5 Best Movie Theatres for Cinema Lover in Calgary [2023]

Best Movie Theatres for Cinema Lover in Calgary: Movie theatre experiences can be made or broken by the cinema, so those of us who enjoy heading to the theatre will notice even the most minor differences. Cinephiles or people who declare themselves to be movie buffs are in for a treat with the best Calgary movie theatres. You’ll be happy to learn that we’ve listed them here!

Our list of the best movie theatres is based on their locations, ticket prices, and customer reviews. Naturally, we observed their facilities and were impressed by their cleanliness and comfort. Check out our list of the best movie theatres in Calgary below so you won’t have a boring Friday night!

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1- Landmark Cinemas Country Hills:

Website: landmarkcinemas.com/

Phone: +1 403-226-8687

Address: 388 Country Hills Blvd NE #300, Calgary, AB T3K 5J6, Canada

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The second-largest motion picture theatre company in Canada is Landmark Cinemas. This is an affordable way to enjoy movies. The theatre offers accessible reserved seating along with premium recliner seats. Forty-five theatres across the country provide an excellent experience for moviegoers who enjoy watching movies on big screens.

As one of Calgary’s premier movie theatres, Landmark Cinemas Country Hills also offers reclining seats, accessible reserved seats, real-d 3D technology, and IMAX movies. There’s nothing better than visiting here to enjoy all kinds of moviegoing experiences.

Customer Reviews:

“This is my favourite theater. The reclining seats are so comfortable and very roomy. Love the soft drink machine that you can pick your own flavour and so many different options to choose from! Happy to be able to go back and see movies on the big screen, again.” (Google reviews)

“Most comfortable seating in town. Sight lines are great, service is usually pretty slow so you want to give yourself extra time so you are not late for your movie.” (Tripadvisor)

2- Scotiabank Theatre Chinook:

Website: calgarymovies.com/theatres/17-scotiabank-theatre-chinook

Phone: +1 403-212-8994

Address: 6455 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0K4, Canada

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Scotiabank Theatre Chinook shows contemporary Hollywood films as well as independent films. The multiscreen facility has 17 screens, including one IMAX screen, two DBOX screens, two UltraAVX screens, nine 3D screens, and two-party rooms – all for the convenience of their customers.

Due to its wide variety of offerings, Scotiabank Theatre Chinook is one of the best movie theatres in Calgary. In addition, it offers delicious food and drinks to make your movie theatre experience even more enjoyable.

Customer Reviews:

“Amazing theatre with amazing service. Everyone there is nice and quick to get everything done so you can get in your seat as quick as possible and enjoy your movie!” (Google reviews)

“Perfect for an evening out – good meals, great view in 2D and 3D and a lot of screens ….hahahahha. Close to the Chinook mall so yon shop on the side.” (Tripadvisor)

3- Canyon Meadows Cinemas:

Website: canyonmeadowscinemas.ca/

Phone: +1 403-670-5444

Address: 13226 Macleod Trail #110, Calgary, AB T2J 7E5, Canada

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Canyon Meadows Cinemas is a local amusement center that screens the latest movies. In addition to special events, visitors under the age of 2 are free to enter. The gift certificates they offer are appropriate for any occasion. Also, this cinema offers widescreen viewing of second-run films, which makes it one of the best Calgary movie theatres.

There is also a stadium setup available at Canyon Meadows Cinemas if you would prefer. With the stadium setup, there is more legroom for comfort.

Customer Reviews:

“Love this place for the selection of movies and the pricing. You can’t beat the experience here. Their drive in was great and I plan to go back as much as possible!” (Google reviews)

“Awesome movies, awesome food, awesome service and awesome seats. Really a great place, what else do you get for 5$ these days!” (Tripadvisor)

4- SilverCity CrossIron Mills Cinemas and XSCAPE Entertainment Centre:

Website: cineplex.com/Theatre/silvercity-crossiron-mills-cinemas-and-xscape-entertainment-centre

Phone: +1 403-274-3261

Address: 261055 Crossiron Blvd, Rocky View, AB T4A 0G3, Canada

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SilverCity CrossIron Mills is a modern multiplex cinema chain offering the newest Hollywood films and independent releases. It is a reasonably contemporary theatre maintained with generally short concession lines. Cineplex Entertainment runs one of the world’s most modern motion picture theatre circuits. At SilverCity, you can experience cutting-edge moviegoing experiences, including UltraAVX.

They have several screens with very comfortable seating in each theatre. Additionally, their XSCAPE Entertainment Center offers interactive games and video games for the whole family.

Customer Reviews:

“I had a great time there today.  The covid protocols were in effect and were managed in a timely fashion and the young lady at the door was quite respectful and patient.  It was nice to enjoy a nice family experience again.  Popcorn was great!  👍” (Google reviews)

“Brought the kids here recently to watch Moana. It’s always clean. Friendly, efficient staff. Comfy seats. We buy our tickets at Costco and save a lot on admission and snacks that way. Lots of fun to visit the arcade after.” (Tripadvisor)

5- Globe Cinema:

Website: globecinema.ca/

Phone: +1 403-262-3309

Address: 617 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1H1, Canada

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The Globe Cinema is an independent movie theatre that shows art-house films and even participates in film festivals. They provide a wide array of quality films that are sure to fascinate people of all ages as licensed cinemas. As a classic movie house, they are committed to bringing Calgary residents quality movies of all types and are proud to participate in the many film festivals the city offers.

If you’re into independent or art films, Globe Cinema is the best movie theatre in Calgary. Moreover, it has been delivering film entertainment to the people of Calgary since 1995.

Customer Reviews:

“Just attended the European Film Festival. Saw the movie Man of God, telling the story of a Greek Orthodox Bishop St.Nektarios of Aegina. Fantastic movie. Very moving. Great venue.” (Google reviews)

“Nice little theatre that has taken good measures to keep patrons physically distanced during the pandemic. Popcorn was great and extra butter really means extra butter. Everyone working there was very friendly.” (Tripadvisor)

Final Verdict:

When it’s movie night with your family, friends, or anyone else for that matter, be sure to check out one of these incredible theatres! There is something different about watching films on the big screen versus staying at home and watching Netflix. Moviegoers who prefer cinemas do so for more reasons than just the movies. Aside from enjoying movies, they also love the cinema food and the audience they get to be a part of.

You should check out the theatres we listed above if you’re a fan of all of them. There is no doubt you will get your money’s worth from them.

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