5 Best Clinics for Cardiologists in Calgary

Best Clinics for Cardiologists in Calgary: Taking chances when it comes to our health and wellbeing isn’t a good idea. Whenever we need someone to look after us, assess us, and possibly diagnose us, we want the best and most experienced.

Our hearts, specifically, and any potential problems we may encounter with them profoundly affect our lives. Keeping your health checkups at the top of your priority list is precisely why we put together this list of the best cardiologists in Calgary. If that sounds too heavy for you, let us know! You must stay in optimal health as you go about your daily routine, so we want what’s best for you. Let’s take a look at the clinics we highly recommend for cardiologists in Calgary!

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1- Heart Fit Clinic Calgary

Website: heartfit.ca/

Phone: 1 877 700 4348

Address: 10601 Southport Rd SW Unit 203, Calgary, AB T2W 3M6, Canada

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Heart Fit Clinic has been providing cardiac rehabilitation and preventing heart attacks and strokes since 2007. A difference between Heart Fit Clinic and most cardiology clinics is their goal to bridge the healthcare gap. Heart diseases are most commonly treated in advanced stages by cardiologists. Their cardiovascular assessments and treatments for heart disease are valuable to YOU.

They are passionate about what they do. As a team, they are dedicated, focused, and offer evidence-based treatment plans for people with heart disease. By preventing and reversing heart disease, you can improve your heart health and understand your cardiovascular disease risk. By offering a range of services, they can tailor their assessments and treatments to your needs, wants, and desires, as well as your budget and quality of life.

Personalized treatment options and lifestyle management options like ECP Therapy, Clinical Exercise Programs, and Health & Lifestyle Coaching are provided for their patients. You can expedite your recovery through cardiac rehabilitation exercise programs. The heart health specialists at their center provide individualized lifestyle programs based on your heart condition or risk factors.

Their focus is on safe, non-invasive, evidence-based natural and safe treatments for you. If you feel something’s wrong with your ticker or know something’s wrong with it, you can book a consultation with them without a doctor’s referral. You’ll be directed right to their form if you visit their website. Additionally, you can purchase DVDs, books, and audiobooks online to learn about heart health and how to practice cardiac yoga in order to keep it healthy.

What do Clients Think?

After meeting Diamond, Nurse Debbie and everyone on the Heart Fit team I knew they had something special going on! They really care, are qualified, have highly specialized testing equipment and proven supplements to ensure everybody is well taken care of. Diamond, Nurse Debbie and the whole Heart Fit Clinic team are super kind, knowledgeable and they take their time educating each person who walks through the door. It is awesome to see how they are always constantly looking for the newest research to implement evidence-based practice for their clients so they can continue to give the best care. Kind regards, Eden Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach (Google Reviews)

Heart Fit Clinic; Diamond Fernandes is highly knowledgeable on the topic of Cardiac Rehabilitation, Maintenance & Prevention and he has featured in the media multiple times which is a testament of this. He has been the speaker at multiple events such as the World Congress on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, which define Diamond as a both educational and inspirational in his field. Through the operation his clinic (The Heart Fit Clinic) he offers a variety of Heart Assessments & Treatments not found at your doctor’s office. Diamond has a clinic in Calgary & Edmonton Alberta Canada, and he is opening a new clinic in Vancouver. The team at Heart Fit Clinic are leaders in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Maintenance & Prevention. (Google Reviews)

2- Summit Cardiology

Website: summitcardiology.ca/

Phone: 1 587 330 3001

Address: 7005 Fairmount Dr SE #5208, Calgary, AB T2H 0J1, Canada

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As a healthcare organization, Summit Cardiology – Calgary Cardiologists offers cardiovascular services. A person’s health is of great importance in their lives. Staff members can perform various procedures here, and information about your current health can be provided. Getting advice about how to reduce the most disturbing symptoms can be obtained by asking them questions. At Summit Cardiology, you can benefit from the services of three cardiologists. Omid Kiamanesh, MD, is a cardiologist at the University of Calgary specializing in advanced echocardiography, advanced heart failure, and critical care cardiology.

Nathan Leader is a Cardiologist at the University of Calgary with a specialty in Advanced Echocardiography. In addition to Preventive Cardiology, he is also interested in Sports Cardiology. His residency in internal medicine was completed at the University of Toronto. Wearable technology (e.g. Apple Watch and AliveCor) is one of Dr. Leader’s research interests. During national cardiology conferences, he has presented this research.

Dr. Jeff Shaw is an expert in advanced echocardiography, critical care medicine, and critical care cardiology at the University of Calgary. Following his graduation from the University of Calgary, Dr. Shaw completed residency training in internal medicine, cardiology, and critical care medicine. He acquired advanced echocardiography skills during his fellowship training at the University of Calgary. As a team, they are dedicated to their patients and their families. Their goal is to improve heart health by practicing medicine thoughtfully and comprehensively. Patients, employees, and physicians at their hospital are diverse and value and respect their differences.

What do Clients Think?

Given the severity of my incident the Dr. gave me complete reassurance and confidence that it is unlikely to occur again. A very personable gentlemen and with a reputation amongst his colleagues as being one of the very best and respected cardiologists. He listened which many do not. Thank you you have given me a new lease on life (Google Reviews)

Very appreciative of the way Dr Shaw had reviewed my file history before our initial phone consultation and the proactive approach taken after that. Dr Shaw was punctual for my office visit and patiently took the time to answer all my questions and alleviate my concerns. I am confident going forward that I am in good hands with Dr Shaw and Summit Cardiology (Google Reviews)

3- North West Cardio Diagnostics

Website: nwcdonline.com/

Phone: +1 403 270 3192

Address: 2004 14 St NW #208, Calgary, AB T2M 3N3, Canada

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North West Cardio-Diagnostics maintains three clinics in Calgary with digital paperless ultrasound labs, specializing in echocardiography and carotid ultrasound. In addition to providing accurate professional reports to referring physicians by the following business day, NWCD offers a painless treatment process for patients. Dedicated to meeting the day-to-day needs of patients and referring physicians, North West Cardio-Diagnostics provides urgent care on a daily basis. The 12-lead electrocardiogram is now available at their facility.

As a multicenter clinic specializing in echocardiograms, carotid ultrasound, and research, North West Cardio-Diagnostics provides support and timely patient care for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases. Multicenter ultrasound clinics are available at NWCD, focusing on echocardiograms, carotid ultrasound, and research. Medical professionals can access the NWCD’s Appropriateness Use Criteria, a resource written to use echocardiography effectively. Participation in ongoing worldwide studies is a priority for North West Cardio-Diagnostics. Those scan results are sent to a core laboratory in the country where the patient originated. Analysis and collection of data are carried out. Through their involvement in the research arena, they ensure the cutting edge of medical research and analysis is available to their staff.

What do Clients Think?

My doctor was able to get me in to this clinic the next day which was really convenient. The sonographer was very professional and explained the whole process to me before she began the scan. I Highly recommend NWCD for EKG and Echocardiogram.(Google Reviews)

It’s always a pleasure coming here for something as simple as an EKG. The receptionists are always cheerful and very pleasant. The check-in process is easy and within a short period of time I was called in for my procedure. The technician was quick, and very professional and within a short period of time I was done. If you need to have this type of procedure done, then I would highly recommend NWCD without hesitation!(Google Reviews)

4- Nuwest Medical Centre

Website:  nuwestmedical.com/

Phone: +1 403 455 5595

Address: 1111 6 Ave SW #134, Calgary, AB T2P 5M5, Canada

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The Nuwest Medical Center offers primary care services for people of all ages in a friendly, family-oriented environment. A general practitioner like Dr. Elkabir is ideal for people with multiple concerns because he has a wide range of expertise. Families are especially important to consider when working with them. They provide a wide range of services, such as preventive health care, prenatal care, child care, mental health care, and diabetes management. Furthermore, they also offer medical services to those suffering from chronic heart diseases to provide them with support and assistance.

The clinic offers the option of scheduling an appointment online if you would like to do so. Appointments are usually available on the same day, most of the time. You are also welcome to come in if you cannot make an appointment, but it would be best if you booked an appointment in advance. They will also assist you fully with any insurance claim you might have in the future after you use their services, as they want you to experience a minimum of issues or problems as soon as possible. They will begin the meet and greet visit with a discussion of your past medical history if you are a new patient at their clinic. They need to address these points to maintain a smooth relationship, prevent miscommunication, and address some of your concerns.

What do Clients Think?

Dr Elkabir has been my DR for a several years. He takes ALL my concerns seriously and he is very efficient. I truly believe he saved my life at one point and I’ll continue to trust him with my health for as long as I can. His nurses are awesome and so friendly! (Google Reviews)

It was my first time visiting Nuwest Medical and it was a great experience and the best I have had since I have moved to Calgary over 5 years ago. The reception staff is very friendly and efficient. Dr Elkabir was extremely Friendly, thorough and does a great job explaining everything and making you feel comfortable. I also felt listened to and didn’t feel rushed. I will definitely be using this place again going forward. Thank you to everyone at Nuwest! (Google Reviews)

5- Total Cardiology

Website: https://www.totalcardiology.ca/

Phone: +1 403 571 8600

Address: 2891 Sunridge Way NE #110, Calgary, AB T1Y 7K7, Canada

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Located in Calgary, Total Cardiology provides expert advice and support to all physicians and patients in need of it. A physician must refer you to one of Total Cardiology’s 22 cardiologists in order to schedule an appointment. In order to best serve your patient’s needs, Total Cardiology has cardiologists who speak languages other than English. To ensure that patients receive the best care in the shortest time possible, they strive to keep waiting times as straightforward as possible. You may schedule an appointment with a cardiologist once you’ve been referred. Contact their specific offices to make an appointment.

Total Cardiology will conduct COVID-19 screenings for all patients before their appointments, on the phone, and in person. It is in the cardiologist’s best interest to ensure maximum safety. By letting their patients participate in home-based exercises with regular online checkups conducted by their rehabilitation team, they’re putting safety before everything. Health professionals at their clinic identify risk factors and provide medical management to improve patient outcomes. A combination of exercise and education supports participants in improving their heart health through their program.

At the moment, one of their services is Telecardiology, through which physicians can access expert advice concerning patients’ heart conditions. They felt offering this service was necessary as the pandemic continues. Unlike other programs, they offer cardiologists, internal medicine specialists, and family physicians on-site to assess risk factors and treat symptoms. Using innovative treatment strategies and research, they strive to promote cardiac wellness and provide program participants with the skills and knowledge to maintain heart health.

What do Clients Think?

This was one of the best clinics I have ever been too. Everyone, from the person that checks you in, to the person that takes care of you while on the treadmill, to the people that do the scans, were the best ever. I was so impressed by everything. If I ever have to have this done again, this will be the place I request. Thank you all.(Google Reviews)

Being Deaf .. so happy that Fiona knows some sign language and acted as interpreter for me while attended tests Great staff Got in right away .. didn’t take long (Google Reviews)

Final words:

You’ve got it! Our list of the top cardiologist clinics in Calgary offers essential information about cardiologists. There is no doubt that a doctor’s appointment can be terrifying at times, but that shouldn’t keep you from going. It would be best if you always kept in mind that this treatment will benefit you the most here, so whenever you feel like backing out, keep that in mind.

As you have read this, I hope it gave you some information and encouraged you to get a checkup at a clinic as soon as possible. Feel free to let us know how your cardiologist has helped you and if they are not listed, let us know!

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