire, she is on the rise. Her TikTok is dedicated to makeup and skincare videos, while her Instagram is dedicated to high-quality fashion content. The majority of her target audience is females between the ages of 16 and 34. Tiktok: klaudiasyd

8. Femke Quintana

As a content creator, she is passionate about fashion, photography, and traveling. The majority of her content focuses on fashion, modeling, and inspirational quotes. She creates raw, authentic content, and embraces natural beauty. Instagram has 100k followers and is growing. Tiktok: femkequintana

9. Laura Gouillon

Laura is an immersive AR/VR director and TikTok creator based in Montreal. She is one of the best Canadian models. Originally from California, she combines her background in computer science and filmmaking with her background in USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. This enables her to create fun, interactive AR experiences and videos that showcase her sarcastic aesthetic sense and impressive filmmaking skills.

Several articles have been written about her immersive work, including Techcrunch, TikTok, and XR Today. She was named the “Filter Queen” of TikTok by Mashable’s culture writers. With a diverse portfolio of clients, she has worked with brands in tech, entertainment, gaming, fashion, social networks, and education. These include Coach, Prime Video, Adobe, TikTok, Genshin Impact, WEBTOON, and more. Tiktok: lauragouillon

10. Ggria


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Her content focuses on mental health and lifestyle. Every post she makes is written, filmed, and edited by her. She uses Instagram to share photoshoots and reels with thought-provoking captions on mental health topics. Her Twitch channel focuses on fitness and food content. Finding creative ways to educate and inform people about topics that surround their everyday lives is one of her favorite things to do. Twitch: GGria

Saan Venz

In 2019, Saan Venz was appointed the role of Vice President at Rated Viral, bringing valuable expertise and leadership to the company. As the Vice President of Rated Viral, Saan is Canada’s go-to source for recommendations on lifestyle, restaurants, and activities.

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